Application for Leaving Hostel Permanently, or for The Time Being


Sample application letter to request the hostel warden to leave the hostel permanently with clearance of dues. We provided applications to leave the hostel permanently or temporarily. You can write your own by using our templates.

Application for Leave Hostel and Refund of Security

Dear Hostel Wardon,

I want to notify you That I have completed my studies. And I don’t have to stay in a hostel anymore. Therefore, I request you to return my deposited security. I will be thankful to you.

Sincerely Yours,

Your Name

Leave Hostel After Completing Studies/Degree/Diploma

Dear Sir,

I, (Name), have completed my studies; now I want to move to another place for employment purposes. Therefore, I request you to please clear my hostel and mess dues and refund my security deposit as soon as possible. I hope you will oblige my request.


(Your Name)

Notice Letter For Vacating Company Residence/Hostel with Job Ends

Dear Sir or Madam,

I am writing to notify you that I am leaving company residence/hostel from (Date) because I resigned with a notice. Thank you very much for providing a great living environment. I really appreciate your food and cleanliness services. Please clear my dues, utilities, food bills asap, and issue my clearance letter.

Sincerely Yours,

(Your Name)

Hostel Leaving Permanently Application Letter to Principal

Dear Sir,

I (Your Name) writing to inform you that my degree is completed from college, and now I am moving back to my home town/home country/home city permanently.

I request you to please refund my hostel security deposit (amount). My clearance form duly signed by all the concerned is attached. I hope you will oblige my request as soon as possible.

Sincerely Yours,

(Your Name)

Request Letter to The Warden for Vacating Hostel, and Need Dues Clearance

The Head Accommodations, KVC Hostels

Nagyar, India

Sir, my name is Jayandar Singh, and I have been living at your hostel in Tarag Colony for the past 4 months. I am fully pleased with all of your hostel’s services, and I have never had any issue with any of the staff. The hostel is in the perfect location and has all the necessities and luxuries that one needs. My parents have been living abroad for the last 6 years, but now they are shifting back to India, so basically, I am supposed to shift back to my house. Kindly accept this letter as my notice for leaving the hostel permanently. I am despondent that I will be leaving all of my friends and the kind hostel staff who made my stay here feels like home. I will remember you in prayers and will surely recommend everyone to stay at your hostel if needed. Thank you.

Jayandar Singh

Room #

Sample Application for Leaving Hostel, and Dues Clearance

To, The warden, Girls Hostel,

Dear madam,

With due respect, I stated that I am a student, and my family has shifted to Lahore from Islamabad, and now I am planning to move to my house in Lahore. It’s been a great time at your hostel, but now I have to move as my family is also insisting on me. So I shall be really thankful if you clear all my dues and give me written permission to leave.

Yours obediently

Maira Khan

Example Application for Leaving Hostel Permanently

To, The Administrator,

Scholars University,

Dear Sir,

This is to notify you that I have been studying here for the last couple of years, and currently, I’m a student of M.Com final year.

As I belonged to another city so, from the beginning, I availed the hostel facility provided by the institution. However, my family has just recently shifted to the same city, so there is no more requirement of the hostel for me at the moment.

As I have already paid the dues for the full year just a few months back, I would like to request a refund of the remaining amount per the institution’s refund policy.

It was a pleasant stay in the hostel, and your office has been very cooperative and caring throughout.

Yours Sincerely,

Nadeem, Room #00

Request Letter To Leave Boarding Facility Permanently Due To Health Issues & Unhygienic Food

Dear Sir or Madam,

I am writing to inform you that I will leave the school boarding facility next month. It is just because of very unhygienic and tasteless food. I am suffering from food poisoning, and my health is becoming low day by day. My parents want me to change my boarding outside due to this issue. Improve the quality of food; otherwise, no one will be going to stay in your hostel.

Take this thing positive, and improve the quality.


(Your Name & Room #00)

Notice to Landlord for Leaving House


Sample letter to give notice to landlord/ homeowner/ malik makkan, police station, court, or dealer, lawyer for leaving the house as per requirements. Application letter of 30 days notice to my landlord.

Notice for Leaving House


Mr. Sam Billings,

Land Lord, Bungalow no. 43,

Edinburg, Scotland


Subject: 30 days Prior Notice of leaving the Bungalow

Dear Sir,

I am writing this letter to inform you that I am transferred from Edinburg to Malinda Valley. I am to report there on 1st of the next month. According to our agreement, I had to give a prior notice of 30 days before leaving the house. So this is my formal notice. I also want to request you that my advance money is returned to me on the above date because it will be very difficult for me to collect that afterwards. I hope that you will accept my notice, and will give my advance money back on time as per contract.

Thank you in advance.


Your paying Guest,

Michael Jordan

Notice to Landlord for Leaving House


United Kingdom,

Respected Landlord,

The reason of my writing to you is that due to my transfer in another city I will have to leave your house. I am leaving your house in somewhat urgency because I have to take the charge of my post in the other city. I am thankful to you for providing me your house on affordable rent, and I had a great a great time here.



