Application for English Teacher Job Position


Sample of job application letter for employment as English teacher position in school, college, or academy etc.

Email Job Application for English Teacher

Modern School,
Barakhamba Road,
New Delhi, India

Respected Director,

I am submitting my cover letter with resume including my all professional, and educational details, and also explain my achievements. I am interested to teach English subject in your school. I will be seeking an appointment for interview.

Thanking you,

Application Letter for a Teaching job of English Teacher

The City High School

Respected Chancellor,
I am Albert, and I am writing this letter to apply for the post of the English teacher. Recently I came to know that you are in need of an English teacher. I have been teaching English in various schools for approximately 10 years now, and I have a very good reputation among students as well.

I am perfect candidate for this job as I have a relevant degree in the required field. I assure you that I will serve your institution with the best I can. I can also handle the debating contest in the school as I have a diploma in Linguistics. I am very positive that you will consider me for this post.

My resume, and recommendation letter from previous institutes are attached with the application.

Application number#12345

Application for Applying As a Teacher in Engineering College


Sample application letter to apply for employment in engineering college, or engineering university to teach engineering students. 3 Sample Application Letter for Teaching Position in College available below:

Applying As a Teacher in Engineering College

Dear college principle,

I am writing to you because i would like to apply for a teaching position in your engineering college. I am an experienced teacher in mechanics in Norwich University but due to budget cuts I was one of five people let go. I am looking for full time work, and I live within walking distance to the college. I have a full valid DBS certificate so I can work with anyone under the age of eighteen.

You will find attached my up to date CV with my all of contact details if you need anything you can call, message, or email me. I look forward to hearing back from you.

Kind regards,

Mrs. Karen Collins

Application for Teacher in Engineering College

Dear Sir,

I’m writing this letter to you so that I can let you know that I’m applying for the post of teacher in your engineering college. As I’ve done my Mechanical engineering from UET Lahore in (Date), and graduated with 3.5 GPA with grip on many engineering subjects, and have an experience of teaching for almost 1 year in an engineering college.

Hope you will think about my resume, and select me as a teacher.


Miss Saba Naz

Teacher Job Application for Engineering College

Dear Sir / Ma’ am,

Here I am writing this to you to serve in your institution as a teacher. I come across with your job ad I read all the job description you have mentioned. Although, me, and my work are totally up to the mark, so I thing I am eligible for this teaching job.

Here I will mention all the experiences of my life in the field of teaching. I started teaching as a professional in the age of 24 in private secondary school of Lahore. Then in the age of 25 as I have been graduated in the bachelors of electrical engineering, I joined Islamia Women College where I used to teach physics to both first, and second year students. Then in the age of 28, I switched my job from college to college of technical, and practical engineering.

I have served here for 6 years but I always tried to join to women engineering college so as now I am writing to you, the women engineering college, for the position of a teacher. I will be very thankful to you if you will consider my application.

Thank you.

Yours affectionately,

Hooriya Zahra

Speech for Students on Teacher’s Day


Sample Speech for Students on Teacher’s Day. Inspirational speech for students on teachers day. Thanks speech for students on teachers day. Short speech for students on teachers day.

Speech for Students on Teacher’s Day

Respected Principal, My dear students, and faculty fellows. Hello, and welcome to the Teachers Day Ceremony.

This is the first time that our school is holding this ceremony, and I am more than happy to be your host for it. As I was told that I am to deliver an opening speech dedicated to the teachers today…, and when I sat last night on my couch with my favorite coffee in my hand, I was at a loss of words. What could I say in favor of teachers? What words could I use to define them? How could I actually, and properly appreciate them for what they do, and what they’re capable of doing?

There was nothing I could write but then, a memory from my past struck me. I remembered my teachers, the one who helped me stand where I am today, and I started writing in their respect.

A teacher is someone who decided to dedicate their life for the betterment of a nation’s future. Do you think that Teaching is a career path that one was forced to choose? No… Teachers choose to help, choose to help a nation build up on its youth, and its children.
How would you describe your teacher? Someone who comes in your classroom, tells you a few aspects of some academic stuff that you take an exam for later? Well that’s not what teacher actually is.
Although there are no words to explain the importance of teachers but one has to start somewhere. If you believe that a school is your second home then you would also believe that teachers are your secondary parents…

Parents who take care of you for more than 8 hours a day, teach you things that maybe your real parents might not be able to…Teaching you decorum, and ethics is just a part of your academic upbringing but the best part is that both ethics, or decorum are not a part of your academic syllabus. It’s something the teachers choose themselves to teach you on their own, and one can’t thank them enough for that.

