Register Mobile Number to Bank

Format of sample letter to bank to register your number with your bank account as it will provide a proof of further identification.

Register Mobile Number to Bank


The Branch Manager

Barclays, UK.

Sir, I have been a user of your world renowned bank for almost a decade now. I have been satisfied with the facilities, and humble nature of your employees. As you know that this is the era of modern technology, and up-to-date mobile services help me on daily basis. However I have decided to change my mobile number due to some reasons therefore I decided to inform you that my previous number would not be in use now, and I would like to receive all bank related services on the given number in post script. I shall be very thankful to you.

Josh Green


Birmingham, UK.

Register Mobile Number to Bank

To the Bank of Punjab,

Dear Bank Manager,

Last week, I requested for a new bank account of our company: High Tech Communication. However, there was a bit confusion regarding the mobile number which was to be added in the data of the account user.

As it is a company account so I did not know which number to give but now I have asked the CEO of the company, and as the account is under my name, and I will be handling all the transactions, and payments so please register the mobile number _______ to my the data. In case of any emergency, or important notice, if this number is not available then you can contact on this number: ____________.

Kindly make these changes as soon as possible as the company transactions are made on daily basis, and I can keep a check on them. I would be very grateful to you.

Best Regards,

Manager High Tech Communication

Contact: _____

Register Mobile Number to Bank

To: RBC Bank — Genève Branch
Montreal, Quebec, Canada

I have recently opened an account at RBC Bank at the Genève location. I wish to link my mobile number to this account, so that I may receive SMS alerts of transactions, and so that I can use the RBC Mobile app with two-factor authentication for security purposes.

My mobile number is 647-589-2245. I request that this be done as soon as possible.


Emmanuel Montegorie
Montreal, Quebec, Canada


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