Letter of 30 Day Notice to My Landlord


MR Smith Williams, Miami, Florida

Respected Mr. Smith,

With all respect I would like to bring it to your knowledge that I have found a house for me, and my family. As I told you that they are moving to Miami from Pakistan, your apartment is very good but it’s not possible for me to accommodate a family of 5 members in this apartment, I have got a new house on rent in the same area near your house. I would highly appreciate if you clear my all bills, and rent. And hand over me my deposit as I have to give it to my new land lord. I shall be really thankful to you.

Yours sincerely,

Ali Raza

Application for School Leaving Certificate


Sample application for school leaving certificate (SLC) for changing school your son, daughter, or nephew due to house shifting, family shifting, or job transfer of father, and mother.

School Leaving Certificate is compulsory to get admission in the next school, or change your children’s school. You will also learn how to write a letter about a school leaving certificate(SLC) yourself.

Request Letter for School Leaving Certificate

Dear Sir, or Madam,
I request you to please issue a school leaving certificate for my daughter because she moves to another school. I hope you will oblige my request.

Sincerely Yours,
(Your Name)

Application for School Leaving Certificate in English Because Moving to Another Country

The Headmistress, Oxford Grammar School

Dear Madam,
With all due respect, I am writing to inform you that my father has got the promotion to the company head office, and now he is moving to the US, and we are also going with him. So I have to leave the school as I will be shifting there, and will continue my studies there.

I request you to issue my school leaving certificate so I can initiate my admission process there. I shall be really thankful to you.

Yours Obediently,
Mark Alex
7th grade

Student Transfer Letter for School Due to Father’s Job Transfer

The Principal
Edward High School
Texas, USA
Sir, I am John Locke, and I have been studying 9th grade at your school. I have been very good at studies as well as academics in your school. This school has polished my skills, and made me a better student, and I am truly grateful.

My father is a US Army Officer, and he recently got posted to California, and because of that I have to move as well.

I shall move in a fortnight so kindly grant me a certificate of school leaving. I will remember this school in good words as it is nothing compared to what this school has given me. I shall be very thankful to you.

John Locke
9th grade

School Leaving Certificate Application in English by Mother Due to Husband Job Transfer

Dear Principal,
My son (Name) is studying in class 6 at your school. My husband, who is working in Wapda recently, has been transferred to Multan. Therefore my son cannot continue to study in your school.

I request you to please grant him a school leaving certificate at the earliest possible time for his admission to a new school. I shall be grateful to you.

His roll number is 13, and his class section is PAK.

Yours Sincerely,

School Leaving Certificate Application Format for Further Studies

The Principal,
Army Public School
Subject: Request for school leaving certificate

Dear Sir,
With due respect, it is stated that I have completed my matriculation with 987/1050 marks from your prestigious institute in April 20xx under Federal BISE, Islamabad. My roll number is 116732.

Further, I have no pending dues, etc., and therefore request you to issue me the school leaving certificate, character certificate, and security deposit. So I can apply for college studies. Looking for your urgent favor.
Thanking you in anticipation,
Yours Obediently,

Grade X-A

Application for School Leaving and Transfer Letter Due to Residence is Changed

Dear Sir,
This letter is to request a school transfer letter. As I was a resident of west wood, we have changed our residence, and moved to the bank square society for some reasons.

Due to the large distance to the school, I cannot continue my study in your school. Now I am seeking admission to a new school located in my area. It would be helpful if I get a school leaving/transfer letter.

Yours Sincerely,

Write a Letter to Principal  for School Leaving Certificate

Mr. Kevin Durant
Oaks High School
Ohio, USA

Sir, I am Harrison Craig, and a student of 8th grade. I have to inform you that my father’s job has been posted to Florida. He has to report there in the first week of January. Therefore, I have to shift there as well.

Kindly issue my school leaving certificate, and character certificate along with the teacher’s remarks to submit the documents to a new school as soon as possible. Thank you for your cooperation.

Yours sincerely,

Harrison Craig, 8th grade

Request for School Leaving Certificate because of Father’s Job Transfer

To Principal,
Junior High School, Washington DC

Dear Sir/Madam,
I want to draw your attention that my father is transferring to another state in the USA. Due to which my mother, and I are also going along with my father.

Kindly grant my school leaving certificate so that I can take admission to the next school there.

Yours Sincerely,
David Smith

Application for School Leaving Certificate

The Principal,
Noble Model School
With respect, I am studying at your school since my childhood. I remained topper of my class for three years during this period. I also led the school cricket team, and won a cup in an inter-schools tournament.

Now I cannot continue my education at your school because my father is an officer in Pak Army, and now he has been transferred to Rawalpindi. I have to go with my family. That’s why I request you to grant me my school leaving certificate to take admission to another school in Rawalpindi.

I also request you that kindly grant me a character certificate, mentioning my good behavior, and achievements during my stay at school.

I really appreciate any help you can provide.
Yours Obediently,

Ali Raza,

Application for School Leaving Certificate by Parents