Complain Letter To Car Service Centre


Format of complaint letter to send to a car service company, and telling them the vehicle that you purchased from them is not up to the standard it has many problems in it.

Complain Letter to Car Service Center

To: Hyundai Service Center
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, United States

I am writing to issue a complaint against the services I was provided for my Hyundai Santro vehicle last Tuesday.

After having the brake pads service in my vehicle, I noticed other problems with my vehicle.
The ‘Check Engine’ light is always on, and there seems to be a coolant leak as well. I believe that while servicing my brake pads, the mechanics had broken something else. This is the result of doing your job in a hurry without checking.

This is very disappointing, and I expect better service from the official Hyundai repair center. I demand that my vehicle be repaired properly, and this time without cost.

Chong Moniscalco
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, United States

Complain Letter To Car Service Center

 To the Car Service Center,


I sent this letter to file a complaint on behalf of High Tech Company as its manager. Last week, we sent our 11 company vehicles to your service center for their service. However, 4 of the vehicles are not working properly, and not even 10 days has passed since their service. In addition to this, the drivers of the some other vehicles also complained that they see no change in the vehicle, or its operation even after the service. It has been 7 years since we send our vehicles to your center for their service, or in case of any damage, and it is the first time that such thing has happened. To say that I am disappointed would be an understatement.

I will be sending the vehicles again tomorrow so please look into the matter, and let me know the reason behind this. Feel free to contact me in case of any clarification. Thank you.

Best Regards,

Ali Noor

Manager High Tech Company

Complain Letter to Car Service Center

Dear Sir,

With all due respect, I am writing this letter of complaint regarding your car service center. I have been using your service for quite a time now for the maintenance of my car however, I am not pleased with your recent services. Yesterday, I brought my car to the workshop since its paint had scratched from a few places, and the window panels had gone a bit loose too. When I came to pick up my car after two hours, it was a complete mess. The paint had been scratched off completely, my side mirrors were missing, and the tires punctured too. The management told me I would have to pick up my car tomorrow since it was not ready, and behaved rudely as well. They charged me an expensive amount too.

I hope that this will not happen again, and you will make sure to do so. For further inquiries you may contact me at the number provided below.

Best Regards,

Bilal Ali

Reply to Compliment Email from Customer


Formal appreciation letter to client after they have sent you an email complimenting your service to tell them how much their support means to you, and you appreciate this gesture.

Reply to Compliment Email from Customer

To: Linda Miles
Pendleton, Ohio, United States

We have received your email, and we would like to thank you very much for your kind words. Here at EXPO Designing Ltd., we strive for the best service, and utmost quality. We take pride in our work, and we are extremely happy to hear that you are satisfied with us.

We thank you for choosing EXPO Designing, and hope that you will choose our services again!

Have a great day,
EXPO Designing Ltd.
Pendleton, Ohio, United States

Reply to Compliment Email from Customer

Dear customer,

We are extremely happy to hear that you enjoyed our services here at Boston Co.
Thank you so much for your kind words, and I will be sure to share your compliment with all the working employees.

Here at Boston Co., we strive to provide the best, and greatest service for all our customers.

We very much hope to see you continuing to use our services, and hope that our service will always meet, and exceed your expectations!


Boston Co.
Red Deer, Alberta, Canada

Complaint Letter for Rude Customer Service


Format of complaint letter to send to a restaurant, company, outlet if anyone from their customer service has behaved rudely with you. This template will help you write a good complaint letter that will tell the inconvenience you had to face.

Sample Complaint Letter for Rude Customer Service

To: McDonalds Canada
Brockville, Ontario, Canada

I am writing in regards to the extremely poor customer service I had received during my visit to the Terrace Hills location of McDonalds in Brockville on the 9th of October.

I had ordered a Happy Meal for my two children, and I noticed that there were no toys included inside. The reason I specifically go to McDonalds is because of the toys in the Happy Meals that my children love.

I politely asked the workers about the missing toys, and they said that they had run out of them. I then asked for a refund, because I was not informed before about this.  I deemed this to be a reasonable request. However, the workers said it was not their problem, and they told me to speak to the manager on duty. I then spoke to the manager who was very rude, and told me to simply order from another McDonald’s location, and that there was no reason for a refund over such a small amount of money.

I am not filing this complaint over the money, rather I am complaining about the service. I am appalled at this behavior from the manager, and workers, and I am disappointed that I was not informed beforehand that they had run out of toys.