Frankly speaking, standing here today, talking to all of you, my memories come flashing back, and all of my teachers that helped me climb my academic stairs. That helped me stand where I stand today…They keep coming back, and all I can see them is smiling whilst watching me speak in respect for them today.
I would like to end my speech by saying that, please! Respect your teachers, not everyone has the capability of being one!

Thank you!

Application for Promotion to Assistant Professor


Request application letter for promotion by the lecturer in school, college, university, or academy to the senior position of assistant professor on the grounds of education, and teaching experience.

Application for Promotion from Lecturer to Assistant Professor

The dean,
(Enter University name here)

Respect sir,
It is stated that I have been a lecturer in this university since the past five years now , the subject that I teach is “Robotics”, and moreover I carry a specialization in my subject as well.

Sir, I have been on the lecturer post since five years now, and I feel like I’m not going to grow in my career if I stay on the same post. I want to achieve more in my career, and be more specialized in it. The only way I think is best for me to reach my goals is only if I get promoted to as an assistant professor.

That way I’ll be able to teach Masters Students, and grow much more in my field of specialization. I hope that you will be kind enough to approve my promotion request, and help me more in my future.

Yours Truly,

Application for Assistant Professor

Dear professor,

I am writing to you because I would like to discuss the promotion to assistant professor. I think that this promotion is best for me because I am good at teaching people, and I am also good at planning out lessons on a weekly basis. I have always wanted this job because teaching is something that makes me feel happy, and I enjoy it. I would love to make this my permanent career, and I am very determined to make this succeed. I am good at meeting deadlines.

I also think that this can give me the opportunity to learn new knowledge, and skills, and improve on existing ones. I hope that you can give me a chance. I look forward to hearing back from you.

Kind regards,

Mr. Alex Dove

Warning Letter to Teacher for Late Coming


Sample Warning Letter to Teacher for late coming, absence, or negligence. Warning letter to teacher for poor performance, and coming late regularly.

Warning Letter to Teacher for Late Coming

Attn. Teacher,

We have noticed that you are coming late for a long time. As we know you are a good teacher but we do not understand why you are not at school on time? Would you please explain it to us, or you are willing to continue this?

Well, i am writing you this letter as a record as well, and warn you finally that please explain us your reason to be late every day, and we want you to be punctual because this is not good for other teachers, and staff too.

This is a final warning for you teacher. If you will be late next time then sorry to say we will have to terminate you. I hope you will consider it, and be at school on time.

Best regards,


Warning Letter to Teacher for Late Coming

Respected Ma’am,

This letter is to inform you that as we are receiving regular complains, that you are coming late from past 4 days, and not attending your first period with students.  So this is the last warning for you to come earlier as the course topics are increasing day by day, and students are also complaining.

So please come on time otherwise we will have to take strict actions.

Hope you will respect our terms.



Head Mistress,

Teacher Job Transfer Request Letter


Request letter for Transfer of Job placement by the teacher in govt school, private school to a new location nearby your home, office, university, etc. Job transfer request letter for personal reasons. Request letter for transfer to another branch. Request letter for transfer of job location due to family problem. Sample letter of request for transfer of workplace.

Application Requesting Transfer of Job to a Branch Nearest to My Home

Dear Sir,

I would like to request you that I have to come a long way for the job which costs me a lot over time. And often I get so tired that I can’t even do the domestic chores after the return.

You are requested to transfer my job near my area or home so that I can get rid of the hassle of coming and going. There is also a vacancy in the office near my house that I can easily work on. I hope you will give me this favor. I will be grateful to you.

