Apology Letter for Stealing Something

Suppose you are, unfortunately, in a situation where you have to write an apology letter for stealing something or some records or committing a similar crime. In that case, these sample articles we have provided below might help you guide how to write your apology letter for stealing and ask for relief. If you have requests for any other request letter, leave that in the comment section.

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Apology Letter to Principal for Stealing Documents

The Principal,
School/College Name,
Address, City

Subject: Apology Letter for Stealing Exam Records

Respected Sir,

With due respect, it is stated that I, unfortunately, have to write this letter to you asking for a sincere apology for stealing exam records from the staff room. I am very ashamed of my action and regret my decisions already. I am very embarrassed, which has taken a toll on my life.

I did not have the intention to commit such a mistake. I had my reasons, but they were not justifiable. I was scared and confused and was probably not in my senses when I decided to commit this mistake. I am sorry about the inconvenience I have got you all into and the ethical requirements that I have broken. I, as a student, must not have done it. I was scared and wanted to hide my exam result before the parent-teacher meeting and instead git myself into more considerable trouble.

Kindly forgive me, give me one chance to improve my results, and show my obedience this time. Please accept my apology. Thanks.


Your Name

Apology Letter to Company`s Manager for Stealing from Petty Cash

The Manager,
Company/Store Name,
Address, City

Subject: Apology Letter for Stealing Cash

Respected Sir,

With due respect, I am writing you this letter to apologize for the crime committed. I was caught stealing some cash out of the petty cash drawer under my friend`s custody, who left it in my custody for a while in an emergency for two days.

The exact amount that I stole was 40,000. I am humiliated and embarrassed for committing such a mistake. At the same time, I take full responsibility. I still asking for an apology and a chance to explain myself. I was forced to commit this mistake after being in a financial crisis; I am a middle-class person who lives in a rented house.

My rent was due, and I had no amount to pay. Furthermore, the tenant was threatening me and was asked to leave if I didn’t pay. While I admit that I should have considered other ethical and possible ways to solve my problem, I just could not wait for my misery to end.

I am embarrassed. I am sorry. Please accept my apology and do not take any action against me. I will try paying the amount back from my salary if you do not fire me. I will be forever grateful. Again, please accept my apology and give me another chance.


Your Name

Apology Letter to Manager for Stealing Inventory

The Manager.
Company/Store Name
Address, City

Subject: Apology Letter Stealing

Respected Sir,

I am writing you this letter to ask for a sincere apology for stealing some inventory out of the sticks that we had in the warehouse for the mart. I was in charge of the stock counting and, while counting the stock weekly, stole some inventory to sell it outside to earn some money. I know what I did is a crime; you can take legal action against me and fire me.

I am very embarrassed and ashamed. I was going through some financial crisis and thought this would solve them in the short term. The situation forced me, but this was very low for me. I regret my actions as I can not afford to lose a job. I am so sorry. Please have mercy, forgive me, and do not take legal action against me. I will never repeat this mistake at all. Please accept my apology and provide me with the last chance. Thanks.


Your Name

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