I request that you take disciplinary action against the workers, and manager of this location.

Carol Crisfield
Brockville, Ontario, Canada

Sample Complaint Letter Rude Customer Service

 To the Delivery Service,


I send this letter to file a complaint on the behalf of High Tech Communication Company as their manager. Yesterday, due to a delay in delivery service which was ordered by our company, one of the employees called the helpline which was given on the confirmation slip while we placed order.

According to the employee, the person who was talking on the other side was not helpful at all, and got really rude after a while. In addition to this the language he used was also not appropriate. To say I am disappointed would be an understatement. Such kind of behavior with anyone working in our company will not be tolerated under any circumstances so please look into the matter, and make sure that such incident does not happen again. Thank you.

Best Regards,

Ali Noor


High Tech Communication

MOU Agreement for Consultancy


Sample letter of agreement for consulting services. simple consulting agreement template. Consulting agreement template short. one page consulting agreement

Sample Agreement between Consultant, and Company



Consultancy Company

Name & Address

 contact person 1

contact person 2




Client Company

Name & Address

 contact person 1

contact person 2

MOU Details:

  1. The Media is a well-known, and specialized in Productions, Events Management, Advertising & Marketing Company will work Client.
  2. The Perfect Media will arrange donors for Client.
  3. The Perfect Media will charge 10% of total donations raised by them.
  4. The Perfect Media will arrange fundraising events with the engagement of client.
  5. Before any fundraising event the Media will submit a proposal with event details which will be integral part of this MOU.
  6. Proposal for the first event is attached with this MOU.
  7. The first fundraising event will held on 20th Ramazan (Date).
  8. The Perfect Media will be responsible for sponsorship of the events, venue.
  9. After the success of first program the company will arrange more fundraising programs for client in Islamabad, Karachi, Faisalabad, and other cities of Pakistan.

Signatory 1                                                                          Signatory 2

Khurram                                                                                Ahmad

Chief Executive                                                                 Vice President

Sample Agreement between Consultant, and Company

Complaint Letter for Internet Services


Sample Complaint Letter for Internet Services. Complaint Letter for an Internet connection. Complaint Letter for an Internet provider. Complaint Letter for Internet connection not working. Complaint Letter for bad Internet Service.

Complaint Letter for Poor Internet Service

The manager, INTEC ISP

Respected sir,

With due respect, I am writing this letter to inform you that my internet connection is disturbed for the last two days. I am facing trouble as I am having exams, and most of the work is done online, and for that, I need a proper internet connection.

I have already made a complaint but no one took any action upon it. I request you again to send someone from your office to check my connection. I expect a quick response as satisfying your customers should be your first priority. Thanks

Yours sincerely,

Sara Merchant,
222 Bakers street

Complaint Letter for Internet Services

The Internet Service Provider.

Respected Concerned Officer,
It is stated that I moved into this town a month ago, and decided to use your internet service as your exchange was the closest to my house but now, I think that I made a huge mistake. I have no internet for the past week because apparently, my internet line is dead.

Moreover, I have been sending complaint letters to the providers a few times but received no replies whatsoever. The bandwidth I signed up for was of 4Mbps but all I’m getting is 1Mbps which is totally unacceptable because being a freelancer, I need high-speed internet at all times.

Kindly fix my internet as soon as possible, and provide me with the best of your services. I hope that you will find my matter concerning, and work on it as soon as possible.

Thanking you,

Complaint Letter for Internet Services

Dear Sir,

I am writing to tell you that I am facing an issue with internet services. It is troubling since last week. I have complained many times about customer services but nobody responded. Now I am writing a complaint letter to restore my internet services urgently.

Thank You

Alexandra brethren

Complaint Letter for Internet Connection

Dear Sir,

I am writing this letter to you so that I can register a complaint about the internet connection. As it is running very slow, and I am facing regular disturbance. Kindly send anyone to check my internet connection. Please do this soon I shall be very thankful to you.


Nazia Ahmed

Complaint Letter For Internet Connection


The Manager, Vision Internet service providers

Respected sir,

With due respect, I am writing this letter to inform you that the internet connection is down for the last two days. I have made several calls on your number but no one answered my calls. As you know I am a university student, and most of my work is done online, and for that I need a proper internet connection throughout the day. This is not a professional way to run a business. You need a proper customer service department. I always pay my dues within time, and still I have to face such issues. It would be highly appreciated if you respond you my complaint as soon as possible. Thank you.