Sincerely Yours,

Your Name

Transfer Request Letter by Teacher From One School to Another School

Dear Sir/Madam,

I want to request my teaching job transfer from (name of the place) to (name of the place where you want the transfer). My current job (workplace) is far away from my home, and I want it to be transferred near to my home to reach the school easily, so I can utilize more energy for better teaching. L

uckily, a teacher’s vacant position in a school near to my home (you can mention the school name and area here if you want). So please grant my immediate job transfer. I can provide all the information and documents you need for this process. I will be thankful for your kind approval.

Sincerely Yours,

Your Name

Letter of Transfer to Another School by Government Teacher for Study

Dear Sir,

I am (you name), a Teacher at Govt Girls High School. I am happily informing you that I have got admission as an M.phil student in (university name), and my classes will start…, and the timing will be 3:00 pm to 6:00 pm as per University Schedule.

I request you to transfer my teaching job placement to (name of the place). I hope my request will be granted, and my school will issue my NOC immediately after your kind approval. I wish to continue my teaching internship to gain practical experience along with my M.phil degree.

Looking for your kind approval.

Thank You,

Your Name

Teacher Job Transfer Request Letter from One Branch to Another Branch

Dear Principal,

I am writing this letter to request my job transfer. I have been working on this Campus for 4 years as a Science teacher for 8th and 9th Grade. I have always worked hard and focused on every single student for their good progress. However, recently I got married, and as my husband is a resident of Multan so I will have to shift to the city.

I request you to kindly approve my request for transfer to Beacon House School System, Multan Campus. You may look into the work profile that I have been active from when I joined this campus and have taken all my tasks seriously and completed them in time. I promise you to work with the same ardor in the future too. I know that I am requesting this transfer in the middle of the term, which will disturb the students and their academic progress. However, I know a science teacher with acceptable qualifications and teaching experience who can substitute me. I can talk to her and guide her about the present progress of both classes so she can easily continue the syllabus.  If the students are satisfied, then you can hire her permanently, but if not, then in the meantime, you can hire another teacher.

I hope I will get a positive response from you.

Best Regards,

Fatima Aamir,

Science Teacher

Teacher Job Transfer Request Letter

To: Principal Bohrer – Avinger Secondary School
Avinger, Texas, United States

I have recently begun teaching at Avinger Secondary School, and the experience has been quite pleasant. I am thankful for this opportunity, and I hope that the students have an enjoyable learning experience. However, I am an experienced teacher who has taught 9th grade for the past ten years – this is my first time teaching 12th graders. It is a drastic difference and a big change of pace for me. I believe that I will be of much more use if I were to be transferred to teaching 9th Grade students. It is an area that I have much more expertise in, and I believe I will be a lot more help teaching the younger students.
Therefore, I kindly request that I be transferred to teaching 9th Grade.

James Adam
Avinger, Texas, United States

Cover Letter for Speech Language Pathologist & Teacher


Sample cover letter for speech language pathologist, or speech language therapist teacher job to apply in schools, colleges, and Universities. I found this as the best cover letter for teaching job of speech language in schools where you write your skill set.

Cover Letter for Speech Language Pathologist Teacher

Dear Ms. Sanam Baloch,
A qualified Speech Language Pathologist with capability to perform

  • Initial speech therapy, evaluate, and develop treatment plan
  • Ongoing direct speech therapy treatments
  • Education to clients, and their respective families
  • Case conferences, summary reports followed by quarterly, and annual reviews
  • Gide/coach Rehabilitation specialist, nursing & dietary staff to support treatment
  • Conduct periodic staff development, and ensure the enhancement of clinical practice skills

Currently I am working out of Michigan USA, family has moved back to Pakistan, and I am in the process of making my permanent move to Pakistan, therefore exploring the local market to continue with my acquired skill set. I would immensely appreciate the opportunity to discuss my experience, goals, and possible prospects with you in an interview.

I am in Pakistan at the moment till November 9th to set up a mutually convenient time to meet in person.



Cover Letter for Teacher of Speech Language Pathologist Assistant

Respected Principal,

I am a Speech Language Pathologist working in USA. I am in the transition to make a permanent move to Pakistan in January (Date). I was trying to upload my resume at your school website however I was unable to do it secondary to some error at the website. I am attaching my resume if you can forward it to the human resource department. Feel free to contact me if you have any further questions.

