Sample Event Schedule Template Free Download


Sample Event Schedule Template for company, school, college, or university. Event schedule includes guests arrival, guest registration, lunch time, tea break, and event details.

Event Day Schedule

27th February 2014

10:30 a.m.                                     Arrival of Participating Organizations

10:30 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.          Registration, and Stall Set up/preparation

12:00 p.m. – 1:30 p.m.            Lunch (served at EDH).

& Prayer break

1:30 p.m. – 4:00 p.m.              The Internship Fair (Academic Block)

–          Students visiting stalls.

–          Introduction of Participating Organizations to students.

–          Interactive Session between Students, and Participating Organizations.

3:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m.                Arrival of USAID officials

4:00 p.m. – 4:30 p.m.               Distribution of souvenirs to participants

5:00 p.m. – 6:00 p.m.               Tea Break (EDH, LUMS)

Sample Event Schedule Template Free Download

Sample Agreement Format For Banking Facility



With reference to the meeting with Mr. __________, and Mr._____________ on dated 20TH Oct, (Date) regarding the Banking Facility for [company]. It was agreed as follow:

Scope of work:

[company] (Consultant) will provide consultancy services to make financing arrangements with one of the scheduled Bank for [company].

Target: Bank Guarantee up to Rs.10 to 15 Millions

Running Finance up to Rs. 10 to15 Millions

Total Limit Approval required: Rs. 25. To Rs. 30.0 Million with condition to having caution (60% of the market value ) in the property which he is offering

1. [company] will provide all required documents, and will provide on demand.

  1. [Name] will try to get minimum Bank mark up for both LG (0.3%PQ), and RF (6 month KIBOR+3% ).

3. [Name] will try to get the Financing Arrangement with in max. one, and half month

(45) days period with condition to provide all the relevant document, and the funds on time.

Consultancy payments:

1. [company] will pay 4% of the total approved Bank limit on Running Finance, and 4% on the Bank Guarantee value (Cash margin will be charged as per the policy of State Bank at that time).

2. [company] will make the payment for misc. expenses up to Rs. 150,000/- as, and when needed basis. Balance payments will be made from the approved RF through Bank.

  1. Partial payments of Rs. 150,000 will be adjusted from the balance payment.

4. [company] will not make any other payments to Bank, or any other concerned dept. [Name] will be responsible to deal will all concerned department’s until DAC issued by the Bank.

5. [company] has no right to back out after receiving the offer letter from the bank if he will do so then he will have to pay the agreed amount on his own source.

  1. In case Financing Arrangements are not approved by the scheduled Bank as agreed, [Name] will pay back (100%) payment to [company] with in 7 days without any notice.

Agreed, and Signed on 20th Oct, (Date)

Name 1: ______________________ Name 2:______________________

Witness: 1. ___________________ 2. ___________________________

Sample Agreement Format For Banking Facility

Prequalification Letter As Contractor for Supply of Material


Sample letter to apply for pre qualification as supplier to companies, manufacturers, production units, factories, processing units in US, UK, Europe, India, Asia, and UAE. You can write this letter to registered with companies as a supplier of raw material, machinery, mechanical machines, engines, plants to companies, goods, production material, recycled items, steel etc.

Sample Letter of Intent to Apply as Supplier

Sub: Pre-qualification Letter As Contractor for Supply of Material

Dear Sir,

Having come to know that you are looking for Contractor for supply of various materials for your Cement Plant. We are pleased to introduce our self as one of the leading contractor for supply of various materials especially in the field of Steel items, Such as Achor bolts, Steel Plates, Pipe supports fabricated items as per drawings, and specification, and requirements of the client.

Currently we are supply Achor Bolts, Rock Bolts, Steel Plates, Pipe supports (Fabricated) to a Power Project.

It would be a great honor if you please enlist our company name as supplier in your organization. Our company profile is enclosed herewith. If you need any further details, or information, please feel free to contact the undersigned.

Thanking you, and assuring you our best services. We remain,

Yours Sincerely,

Director H Engineering

Sample Letter of Intent to Apply as Supplier

Letter for Material Requirements

The Procurement Manager,
Pioneer Constructing LLC.
Media City,

Dear Sir,

Hope you are doing well.

Refer to the meeting we had in the last week where the mobilization of our newly rewarded project was discussed.

