Register Mobile Number to Bank


Format of sample letter to bank to register your number with your bank account as it will provide a proof of further identification.

Register Mobile Number to Bank


The Branch Manager

Barclays, UK.

Sir, I have been a user of your world renowned bank for almost a decade now. I have been satisfied with the facilities, and humble nature of your employees. As you know that this is the era of modern technology, and up-to-date mobile services help me on daily basis. However I have decided to change my mobile number due to some reasons therefore I decided to inform you that my previous number would not be in use now, and I would like to receive all bank related services on the given number in post script. I shall be very thankful to you.

Josh Green


Birmingham, UK.

Register Mobile Number to Bank

To the Bank of Punjab,

Dear Bank Manager,

Last week, I requested for a new bank account of our company: High Tech Communication. However, there was a bit confusion regarding the mobile number which was to be added in the data of the account user.

As it is a company account so I did not know which number to give but now I have asked the CEO of the company, and as the account is under my name, and I will be handling all the transactions, and payments so please register the mobile number _______ to my the data. In case of any emergency, or important notice, if this number is not available then you can contact on this number: ____________.

Kindly make these changes as soon as possible as the company transactions are made on daily basis, and I can keep a check on them. I would be very grateful to you.

Best Regards,

Manager High Tech Communication

Contact: _____

Register Mobile Number to Bank

To: RBC Bank — Genève Branch
Montreal, Quebec, Canada

I have recently opened an account at RBC Bank at the Genève location. I wish to link my mobile number to this account, so that I may receive SMS alerts of transactions, and so that I can use the RBC Mobile app with two-factor authentication for security purposes.

My mobile number is 647-589-2245. I request that this be done as soon as possible.


Emmanuel Montegorie
Montreal, Quebec, Canada


Request for High School Registration with Ministry of Education


Could you just send me the application for the newly open high school for government registration.

Application Letter for School Registration


Minister of education

Dear Sir,

It is hereby being written to request that I want to register my school with Ministry of Education. As required by laws, our school fulfils all requirements needed for registration. Hence, I am requesting for inspection team which can verify these regulations, and grant us the registration letter.

The mentioned school is already registered for primary education. It has been upgraded with an extension to the campus, and installation of new facilities. The school has a good record for academic, and extra-curricular achievements.

Hence, it is requested that a registration letter be issued so that classes can begin.

Thank you in advance for your time, and consideration.


The principal

Application for Registration of School

Ministry of Education,

Edinburg, Scotland.

Subject: Government Registration of New School

Dear Sir,

I am Monarch Paul, and I am the owner, and chief trustee of newly opened school in Masonry Town. The name of school is Advanced Learners Institute (ALI). We are having classes from Kindergarten to Olevels. We completely meet the standards set by Higher Education Board, Scotland (HEBS).  We are the only private educational institute in the area to have our own gymnasium, and a swimming pool. We also have a large playground. Our class rooms are fully air-conditioned, and multimedia projectors are also installed. We have a highly qualified, and cooperative teaching staff. Teacher to student ratio is also very less so each student gets enough attention for learning. So it is my humble request to please do the government registration of my school.

I am looking forward to your cooperation.


Malinda Gates,

Chief Trustee (ALI)

Request Letter for Registration of School

The Director Registrations

Ministry Of Education,

Lahore, Pakistan

SUBJECT: Request for High School Registration with Ministry Of Education

Dear Sir,

Hope this letter finds you in good health. This letter is for putting up request for the registration of the Pioneer School System, my newly opened school at west town. This school has been constructed under approval by the Schools Development Authority. Infrastructure if school is based on the framework provided by the Ministry of Education. All the required documentation, and staff needs have been cleared at the visit of Ministry officials. I hereby submitting all the approval, and recommendation documentation required for the registration of the school with your competent authority. Kindly review the documents, and process the request please.

Yours Sincerely,

Abu Bakar

Director Pioneer Schools

Application for Company Registration


Sample application for company registration by board of directors, management, individual etc in India, Australia, Pakistan, USA, UK, Europe, Asia, and UAE.

Company Registration Application

Dear Sir,

We are about to incorporate a new Private limited company with the name “Alpha Aluminum”. The confirmation of the name has been acquired. We request the registrar to register our company, and issue us an “Incorporation Letter”. All the other documents of the company have been attached with the application. The objectives of our company are to earn profit, and production of aluminum which is legal under the current law. Further all the members, and subscribers of our company are reputed persons, and none of them is guilty of any kind of criminal activities. We have also complied with all the other requirements of incorporation of the company. The fees in this regard have been submitted, and its copy have been attached with the application.


Hammad Aslam

Request Letter for Company Registration

The SECP Head Office

Associated House,


Subject: Request to register a company

Dear Sir,

I have launched a new business of selling imported Korean jewelry. After thoroughly reading the terms, and conditions, and the availability of names, I’ve titled my company as ‘Glam Up’. Enclosed with this application is a copy of the bank draft, and other required documents for registration purpose. Kindly file my company’s name into the registered companies list.

In case of any further queries, or information, please feel free to contact me at the provided number. Your immediate assistance in this matter will be highly appreciated.

Thanking you in anticipation.


Umar Shahzad

Application for Company Registration