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Minutes of Meeting Sample Template

Sample format of Minutes of Meeting. This is a general format you can customize it according to your needs. This is specifically designed for SMS Fund Raising Campaign for an NGO but it is a very good example of the minutes of the meeting.

SMS Fund Raising Campaign
Minutes of meeting        (Date)(year)      Time: 03:05 pm


Meeting called by Name (Public Relationship Manager)

Type of Meeting: Official

Facilitator: Company Name

Attendees: Name: Manager Creative Work, Name & Designation and Name & Designation,
Duration: 45 Minutes

Topics Discussed


Discussion: Introduction of Marketing Department of “Company Name” and the “Company Name” Team

Introduction of the campaign by Name & Designation like when it is going to be executed, its mechanism, benefits, and outcome. “Company Name” wants to do this because of its corporate social responsibility. Name & Designation introduces the department and gives the details of functions performed by the department; Newsletters, Brochures, Corporate Letters, Email Messages, Banners and Steamers, and all communication means with individuals and the corporate sector.

Campaign Execution

Discussion: SMS Campaign Execution

Briefing about the joint Fund Raising campaign going to be executed in the last week of March. All departments at “Company Name” meet to exchange the full mechanism of the campaign and duties and responsibilities will be assigned before the final execution to achieve the goals and launch it successfully.

Placement of message in newsletter & brochure etc

Discussion: Place and Position of message on newsletter, banners, steamers

The creative Manager of the “Company Name” team suggests that the SMS charity message can be placed on the front page of the newsletter. It may not be suite able for the banners and steamers.


Discussion: “Company Name” team will help to design our newsletter, brochures. (if required)

Warid team will help to design our newsletter and brochure if required in the future to make it more attractive and posting the message that how the readers can donate to AH Foundation from their mobile.

Frequency of newsletter and brochure

Discussion: Details of the additions of newsletters, brochures, and their frequency

Issuance of the newsletter after every four months and the brochure can be reissued after any up-gradation at “Company Name” or according to the required quantity.


Discussion: Coordination between “Company Name” and “Company Name”

Marketing Department of “Company Name” will remain in coordination with the “Company Name” Team and provide them all kinds of support to execute this campaign successfully.

Prepared By: Name & Designation

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Sir I am really thankful to you for this sample.
I need a sample format for the investment company as I am going to apply for the post of secretary.

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