Kindly note we need below material immediately. We need to take over the construction site which is going to be in the coming week perhaps.

Following material must be ready till day after tomorrow:

A double –Cabin Pickup with the driver

  • Electrical tools kit (Spencer) 3-boxes
  • Safety Gloves 10 pairs
  • Safety Shoes 10 pairs
  • Reflector Jackets 12
  • Wooden Table 2
  • Revolving chairs 2
  • Folding chairs 6

Please do let me know if you need any further assistance in this regard.

Thanks indeed for your usual cooperation in this regard.

Many Thanks.

William John,
General Manager- operations

Internal Work Order Form Template Free Download


Sample Internal Work Order Form Template is available for free download. This form normally used for creating, or placement of internal work orders for company clients.

Company Name & Logo

Work Order

To   Type of Job
Maint Maintenance SR#
W.S Development Date
Elect Fabrication From
Civil Repairing Reg #
Utility Manufacturing
Others Construction

Kindly Arrange As Described Below

Sr# Description of Work, and Location Quantity

NOTE:  Follow is being sent wth for further details.

  1. Drawing
  2. Sample
  3. Sketch

Requested By …………………. Section Head ………………… Approved By …………….. Department Head ………………..

Date of Completion ………………… Verified By ………………….

Internal Work Order Form Template Free Download,

Internal Work Order Form Template Free Download

Thank You Letter for Sponsorship of Event


Thank you letter for sponsorship of an event to the sponsor with hoping continued support in future as well.

Thanks Letter for Event Sponsorship

Nestle Industries,

Lahore, Pakistan,

Dear Sir,

I want to say that I am very thankful to you, and your company for sponsoring our event. It is because of you that we are able to do it. We are extremely thankful to you for your help, and support.



Thank you letter for sponsorship

Mrs. Amna Manzoor
Brand Manager
W. Telcom
Gulberg III,


Respected Madam,

We at the AH Foundation would like to extend our gratitude to you for the sponsorship of our two-day event. Because of your help the event was turned a huge success. It hosted a range of sports such from table tennis, cricket, and badminton to football, and long tennis, with some very enthusiastic displays of sportsmanship. The event could not have been possible without your support.

We look forward to your continued support in the future.



Sports Head
AH Foundation

Thank You Letter for Sponsorship of Event

Thank you letter for sponsorship

Mrs. Amna Manzoor
Brand Manager
W. Telcom
Gulberg III,
AH Foundation become able to arrange the event “Youth Games” for students of various institutions. This is all because of W. Telecom sponsors that played a great role to make this event take place in a lavish style. W. Telecom provides refreshments, sports kits, and many prizes to appreciate the participants. AH Foundation gain huge success due to your support. Children enjoyed a lot. Your corporation in providing the help to organize the event is highly appreciated.
We are very thankful to you for your kind gestures for AH Foundation.
Thank you,

Thanks Letter for Support, and Help


Subject: Thanks Letter for Support, and Help

Dear Sir,
We are very much obliged by the constitution SemiOffice was made to our awareness walk successful which was scheduled on 5 July, 2013. SemiOffice has been serving AH Foundation since a long time by donating generosity. It has served our volunteers, and the entire team during the walk by providing beverages. We hope that in the same way you will stand by us in ever hour of need.


President, AH Foundation

Quotation Format in Ms Word Free Download


Sample Quotation format in ms word for suppliers, production units, online sellers, and shops. You can customize the attached file as per your business product needs. Quotations normally include the products/item descriptions, per unit rates per order quantity, terms and conditions of the quotation, the validity of the rates, etc. Some time percentage of advance payments also mentioned avoiding delay in delivery time, and order shipments from abroad by traders. A sample image of the quotation is also attached.


Date: (Current Date)

Ramay Brothers Ltd

Subject: Quotation for leaflets






01 ABC LeafletPrint on 150gm Art PaperBoth side 4 Color printing




02 XYZ LeafletPrint on 150gm Art PaperBoth side 4 Color printing





Proofing deliver on [Date] morning

Final Delivery date [Date] evening


Executive Sales Officer

Usage Instructions

Please download the quotation format in MS Word file from the below link, and make the necessary changes according to your requirements. You can make changes according to your needs, but republishing this material is strongly prohibited in any case without our in-writing permission.

This Format includes Serial Number, Description/Details of Items, Quantity of Items, Rate Per Item, and Total Amount with total options.

