Request Letter for Permission to Study by Employee

Sample letter Asking permission to study while working. Sample letter requesting permission to further study. Application for permission to continue study.

Letter Requesting Permission to Study

Dear Sir,

It is stated that I am doing my job with full of my dedications from last 2 years. Now I want to continue my studies from university. I request you to help me over my studies fee, and give me permission to take my university classes. So I can continue my job, and studies both parallel.

Thank you


Application for Permission of Study

The registrar University of ABC


With due respect it is stated that I am serving as a lecturer in your prestigious institute from (Date), during this period I tried my best to serve, and to some extend I have become one of the hardworking teacher during this period. As you know I have written five research journals published from Asian EFL, and won many awards of a best researcher at national, and international level.

Now I am planning to go for my PHD. As per policy of your institute you give permission to your employs when they complete two years. It will be your great favor if you give me permission for further study

Your obediently xyz

Request Letter for Permission to Study

Dear Sir,

I am writing this letter to you so that I can ask for your permission. Sir I want to continue my studies which I have left two years ago, i know it’s against company’s policy that not work, and study at any place during the contract. But please allow me; you won’t face any disturbance in my work I guarantee you.


Mr. Hassan Asif

2 thoughts on “Request Letter for Permission to Study by Employee”

  1. Mam/Sir,

    I worked as a Cost Control Associate under Finance for almost ten years and I want to study while I am working, study for 2 days in a week during my day off, (Saturdays and Sundays ). How can I explain to my boss.

    Thank you.

  2. Please i have my humble request if you could help me out on how to write a request letter for applyinq for further study please

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