Letter to PF Commissioner – Denial of Pension

The following are two template letters addressing a situation where a cancer patient has been denied pension benefits. The first letter is directed to the PF Commissioner, appealing for reconsideration of the denial, while the second letter is addressed to the Human Rights Commission, seeking their intervention to rectify the injustice. These letters highlight the … Continue reading “Letter to PF Commissioner – Denial of Pension”

Sample Letter to Reject a Job Offer

A letter of rejecting a job offer is a formal document that informs an employer that you have decided not to accept a job offer. It is an important step in the hiring process and should be written in a polite and professional manner. Best method of rejecting a job offer. Example of a Letter … Continue reading “Sample Letter to Reject a Job Offer”

Sample Rejection Email Templates

A rejection email template is a pre-written message that an individual or organization uses to inform a job applicant or a business partner that their application or proposal has been rejected. The rejection email template should be professional and courteous but also direct and clear in its communication of the decision. The template may also … Continue reading “Sample Rejection Email Templates”

Letter Your Application For Admission Was Not Approved

Format of rejection letter to a student who has applied to your school, and has not been accepted by the school board on the basis of not meeting the eligibility criteria for Bachelors. Letter Your Application for Admission was not approved To: Geraldine Marvin Belleville, Ontario, Canada Dear Mr. Marvin, We have received your application … Continue reading “Letter Your Application For Admission Was Not Approved”