Letter to Travel Agency for Complaint

Sample Format of writing a complaint letter to travel agencies which did not provide competent services, and cause disruption in your flights, and travel plans. Complaint Letter to Travel Agency To, The HR Manager, XYZ Travel Agency. Sir, It is stated that I applied for a visa through your travel agency a few months ago. … Continue reading “Letter to Travel Agency for Complaint”

Consent Letter for Children Travelling Abroad   

Sample Permission Letter By Parent For Child Travelling Abroad to visit their uncles, aunts, grandfather, grandmother on a vacation where they will stay for some days to the concerning authorities. Letter of Consent For Child to Travel American grammar school Consent letter I, Mr. Smith Johns, father of Marcus Johns with all my consent allow … Continue reading “Consent Letter for Children Travelling Abroad   “

Request Letter for Airport Pickup

Format of request letter to anyone whom you can ask to come, and pick you up at the airport Write a letter to your father asking him to pick you at the station Dear father Mr. Keith Hester, I am writing to you because I would like to ask you something. Over the last few … Continue reading “Request Letter for Airport Pickup”

Application Letter for Travelling Allowance

Sample application letter for traveling allowance from company, office, manager, or boss for visits, meetings. Letter for travelling allowance. Transportation Allowance Request Letter. Application Letter for Travelling Allowance Dear Sir/ Madam, I am writing to you because I would like to apply for some travel allowance. On the third of May i am traveling to the … Continue reading “Application Letter for Travelling Allowance”

Leave Application for Traveling Out of Station, Hometown, or Abroad, etc.

Want to write a leave application for traveling? Sample leave for traveling out of the station, traveling to home town, or traveling with family, going on a long drive, or long distance for tour, visits, meetings, attending workshops, etc., available for you. Leave for Going to Native Place for Family Meeting Dear Sir, I want … Continue reading “Leave Application for Traveling Out of Station, Hometown, or Abroad, etc.”

Letter for Claiming Travel Expenses

Sample letter to claim travel expenses from office, manager, director, school, govt office, or wherever you are working. Letter for Claiming Travel Expenses The District Officer, Scottish Fire Service. Dear Sir, Kindly refer to the subject as cited above, it is submitted that undersigned has made visit to London in compliance of your order for … Continue reading “Letter for Claiming Travel Expenses”

Leave Application for Travel Abroad

Sample application letter for leave to go abroad due to emergency, visiting family, business meetings etc. Leave Application for Travel Abroad To The Director, Warner Brothers, Lahore Subject: Casual Leave Dear Sir, It is duly submitted that my father in law is seriously ill in Dubai because of which I have to take my wife … Continue reading “Leave Application for Travel Abroad”

Cover Letter for Travel Consultant Job

Sample job application, and cover letter for travel agent, and travel executive job in travel agencies, airlines, travel consulting agencies etc. Cover letter for travel booking agents. Cover Letter for Travel Consultant with Experience To Human ResourceVirikson Travel UK Me David, come to know through your monthly newsletter that you are looking for a Travel … Continue reading “Cover Letter for Travel Consultant Job”

Permission Letter for International Travel

Sample permission letter for international travel from father. This letter normally required by the embassies from the parents as a declaration in case of any emergency, and other legal requirements. Sample Letter of Consent to Travel Without Parents Embassy of Netherlands Diplomatic Enclave Islamabad / Pakistan DECLARATION OF RESPONSIBILITY AND PERMISSION TO TRAVEL From: Saqib Ahmad, … Continue reading “Permission Letter for International Travel”