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Request Letter for Office Maintenance

Format of request letter to send to your administration, supervisor and asking them to improve living conditions in your office as it is getting worsen with each passing day.

Write a Letter to the Boss telling Him the Bad Condition of your Locality/Office etc.

Dear editor of the daily news,

I am writing to you because I would like to just inform you of the conditions of this site. I am one of your writers and I am based at the small office on the outskirts of the city. The condition of this office is very bad. For one we have no heating and it the middle of winter. We have no running water and the walls are very dirty and disgusting.

Now this is small office and we don’t deal with the public like the other offices but we do deserve to have the same treatment as the other offices and have all the benefits they have. We would like to have the clean water that we can drink and heating so that we can write with warm fingers. We would also like to redecorate the walls so that we can have a nice environment to work in.

I hope that you will consider this and grant us this so that you will have some very happy workers.

Kind regards,

Mr. Dean Winchester

Request Letter for Office Maintenance

The Manager Administration,

BBB Company,

Indiana, USA.


Subject: Complete maintenance of our company office in Dallas


Dear Sir,

It has been observed that we are losing sales because people avoid coming to our office because of its deteriorated condition. Quite unfortunately, we are receiving complaints from our clients about the quality of our work environment. We are trying to maintain with what little funds that we have, but that does not suffice it all. To meet that market standards our office need complete renovation. Outer walls are dusty; floor tiles are uprooted or broken from some places; rooms need whitewash and so forth.

A well estimated sum of $15000 is required maintain our office. This estimate is jointly prepared by our administration and accounts department. All details and prices are noted after thoroughly surveying the market.

Your kind approval will benefit the organization in terms of sales, services and customer satisfaction. A detailed sheet is attached with this request letter so that you can analyze it.

Best Regards,

Robert Williams

Assistant Manager Administration

Dallas Office