Application for Purchase of Sports Equipment for College


Sample application for purchase of sports equipment for college as sports is an integral part of students life, and they should  always be provided enough equipment to let them enjoy their wonderful youth

Sports Equipment Purchase Application for College Principal

The principal
Haley College, California

Dear Sir,

With due reverence, it is stated annual sports day is due in 2 months. Our teams have been practicing but sports equipment in the gym is not enough to cater needs of all students. Some machines are rusting, and others are out of order. More equipment is needed as multiple teams are practicing simultaneously.

It is requested that more equipment be purchased so that students can practice well with ease. I shall be very thankful to you.

Yours obediently,

Physical Trainer
Harley Regand

Application for Purchase of Sports Equipment for College 


The Manager, logistics department

Respected sir,

It is to inform you that we are running out of the following items:

5 x footballs

2 x basket balls

3 x badminton sets

6 x tennis balls

2 x lawn tennis nets

Kindly provide us the above mentioned items as soon as possible as there are upcoming sports events in the college. We are waiting for your response. Thank you


Manager, sports department

Application For Participation in Extracurricular Activities, and Sports


Following Request Letter Can Be Used As Skill-Enhancing  For Students Who Are Willing To Take Part In Sports

Request Letter For Participation In  School Activities


The principal, Aims public school

Dear Sir,

With my due respect, I beg to state that my son, Ashbil Wilson class 7th C, is willing to participate in the football match which is going to be held next month. He is an intelligent student, and always scores good marks in his Exams. I am aware of rehearsals, and I will make sure that he will appear in them, and I will also make sure that these rehearsals will not affect his studies. Kindly give him a chance to show his talent. I shall be really thankful to your this act of kindness. Thank you.

Yours sincerely,

Mrs. Sara Wilson

Application for Participation in Extracurricular Activities, and Sports

 Respected Head Master,

I wrote this application to you to ask for permission to participate in the extracurricular activities, and sports competitions in our campus. I went to the event coordinator, and he told me that from this year every student needs a permission letter from head master for participation. He added that the permission letters would only be given to those who are good in academics, and can manage both things together.

As my secondary school is about to end in 2 years, I will be applying to universities for my under graduation. For scoring a good scholarship, I need a list of extracurricular actives along with good academic profile. Also, I need to be an all rounder person in every department to get into one of the top university. I assure you that I will not let my participation in these activities affect my academic profile, and still be one of the top students in class. You will not receive any complain from teachers regarding me missing my classes, or slacking off.

If you approve my application, I will not disappoint you in any way. I would be thankful to you.

Best Regards,

Fatima Aamir

A level 2nd Year

Application for Participation in Extracurricular Activities, and Sports

To: Principal Dorothy

I hope this letter receives you in good health. I am writing in regards to the extracurricular activities that you have recently introduced into our academy. I am an excellent player at multiple sports such as volleyball, badminton, and soccer. If you allow me, I wish to participate in these particular sports, and join the various teams.

I await your reply,

Lottie Kaye
Anaheim, Colorado, United States


Application for Safety of Playground


An application for ground safety, and help for games things.

Request Letter for Safety of Playground

Dear ground owner,

I am writing to you because I would like to make an application for ground safety, and to get help for our games. As you know I am using the ground you have given me to teach kids how to play different types of sports as safely as possible so that they don’t get hurt playing on their own. The ground need regular maintenance to keep it safe to play on otherwise someone can slip, and get hurt.

First of all the ground needs new grass, and this time in going to recommend getting artificial grass so that it will save money, and last longer. Secondly you need to remove the sprinklers that are poking out of the ground as someone can trip over them, and already a few of my students have done this. There are many other things that need to be seen to but for now these are the most important.

We need to plant  some trees, or make a shelter for shade so that in the summer when it gets very hot the kids have some shade to rest in. These are all health hazards, and can cause someone to get injured. I hope that you take this matter into consideration, and I look forward to hearing back from you, and see what action that you take.

Kind regards,

Mr. John Truman