Apology Letter for Stealing Something

Suppose you are, unfortunately, in a situation where you have to write an apology letter for stealing something or some records or committing a similar crime. In that case, these sample articles we have provided below might help you guide how to write your apology letter for stealing and ask for relief. If you have … Continue reading “Apology Letter for Stealing Something”

Sorry Letter for Issuance of Wrong Certification

Sample letter to apologise for mistakenly issuing wrong certificate to the student, client, customer, dealers, franchise, registration certificate etc. Letter Apologizing for Mistake Dear Sir, It has been made a mistake by our employee that you was issued wrong certificate. I hope it was a misunderstanding, and we are looking for the reason behind it. Kindly come to … Continue reading “Sorry Letter for Issuance of Wrong Certification”

Sorry Letter to Friend for Being Mean

Sample letter to your friend for apologizing your bad behavior, misunderstanding, or not attending party etc. You have been rude to friend. Write a letter to him apologizing for your behavior. Apology Letter to Friend in Email Dear Harry, I hope you are doing fine. I am writing this letter to you with a very … Continue reading “Sorry Letter to Friend for Being Mean”