Warranty Letter Format in Word


Sample warranty letter format for selling electronics, construction material, mechanical items, electrical items, and any other product that you want to issue with a warranty letter from your shop, company, or issuer of the product.

Warranty Letter to Customers

This letter is to inform user about the warranty terms, and conditions of our product. The product has a warranty of 2 years. Company is responsible any kind of problem in the product within two years of its purchase. Product would be replaced, or repaired free of cost if there is any problem with its working, but under following conditions the warranty would not be provided

  1. The product was kept in a damp place.
  2. The product has being opened by any other person other than our companies technician.
  3. The product was exposed to extreme heat.
  4. Due to voltage of electricity the product system failed.
  5. The warranty card was lost, or could not be presented to the company at the time of claiming the Warranty.

These were the terms, and conditions of warranty.  We are sure that our product would provide you the comfort you wished. For any other information please call us, or visit our website.

Warranty Letter Sample in Word

Basic terms, and conditions to avail WARRANTY

  • It is certified that the (Company) is guaranteed for free repairs up to 2 years from the date of purchase against assembly/manufacturing faults. This guarantee is in-valid under the following circumstances.
  1. If the appliances is not used in accordance with the operational manual supplied by the company, or any misuse.
  2. If the unit is damage after a fall, or a shock.
  3. If dismantled, or tampered with any way.
  4. Any fault occurred due to incorrect power supply.
  5. Commercial use of Cambridge appliances will void the Guarantee.
  • Under no circumstances, does the guarantee cover consequential damages.
  • No charge will be made for parts, or labor involved: Only transport charges shall be paid by the consumer/buyer.
  • The Cambridge products are guaranteed to be free of all workmanship, and materials defects. The guarantee cover free replacement of parts ONCE only during guarantee period of 2 years from the date of purchase.
  • In case of guarantee claims, please contact our authorized service dealers on following address.

Customer Name:___________________________________



Model No: _______________________________________

Cash Memo:______________________________________

Date of Purchase:___________________________________

Authorized Dealer’s Stamp:____________________________

Warranty Letter Sample in Word Free Download

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Sales Tax Invoice Format in Excel Free Download


Sample sales tax invoice format in excel is available for free download in excel, and word format. You can use this tax invoice for tax calculations in Pakistan, India, U A E, UK, and USA.

Sales Tax Invoice Template

Minahil Traders
Sales Tax Reg.# 08-08-2845-054-59
Model Town, Lahore, Ph: 0092-42-31234567
Sales Tax Invoice
Name: SemiOffice Enterprises Invoice No:
Address: (Address), Lahore Dated:
City: Lahore NTN:
REG.# 08-08-2845-054-59
58 Bags 30/S PC Yarn 12353 716,474 14329 730803
58 12353 716474 14329 730803

Sales Tax Invoice Format in Excel Free Download


Sales Tax Invoice Format in Excel Free Download

 Usage Instructions:

Please download the file in excel format, and fill all the information of your business, or company. Calculations are automatic so you don’t need to make manual calculations until you feel necessary.

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Sales Tax Invoice Format in Excel Free Download
Sales Tax Invoice Format in Excel Free Download

Pharmacy Bill Format in Excel Free Download


Sample Pharmacy Bill Format in Excel Free Download for medical stores, drug stores, and pharmacies in Pakistan, India, UK, USA, Europe, Asia, and Gulf Countries. This sales invoice format can be used for surgical items selling as well. For full view please download the attached Ms Excel file, and open it for usage.

Pharmacy Bill Template

Sun Star Pharmacy
Model Town, Lahore
Ph: 123456789876
Bill# 45087 Lic. # 654-A/(Date)
Counter Sale Date: 13/12/12
1 Welosef 126MG/6ML SYP 108
T-Items 1 Gross Total: 108
Discount: 3
Returns will be acceptable within 7 days Net Amount 105


Pharmacy Bill Format in Excel Free Download

Usage Instructions

Please download the attached bill format in Ms Excel, and fill all the sections with your custom information. The calculations are automatic so just need to put the product descriptions, and price.

Sales invoice for pharmacy, or medical store used to sell medicines on the store, and it is a requirement to issue a sales receipt by the seller, medical store, pharmacy, or drugstore. For more invoices please click here.

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Sample Bill for Clothing Shop in Excel, and Word Free Download


Sample Bill for Boutique, or Clothing shop is available for free download. This bill is taken from a multinational business, and it includes items code, description, design/color, quantity, rate, discount option, sales officer name, and signature, total billing amount.

Sample Bill for Boutique

Business Name

Email:___ Website:__ 

Address:____________ Ph:______

Name:___________ Phone#: ____________ Invoice: ________

Address: __________________ Date: __________

Code Description Design/Color Qty Rate Disc% Discount Disc Amt Amount
Cash Credit Sales Officer Total Amount:


Amount Payable:______

Thank you for shopping at [Company Name]

No Change No Returns

Sample Bill for Clothing Shop Computerized, and Manual Free Download

Sample Bill for Clothing Shop Computerized, and Manual Free Download

Sales Invoice In Word Format Free Download


Sales Invoice In Word Format available for free download. This is the best sales invoice template for selling goods from businesses, shops, stores, online stores, and electronic shops. This invoice took from an IT Company. You can view the sample below and download the attached file.

Sales Invoice in Ms. Word

 Your LOGO
Business Name receipt #Date: December 16, (Date)
sold to Name CompanyAddress Customer ID  
payment method check no. job
qty item # description unit price discount line total
1 3 Development of Website: www.semioffice.com (Date) (Date)
Total discount    
  Subtotal (Date)
  Sales Tax  
  Total (Date)

This sales invoice includes three sections. The first section includes Seller information. The second section includes Buyer information. The third section includes payment methods, Quantity, Description of items, Unit Price, Discount, and Total with Sales Tax deduction options.

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Sales Invoice Format in Ms Excel, and Word for Garments Business


Sales Invoice Format in MS-Excel, and Word for Garments Shop is available here to download. This sales invoice includes Company Information (Seller Information), Products Description, Quantity, Rate/Price of the Product, Sales Discount, and total amounts. This sales invoice in excel makes auto calculations. You can customize these formats for your garments shop, company, or any other business.

Sales Invoice in Excel

Company Name Here

Sales Invoice

Address: You can post address here, or at bottom of the invoice

Sr. #

Products Description




Sale Disc.

Net Total


Dress Pant







Dress Shirt






Sale Invoice Totals






Grand Totals


Amount Received


Balance Amount


  • An exchange will be made within 7 days only
  • Alteration, and used items will not be returned
  • No exchange without bill
  • Sales Person

Date:__________         Time:____________     Page: 1 of 1

Sample Sales Invoice Image View in ms excel

Sales Invoice Format in Ms Excel free Download for garments business

Sample Sales Invoice Image View in ms word for Garments Business

Sales Invoice Format in Ms Word Free Download for garments business

Please download your required format, and make all the necessary changes as per your business needs, and category. Don’t forget to change the company name, and address.

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