Teacher Job Application for Speech Therapist

To whom it may concern

I am clinical psychologist, and I am sending my C.V to your organization. I have experience working as an ABA therapist in center based clinic. My other expertise are mentioned in my detailed curriculum Vitae. Kindly consider me if there is a vacancy for the posts of clinical psychologists/ speech, and language pathologists, or Special need Based Assistant.

Anticipatory Thanks

Cover Letter for Speech Language Pathologist/Therapist Teacher

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Job application for Speech Therapist


Job application for Speech Therapist in school, or hospital, therapy center to inquire about vacancies of speech, and language therapist for special children, special persons, disable children, language patients etc.

Job application for Speech Therapist

Director Human Resource
AH Foundation

Dear Sir, or Madam,

My name is Amna khan, and I have done BSc hons in Speech, and Language Therapy from SAHS, the Children’s Hospital, Lahore.

Now I am doing internship in children’s hospital. Its been 2 months now. I wanna know if there is any vacancy for speech, and language therapist in your organization. So i could join your organization. I am attaching my CV with this mail, and waiting for your response.

Warm Regards,

Amna Khan

Job application for Speech Therapist

Job Application for Speech Therapist


Respected hiring committee!

I saw the vacancy you posted for speech therapist on your official website, and after reading all the requirements I can say I am the right fit for you. I have done four years bachelors in pharmacy, and then I have done my masters in communications disorder. When I was in my final year of master’s degree I was also volunteering at an autism spectrum disorder institution where my job was to communicate with people who have autistic disorder. Volunteering at that institute taught me a lot about the importance of communication, and how easy we take it.

Then I also did my internship at a clinic where I was an assistant to the therapist whose specialization was in people who have Tourette’s syndrome. I have mentioned all my qualification, and past experience that I think is related to the job you mentioned.

Hope you find an interest in my application.



Job application for Speech Therapist

The HR Manager
California Hospital for mental care

Dear Sir,

I am writing this letter to apply for post of Speech Therapist under ad no 3 of California Newspaper. I strongly believe that my experience in the field of therapy, and qualifications make me a potential candidate.

I have a Master’s degree in Psychology from XY University, followed by an experience of 8 years in ABC mental clinic. During which I have a successful result with a long list of clients who always give happy remarks about my work. I have done additional diplomas, and workshops. All the relevant documents with detailed experience letters are attached to this application.

I am looking forward to an interview call as it will allow me to present my skills effectively in person. Thank you very much in advance for your time, and consideration.

Yours sincerely,

Malcom Carl

Job Application for Teaching in Nearest School, or College


Sample letter to search job in your nearest school, or surrounding area of your residence. In this application it is mentioned that you are living near to the school. You can use this application for searching job in nearest company to your home.

Sample Application For Job in Nearest School, or Company

AH Foundation

Subject: Application for Teaching in Nearest School

Dear Sir,
I am greatly moved by the cause of your institute, and I hope the esteemed team, faculty, and teachers will continue to enlighten the lives of young children in the future as well.

Recently, a branch of AH Foundation had opened in our vicinity (opposite Herbunspura), and i was interested in knowing whether i can be an employee, or not.

I am a graduate in International Relations from Kinnaird.

Teaching Job Application Sample in Email

My name is Rosey Arooj, and I want to join your school. Here is my CV please check it out if I m reasonable candidate for your organization please reply me back on my cell phone no, or my email account. I shall be very thank full to you.

Sincerely yours,

Rosey Arooj

Job Application for Teaching in College

Format of job application letter for MPhil qualified students, and professionals to apply in your own university, college

The Principal,
Women College

Subject: Request for Employment as a Teacher in College

Dear Ma’am,
With due respect, it is stated that I’ve recently completed my post-graduation from our prestigious institute in May XXXX, and scored an outstanding CGPA of 3.75 in MPhil Mass Communication. I’ve been very active throughout my tenure in both the curricular, and extracurricular activities. Also, I’ve done internships with well reputed organizations improving upon my practical skills.

I would therefore request you to kindly hire me as a teacher in mass communication department. I believe an enthusiastic, and bright candidate like me can prove to be an asset to our institute. Enclosed with this letter are my curriculum vitae, and some recommendation letters.
I hope to receive an interview call from you soon.

Sarah Jameel.

Application for Teaching in Nearest School