Mr. Jamie Francis

Complaint Letter for No Internet Connection

To the respected management:

For an entire week now, the internet connection has not been functioning in my room.

This is a major inconvenience. I need an internet connection in order to join conference calls with employees at my workplace, and to research different work-related topics.  As a resident of this building, I pay for the internet connection, and I expect it to be working at all times.

Please fix this issue immediately as it is negatively impacting my job.

Many thanks,


Complaint letter for no Internet connection

 To the Director

Dear Sir,

I am writing this complaint letter to notify you about the services of your company. For the past week, I was facing issues regarding the internet connection. The speed was very slow, and I was not able to complete my school work because of this issue. I contacted your call center, and they assured me they would send someone to resolve the issue. However, it has been three days, and no one has come to resolve the issue. At first, the net speed was slow but now it is not working at all. I contacted the call center again but they misbehaved with me. I tried contacting the other offices but no one has been replying to me, and this is why I am writing this letter to you. I am very displeased with your services.

I hope my issue will be brought to notice, and will be resolved soon.

Best Regards,

Fatima Waqas

Complaint Letter for No Internet Connection

 Dear Sir/Madam,

I sent this letter to file a complaint regarding the internet connection. Since yesterday the internet is not available, and whenever the icon appears it says that there is no connection. My midterms are approaching, and many assignments are also pending which need to be completed by the end of this month. I have always paid my bills on time so I do not see any reason for this. Please sort this issue out as soon as possible so I do not have to deal with this inconvenience.

You may contact me for any other information.

Thank you.

Best Regards,

Ali Noor


Complaint Letter Format for Poor Service


Sample application letter to complaint to company for its poor services, fault in services, Not resolving My problem, No response to my complaint. This letter was written to complain against telecom services to the govt department.

Sample Complaint Letter Template

Dear MobiGSM Team,

It is very hard for me to control my language now. I have talked to your office many times, and the attendants were not be able to help me. I also receive some calls from your office against my complains but they excuse in a polite way, and tell me that the problem is resolved but that was not more than a lie. I am trying from last two months, and my problem is not been resolved yet.

I want to port my network, and for this purpose i send sms to 667 for the confirmation of my details, and activation date. The returning message does not show the “Activation Date”

I am writing the returning message here.


NAME: Muhammad Sami,




This message do not show me the Activation date required to port my network. I request you again to resolve my problem, and do not force me. Looking for your ealiest possible reply.

Thank you

Best regards,

Muhammad Sami

Complaint Letter for Poor Services

We will post some more complaint letters to register all type of complaints to govt departments, and private companies as a customer.

The Manager,

Standard Chartered Bank,

Wales, United Kingdom,

Dear Sir,


I regret to state that I am an account holder at your bank for last five years but unfortunately I found great trouble while entering into the bank on the day before yesterday. As the bank timing was five pm but gatekeeper closed the gate before fifteen minutes, and they did not allow me to enter into the bank. I pleaded with him, and other staff of the bank but they did not take a notice.

Sir, I was in great trouble, and wanted to get cash from the cheque for an urgent piece of work but the staff of your bank did not cooperate with me, and they even closed the doors before off time.

I suggest you to please take strict action regarding above mentioned matter.

With thanks

Anton Chekhov


Sample Business Proposal for Courier Services


Sample proposal format for courier services for clients, businesses, companies, and firms to whom to want to offer your services. You can also use this letter for offering transportation services.

