Acknowledgment Receipt Format Free Download

Are you searching for an acknowledgment receipt? Below are the Acknowledgement Receipt and letter Formats for Payments, Goods, Equipment, and Refunds in Offices, Production Units, Clients, Customers, or for personal use. Many Government offices also use this Acknowledgement form for keeping official records of goods and documents delivered to any other person or office.

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Receiving Acknowledgment

This is to acknowledge that i have received:___ (Mention the Items) ___ Quanitity: _____ Qualility: __(as per contract)___ dated: __________ from: ____________ on behalf of: ___(company name)___

The received items have been handed over to: __(name of the receiver)__ department name: _______ dated: ______

Additional Remarks: _______________________________

Any Complaint: __________________________________

All the items were checked for quality and quantity at the time of receiving.

Your Name, Designation


Acknowledgment for Company Employees at the Time of Resignation

Acknowledgment by Employees

This is to acknowledge that I have handed over all of the office equipment, accessories, data, and company-owned belongings at the time of my resignation. and this is true as per my knowledge.

Employee Signature Authority Signature

Acknowledgment Receipt Format 1

Acknowledgment Receipt

Received by Cheque Rs. _______________________

From the: _______________________________

In Payment of my Bill No. __________ Dated.__________

On Account of ______________________________

Station _____________ Signature ________________

Date: ____________ Designation: _________________

Name of messenger to whom

Payment is to be made  {_____________

Signature (or thumb impression

of the messenger)  ____________

To be taken by the audit office

Sample Acknowledgement Receipt Format Free Download
Sample Acknowledgement Receipt Format Free Download


Acknowledgement Letter Receipt Format 2

Acknowledgment Receipt Letter

I, __________________ S/O ________________

NIC No. ______________ Designation _______________ from Dept: _____________ hereby acknowledge the receipt of _____Cash/Documents/Degree/Vehicle etc____ dated ___________ of ______________ for ____ Company ______ at ________[place of receiving]_____

  1. Signature             _________________
  2. Name                    _________________
  3. NIC No.                _________________
  4. Contact No.        _________________
  5. Email Id               _________________

Acknowledgment Receipt Format in MS Word Free Download

Sample Acknowledgement Receipt Format In MS Word

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