Reminder Letter for Payment

Sample letter to customers, and clients for recovery of payments of supplies, or orders delivered, services, or bill payments reminder letter. LetterĀ to Company for Payment Reminder To, The Finance Manager, Care Catering Management, Barsha Road, Dubai. Sir, We are writing this to request for the immediate release of the payment which is overdue now since … Continue reading “Reminder Letter for Payment”

Sample Letter Reminder Deadline

How to write a letter to boss reminding him of the deadline for production order by the clients, or customers. You can use friendly language to inform your boss to remind or recall of deadline for the project or production order. Sample Email Reminder Deadline Subject: Remainder of production deadline from AZ distributors Dear Sir, … Continue reading “Sample Letter Reminder Deadline”

Notice of NIC Expiry to Clients from Bank

Sample notice of expiry to clients, customers by the bank to inform them about the expiry of National Identity Card, and other documents. Sample Notice of Expiry Respected Shoukat Ali, Subject: Expiry of Your CNIC-Account No: 74638267-737-87-01 Thank you very much for your banking relationship with us which we greatly value. This is just to … Continue reading “Notice of NIC Expiry to Clients from Bank”