Rejoining the Same Job after Completing Higher Education

Want to write a request to rejoin the job? This letter application can be written by a person who has left a job to complete higher studies and now wants to rejoin the same office. Sample letter for return to work after study leave. You may modify the sample according to your needs. Email Request … Continue reading “Rejoining the Same Job after Completing Higher Education”

Resumption Letter after Study Leave

I request a sample of application on resumption of duty after been given an official permission on study leave. Example of Resumption Letter after Study Leave Name Designation Respected HR manager! Sir last month I sent you a request regarding official permission for study leave but now my exams have moved to next week which … Continue reading “Resumption Letter after Study Leave”

Sample Letter of Request for Study Sponsorship

Construct my letter asking the hospital to sponsor me for further study. Sponsorship letter for school fees. sample proposal for employer to pay for education. Sample Letter Requesting Financial Assistance for Medical Education Dear hospital manager I am writing to you because I would like to make a request that you sponsor me for further studying at this hospital. I have been studying at the … Continue reading “Sample Letter of Request for Study Sponsorship”

Application for Student Visa to Embassy

Sample application for student visa in Australia, Canada, Finland, Germany, Malaysia, Norway, Spain, USA etc. Application for Student Visa in Australia Name: Jonas Blue Date of Birth: 10.05.19XX Nationality: British National Insurance Number: AB 12 34 56 C Dear Sir/Madam My name is Jonas Blue. I would like to submit this application for a student visa. … Continue reading “Application for Student Visa to Embassy”

Request Letter for Permission to Study by Employee

Sample letter Asking permission to study while working. Sample letter requesting permission to further study. Application for permission to continue study. Letter Requesting Permission to Study Dear Sir, It is stated that I am doing my job with full of my dedications from last 2 years. Now I want to continue my studies from university. I … Continue reading “Request Letter for Permission to Study by Employee”

Leave Application for Further Study

Application for study leave with pay. Study leave letter sample pdf. Request for study leave letter examplesStudy leave letter without pay. Study leave application for teachers. Study leave approval letter from employer. Sample leave application letter to boss. Application for study leave for phd. Leave Application for Further Study Dear Sir, Higher Education Commission, Pakistan has recently offered free three-month study program of France for the candidates fulfilling the criteria. For … Continue reading “Leave Application for Further Study”

Cover Letter for Admission to Medical School/ College

Sample Cover Letter for Admission to Medical School/ College/ university. Application letter for medical school sample. Cover letter for medical school application. Cover Letter for Admission to Medical School To, The admission office, Kings medical college Respected sir, With due respect , I am writing this letter to inform you that I have successfully completed my college … Continue reading “Cover Letter for Admission to Medical School/ College”

Rejoining Letter After Study Leave

Want to write a request letter to join the previous job after completing studies? We are giving you sample letters applications to apply for rejoining the job at the completion of study leave from office, factory, school, college, etc. Sample application letter for requesting to rejoin the college as a student. Rejoining Letter after Study … Continue reading “Rejoining Letter After Study Leave”