Personal Statement for Admission in University sample

This personal statement is a general sample for you to look at. This kind of personal statement can be used for college, university, and school applications. You can modify the statement according to your needs, and circumstances. But please make sure that universities stamp statements taken from internet as plagiarized material. This is just to … Continue reading “Personal Statement for Admission in University sample”

Field Trip Permission Letter Format

Samples of Permission Letter To Ask Laboratory Head To Arrange An Educational Tour For Students Request Letter For Educational Tour To Head Of Department Name Designation name Institution Name Respected Dr. George! Hi sir! Hope you find this letter in good health. I am writing this letter on the behalf of our whole environmental sciences … Continue reading “Field Trip Permission Letter Format”

Permission Application to Principal for College Activity

Sample format of application to send to principal to arrange a college activity like a seminar, trip, farewell, welcome day  for students to have a complete fun in their college life. Permission Application to Principal for College Student Welcome Day  Respected Principal, With due respect, I wrote this application to request you for permission to … Continue reading “Permission Application to Principal for College Activity”

Apology Letter to Principal for Ragging

Apology letter to principal by students for breaking rules, ragging, or who has nothing to do with those activities of ragging, and still are on red list of principal Request Letter To Principal To Reconsider Names Of Students Who Caught While Ragging Respected Principal, With due respect, I wrote this letter to request you to … Continue reading “Apology Letter to Principal for Ragging”

Letter Asking for Accommodation

Sample of request letter to your firm, company to arrange a free accommodation for you as you only need to stay at a place for a night, or two, and you will not be able to book something so urgently yourself. Letter Asking Accommodation for Night Dear Sir, I am writing this letter to you … Continue reading “Letter Asking for Accommodation”

Letter to Librarian to Issue Books

Sample Letters can be used by students those requesting to borrow books from their school/college libraries Request Letter For Library Books To, Mrs. Samantha John, Excel library NYC Respected Madam, With my due respect, I am writing this letter to make a humble request to you for allowing me to issue 2 more books. I … Continue reading “Letter to Librarian to Issue Books”

Request Letter for Photography Exhibition

Templates of proposal letter to send to principal, and telling them how beneficial it would be to arrange a photography exhibition will give students a chance to showcase their talent. Application for Organizing a Photo Exhibition Dear Sir, I want to inform you that (name of society) would like to organize an annual exhibition on … Continue reading “Request Letter for Photography Exhibition”

Write an Application Letter for Counselling Group in University

Format of application joining counselling, and guiding groups in school, college, university. This group works as a guiding light to the students present in an institution, and will guide them academically, helping in subjects, and on a whole valuable to the students on campus. Write an Application Letter for Joining Guiding, and Counseling Group in … Continue reading “Write an Application Letter for Counselling Group in University”

Proposal Letter for Hosting an Event

Sample of format of proposal letter to aware your school head, dean, principal about what kind of event you want to organize, and what will be its layout. Most importantly convincing them that this an educational, and much needed activity for the students. Event Proposal Letter Respected Principal, I along with some of my classmates … Continue reading “Proposal Letter for Hosting an Event”

Invitation for Farewell Party To Teachers

Format of invitation letters to teachers by students. A farewell is a goodbye party arranged by a school , college, or university to their students, and in some cases to valuable teachers who has offered their services. Farewell Party Invitation For Teachers in School, College etc To, The respected teachers of Computer science department, Dear … Continue reading “Invitation for Farewell Party To Teachers”