Request Letter for Repairing Of School Building

Sample request letter to administration for repairing of school building. It is a request that needs immediate attention. Letter Requesting for Repairing Of School Building Name Address To the administration! I have been to your office for many times in this past few months, and every time I was told to leave because you were … Continue reading “Request Letter for Repairing Of School Building”

Request Letter for Maintenance Work in Office, Shop, Floor, Apartment, etc

Want to write a request for office maintenance? Format of request letter to send to your administration, supervisor, and asking them to improve living conditions in your office as it worsens with each passing day. Repair Work Request Letter for Any Single Article in Office Dear Sir, The floor (you can mention any other requirement) … Continue reading “Request Letter for Maintenance Work in Office, Shop, Floor, Apartment, etc”

Application for Safety of Playground

An application for ground safety, and help for games things. Request Letter for Safety of Playground Dear ground owner, I am writing to you because I would like to make an application for ground safety, and to get help for our games. As you know I am using the ground you have given me to … Continue reading “Application for Safety of Playground”

Application for Grant for Development/Repair/Maintenance

Sample application letter to request grant for development of roads, streets, street lights, sewerage, park, school, extension of any project etc. ApplicationĀ for Grant for School Development The State Government United States of America Dear Sir, I am Sheldon representative of the city high school. Sir I am writing this letter to bring it to your … Continue reading “Application for Grant for Development/Repair/Maintenance”

Equipment Maintenance, and Repair Agreement Sample

Sample contract of repair, and maintenance with companies, clients, customers, schools, universities etc for their electronics, electrical, solar, power maintenance etc. Maintenance Agreement Template Introduction of Company, and Services: AMCY5 is celebrating more than 27 years of its operations in Pakistan. We enjoy the pride of being a clean chit company which means no litigations, … Continue reading “Equipment Maintenance, and Repair Agreement Sample”

Leave Application for Car Maintenance

Sample application letter for the repair of car, maintenance of the car, car service, car to workshop, etc., to office manager and get leave for maintenance purposes. Leave Application for the Car Maintenance To, The Manager operations, Unilever, Dear Sir, It is stated that I was in Islamabad on a business trip two days ago. … Continue reading “Leave Application for Car Maintenance”

Thank You for Repairing Work Done Successfully

Sample letter to say thanks after repairing work of any type within your company, departments, or outside mechanics, carpenters, and electricians. Thanks Letter for Repairing Work The Manager Operations, Metro Company, Glasgow. Dear Sir, Thank You for Repairing Work Done Successfully I thank you for the services provided by your company in repairing our school … Continue reading “Thank You for Repairing Work Done Successfully”