Rent Receipt Format in Word


Sample Rent Receipt Format in Ms. Word available for free download. Sample rent receipt template for flats, houses, shops, plaza, office, store, hall, factory, machine, car, rickshaw, bus, taxi, transport, and hotels, etc.

Sample Rent Receipt & Slip Template

London Rental Services

Rent Receipt

Sr. No#. _______    Date:_______

Name: __________

Rent for the month of:_________



Cash/Cheque No._______ Amount:_________

Received By:_________

Note: The received amount will not be refundable. Keep this slip safe for your record.

You can change this receipt as per the needs of the user. But reprinting, and publishing this format anywhere is prohibited. We will take legal action against the user in case of negligence.

Rent Receipt Format in Word

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Rent Receipt Format Letter

Mr. Wilsons,
California. The USA.

Dear Sir,

I hope this letter finds you hale, and healthy. I am writing this letter to confirm that I have received the rent for the house for August. I have received confirmation from my bank that an amount of $3000 has been deposited into my account. I hope you are taking good care of the property, and I thank you for the timely payment.



Payment Receipt Template in Excel Free Download


Sample payment receipt template for receiving payments in offices, and organizations for events, and others.

Payment Receipt Format

SemiOffice.Com (Company Name)
Date: Nov-14 Receipt Receipt Number:
Paid By: Queen Merry Uni, 1 stall, career fair      
Payment Info: Cash in Hand(3500 USD)  
Account No. Name Description Curr. Amount
85756 Student Life Activities Income Queen Merry Uni, 1 stall, career fair USD $3,500.00
85756 Utility Charges Queen Merry Uni, 1 stall, career fair USD $150.00
85756 Furniture & Fixture Queen Merry Uni, 1 stall, career fair USD $250.00
85756 Parking USD $10.00
85756 Lunch USD $37.00
85756 Tea USD $25.00
Thirty Five Hundred, and 0/100 USD $3,972.00
662-G, Abdul Haq Road, Johar Town, Lahore, Pakistan Tel: 0092-42-3———–, Web:——–, Email:————–

Image view of payment receipt template

Payment Receipt Template in Excel Free Download

Payment Receipt Template in Excel Free Download

Acknowledgement Letter of Receiving Gifts with Thanks


Sample acknowledgement letter of receiving gifts/money/payment/goods, or any thing else.

Acknowledgement Letter for Gift Received

Khalid Mehmood
C-143/C , Block B, Harley Street
Johannesburg 419000, SA


Dear Uncle,

I just received your parcel, and read letter inside that made us all happy to hear you are fine, and enjoying your tour there. I have passed your sentiments to grandmother specially. I must admire the gift you sent that memorized me the days been passed with you here. Bundle of thanks for your affections, and love for us.

Lots of adoration, and regards for you

Yours kid
Ali Nawaz

Thanks Letter for Gift Received


Subject: Acknowledgement Letter of Receiving Laptops as Gifts

Dear Sir,

We, at the AH Foundation, would like to express our gratitude for your generous gift of 3 laptops Sony VAIO D-550 with CD-ROM, and other accessories from SemiOffice towards the noble cause of our organization. We are heartily thankful to your compassion and gifts to AH Foundation.

Best Regards,

Signatory Authority
Industrial Relations Manager

Acknowledgement Letter of Receiving Gifts with Thanks from Uncle

Mr. Arijit Patel
Tajpur Town, Goa

Dear Uncle, in my previous letter I had informed you about my final’s result in which I secured 1st position in the whole school. You had promised to gift me a watch, and I just received the parcel. Not only I was excited about the watch, you sent other gifts with it as well. I cannot thank you for this, because this was completely unnecessary as the watch itself was already enough. Thank you for the gifts. I wish to come, and visit to thank you in person very soon.

Yours loving,

Gilinder Singh

Acknowledgement Letter for Receiving Gifts with Thanks

Acknowledgement Letter of Receiving Gifts

The Manager Operations,
Diamond Paints,
May 18,

Dear Sir,

We thank you for your cooperation, and gifts you have given to national rescue service.

The management of national rescue service highly acknowledges the donation of Diamond Paints in shape of two numbers of air conditioners for the command, and control room of the service.

We look forward to a successful working relationship in the future.

(Edmund Spencer)

District Officer, national rescue service

Sales Invoice Format in Excel Free Download


Sales Invoice Format in Excel Free Download is available in the attachment. This Payment of sales invoice automatically makes the calculations. It would help if you put the Quantity/Unit Price, and Paid Amount, etc. You can also make changes according to your needs in an attached invoice for download. You can download it from the link provided below.

Sample Sales Invoice in Excel

Please download the invoice, and change the header with your business details and terms & conditions for the sale of items by your store at the bottom of the sales receipt. It is a ready-for printing sales invoice; you need to put the sales items with their prices and discounts.

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Sales Invoice In Word Format Free Download


Sales Invoice In Word Format available for free download. This is the best sales invoice template for selling goods from businesses, shops, stores, online stores, and electronic shops. This invoice took from an IT Company. You can view the sample below and download the attached file.

Sales Invoice in Ms. Word

 Your LOGO
Business Name receipt #Date: December 16, (Date)
sold to Name CompanyAddress Customer ID  
payment method check no. job
qty item # description unit price discount line total
1 3 Development of Website: (Date) (Date)
Total discount    
  Subtotal (Date)
  Sales Tax  
  Total (Date)

This sales invoice includes three sections. The first section includes Seller information. The second section includes Buyer information. The third section includes payment methods, Quantity, Description of items, Unit Price, Discount, and Total with Sales Tax deduction options.

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Acknowledgment Receipt Format Free Download


Below are the Acknowledgement Receipt and letter Formats for Payments, Goods, Equipment, and Refunds in Offices, Production Units, Clients, Customers, or personal use. Many Government offices also using this Acknowledgement form for keeping official records of goods and documents delivered to any other person or office.

Acknowledgement Receipt Format 1

Acknowledgement Receipt

Received by Cheque Rs._____________________________

From the: ______________________________________

In Payment of my Bill No. ____________ Dated.__________

On Account of ___________________________________

Station_________________Signature ________________

Date: _______________ Designation: _________________

Name of messenger to whom

Payment is to be made  {_____________________________

Signature (or thumb impression

of the messenger)  _________________________________

To be taken by the audit office

Sample Acknowledgement Receipt Format Free Download


Acknowledgement Letter Receipt Format 2

Acknowledgement Receipt Letter

I, _________________________S/O____________________________NIC No.____________________ Designation_________________ of _____________________________ hereby acknowledge the receipt of _____Cash/Documents/Degree/Vechicle etc____ dated ___________ of_________________ for____ Company______ at________[place of receiving]_____.

  1. Signature             __________________________
  2. Name                    __________________________
  3. NIC No.                __________________________
  4. Contact No.        __________________________
  5. Email Id               __________________________

Acknowledgement Receipt Format in MS Word Free Download

Sample Acknowledgement Receipt Format in Ms Word