Application for Promotion to Assistant Professor

Want to request your job promotion? We will be providing you with application letters to request for promotion by the lecturer in school, college, university, or academy to the senior position of assistant professor on the grounds of education and teaching experience. Application for Promotion from Lecturer to Assistant Professor The dean,(Enter University name here) … Continue reading “Application for Promotion to Assistant Professor”

Warning Letter to Teacher for Late Coming

Sample Warning Letter to Teacher for late coming, absence, or negligence. Warning letter to teacher for poor performance, and coming late regularly. Warning Letter to Teacher for Late Coming Attn. Teacher, We have noticed that you are coming late for a long time. As we know you are a good teacher but we do not understand why you are not at … Continue reading “Warning Letter to Teacher for Late Coming”

Teacher Job Transfer Request Letter

Request letter for Transfer of Job placement by the teacher in govt school, private school to a new location nearby your home, office, university, etc. Job transfer request letter for personal reasons. Request letter for transfer to another branch. Request letter for transfer of job location due to family problem. Sample letter of request for transfer of workplace. Job Transfer Request Letter by A Female Teacher after Marriage Dear … Continue reading “Teacher Job Transfer Request Letter”

Cover Letter for Speech Language Pathologist & Teacher

Sample cover letter for speech language pathologist, or speech language therapist teacher job to apply in schools, colleges, and Universities. I found this as the best cover letter for teaching job of speech language in schools where you write your skill set. Cover Letter for Speech Language Pathologist Teacher Dear Ms. Sanam Baloch, A qualified … Continue reading “Cover Letter for Speech Language Pathologist & Teacher”

Job application for Speech Therapist

Job application for Speech Therapist in school, or hospital, therapy center to inquire about vacancies of speech, and language therapist for special children, special persons, disable children, language patients etc. Job application for Speech Therapist Director Human Resource AH Foundation (Address), Lahore Dear Sir, or Madam, My name is Amna khan, and I have done … Continue reading “Job application for Speech Therapist”

Job Application for Teaching in Nearest School, or College

Sample letter to search job in your nearest school, or surrounding area of your residence. In this application it is mentioned that you are living near to the school. You can use this application for searching job in nearest company to your home. Sample Application For Job in Nearest School, or Company Principal AH Foundation … Continue reading “Job Application for Teaching in Nearest School, or College”