Proposal Letter for Courier Services

Subject: – Business Proposal for Courier & Logistic Service
Dear Sir,
This is with reference to discussion with Mr. Alex regarding courier/logistic services from OCS. I like to share company profile which would help us to increase our business relationship.
OCS (Pvt.) Ltd has been acquired by Muller & Phipps, serving in the sub-continent since, 1912, and contributing in the Distribution, and Logistics business on the large scale with a yearly turnover of around 700 billion. Unilever, Samsung, Getz Pharma & Huawei are our major clients with the top Pharmaceutical Companies available in the Country. Having worked successfully in the courier, and logistics industry for 27 years, OCS has amassed unrivaled operational experience, and expertise. Following are some of the key strengths that make us such a viable partner for our diverse, and valued corporate clients:
-  Worldwide direct network of 240 offices in over 100 countries
-  1500 locations served in Pakistan
-  250 Express Centers nationwide
-  10 major hubs in Pakistan
-  125,000+ pickups, and deliveries per day
-  Dedicated team of over 1,800 employees
-  Extensive 1500 vehicle fleet
-  Over 1,145 couriers
-  Modern barcode, and web tracking
-  Virtual private network
-  24-hour UAN 111-202-202
OCS takes pride in offering unique, and customized solutions for any customer. Through a vast range of services that includes the efficient conveyance of express courier packages, secure transport of heavy freight, personalized gift delivery, and many more, OCS offers its clients unrivaled diversity, reliability, and expedience:
-  International Delivery Service
-  Domestic Delivery Service
-  OCS Road & Rail
-  Expressions – Premium Gift Delivery
-  Hand-Carry Service for Valuables
-  Overnight Express
-  Same Day Express
-  Sunday/Holiday/Time-Bound Service
-  Logistic Management Services

Please do not hesitate to contact me directly for further queries.
Warm regards,
Ather Hafeez
Proposed Rates
Express Service
Weight Slabs Within City Same Zone Different Zone
0 to 0.5KG     14                 30                   45
0.5 to 1KG      30                50                   80
Each Additional KG 30    50                  80

Fixed Fuel Charges 15% in addition to above mentioned rates.
GST as per law.
Rs.100/- hand carry charges for flyer shipment
Rs.20/- per flyer.

Offering Of Automation Services to Esteemed Clients


Sample application format just to offer our candidature to client for automation services from our reputed engineering firm, IT Company, Industrial Services.

Letter for Offering Automation Services to Clients

The Manager Operations

Doctors Hospital,

35, Canal Road, Lahore

SUBJECT: Offering Of Automation Services to Esteemed Clients

Respected Client,

Hope this letter finds you in best of your spirits. Proudly we have included automation services in our company’s portfolio. So far, we went well in provision of security services to this hospital, and surely we shall be offering these automation services with motto of total quality to our clients like this hospital. The detailed automation services brochure is attached with the letter. Kindly contact with our staff for any query, and request of services. We shall be looking forward for your interest.

Best Regards,

The Services Department

Triple M Securities, and Automations Pvt. Ltd.

Letter to Terminate Services


Sample letter to terminate the services of any vendor, contract, agreement that you have made previously with someone, or company. Services normally terminated because of poor quality, lack of required standards, or delays.

Letter to Terminate Services Agreement

Mr. Umer Farooq

Dubai, UAE

Dear Umer Farooq,

We are thankful for your efforts to write quality contents for our clients. Your content do not match our quality standards, and I decide to terminate your services immediately. You will be paid for your work on 21st, and 25th April but not to be paid for 26th March because of quality issues.

You can collect your payment from the office, or you can get it as bank account transfer. Thank you again.

Best M.Hamza

Sample Notice of Service Disconnection Due to Bill


Sample notice to customer, or clients for disconnection of service due to short of bill payments from company, factory, shop, sales, and service center, franchise, or any other business.

Notice of Pending Bill Payment

Mr. Shahid,
176-B, Model Town,

Subject: Release of payment


Dear Client,

This is to remind you that your dues for the month of April-June (Date) are pending. Your account number 11236783666633 has an outstanding bill of 17,820/- Rupees. You are requested to make the required payment latest by 15th July (Date), failing which your connection will be dismissed. Kindly take prompt action in this regard to continue enjoying our quality services.


World Call Telecom Company

Notice of Service Disconnection Due to Pending Bill Payments

Manager Shipments
Falling Food Co.
Main Boulevard,
DHA, Lahore

Dear Sir/Madam,

This is to inform you regarding your outstanding payment towards RCS as per account details mention overleaf. Please note that these payments are besides your last month invoice, and are well overdue with respect to the agreed timeline.

You are requested to please clear the above outstanding by 13th Oct (Date), failing which, would cause the mentioned accounts to be blocked temporarily, and your pick-up, and credit facilities would be put on hold. Your account will be restored after you have cleared your due payments.

We hope you will clear your dues at the earliest. Please contact your respective RCS Representative for, and clarification. Please ignore this letter in case you have already cleared these payments.


Asif Sultani
Manager RCS

Sample Notice of Service Disconnection Due to Bill