Download Links:

Job Description of Marketing Manager template


The sample job description of a marketing manager in a hospital, FMCG, manufacturing company, and industry explains the duties and responsibilities of the marketing manager.

Job Description of Marketing Manager

We are looking for active and experienced applicants for the post of Marketing Manager. The job includes a variety of work which ranges from office work to sales promotion in the field. The Marketing Manager will also be responsible for the advertisement of the company. Applicants should be willing and capable of handling working with a team as well as an individual.

The applicant’s age should be between 20 to 40 years at the time of applying for this job. Candidates with a Master’s degree in a relevant subject and having more than 5 years of experience will be given preference.

Job Description

Name: _____________

Title of the position: ______________

Department: _____________________

Reports to: ___________________

Overall responsibility: Supervise department staff, and find ways and means to enhance funding for the organization.

Key areas of responsibility

  1. Working on all the possibilities of fundraising
  2. Dispatching letters and emails on a timely basis
  3. Arranging meetings and executing campaigns that are necessary for the institute

Consults with

  • All levels of management


  • Good organizational skills
  • Cooperative behavior with staff as well as with donors
  • Well defined marketing tools
  • Handle elusive tasks given by management

Resource Development Manager

Job Description of Marketing Manager

Dear Mr. Sam


Reference to your job application for marketing manager, I want to inform you that we are considering your application. Still, before we call you for an interview, we want to describe the duties of a marketing manager.

  • The person should be a master’s in marketing from a well-recognized university and have at least 5 years of experience in this field.
  • The marketing manager will be responsible for marketing all our products, including new and old products.
  • He will be responsible for planning and designing new marketing strategies.
  • The selected person should be able to prepare marketing campaigns and should be capable enough to implement them.
  • He should be well aware of online marketing and should also be an expert in social media marketing.
  • The selected person should be independent in decision-making. Hence he would be considered responsible for all decisions.

I hope the above description is enough for you to understand the seriousness of this job. I wish you good luck in your interview that will be conducted on (Date).

Best Regards

HR Manager,
Hair International

Minutes of Meeting Sample Template


Sample format of Minutes of Meeting. This is a general format; you can customize it according to your needs. This is specifically designed for an SMS Fund Raising Campaign for an NGO, but it is a perfect example of the meeting minutes.

SMS Fund Raising Campaign
Minutes of meeting        (Date)(year)      Time: 03:05 pm


Meeting called by Name (Public Relationship Manager)

Type of Meeting: Official

Facilitator: Company Name

Attendees: Name: Manager Creative Work, Name & Designation, and Name & Designation,
Duration: 45 Minutes

Topics Discussed


Discussion: Introduction of Marketing Department of “Company Name”, and the “Company Name” Team

Introduction of the campaign by Name & Designation like when it will be executed, its mechanism, benefits, and outcome. “Company Name” wants to do this because of its corporate social responsibility. Name & Designation introduces the department and gives the details of functions performed by the department; Newsletters, Brochures, Corporate Letters, Email Messages, Banners, and Steamers, and all communication means with individuals and the corporate sector.

Campaign Execution

Discussion: SMS Campaign Execution

Briefing about the joint Fund Raising campaign going to be executed in the last week of March. All departments at “Company Name” meet to exchange the full mechanism of the campaign, and duties and responsibilities will be assigned before the final execution to achieve the goals and launch it successfully.

Placement of message in newsletter & brochure etc

Discussion: Place, and Position of message on newsletter, banners, steamers

The creative Manager of the “Company Name” team suggests that the SMS charity message can be placed on the newsletter’s front page. However, it may not be suite able for the banners and streamers.


Discussion: “Company Name” team will help to design our newsletter, brochures. (if required)

Warid team will help design our newsletter and brochure if required in the future to make it more attractive and post the message that how the readers can donate to AH Foundation from their mobile.

Frequency of newsletter, and brochure

Discussion: Details of the additions of newsletters, brochures, and their frequency

Issuance of the newsletter after every four months and the brochure can be reissued after any up-gradation at “Company Name” or according to the required quantity.


Discussion: Coordination between “Company Name”, and “Company Name”

The Marketing Department of “Company Name” will remain in coordination with the “Company Name” Team and provide them all kinds of support to execute this campaign successfully.

Prepared By: Name & Designation