Letter to Travel Agency for Complaint


Sample Format of writing a complaint letter to travel agencies which did not provide competent services, and cause disruption in your flights, and travel plans.

Complaint Letter to Travel Agency

The HR Manager,
XYZ Travel Agency.

It is stated that I applied for a visa through your travel agency a few months ago. I was promised that I will get my visa after complete processing procedures, and I was guaranteed of that. However, even after seven months I didn’t hear anything from the representatives at the travel agency. Upon my constant tries no one cared to tell me about the process, and how far it has gone by now. I visited the travel agency today, and was treated with immense disrespect. I was told that my visa won’t be issued until three more months now.

Kindly make sure that my visa gets issued this month, or else I would have no way to tackle this but to sue your travelling agency on legal grounds.


Letter to Travel Agency to File Complaint

 Dear Sir,

With all due respect, I am writing this letter of complaint regarding your company’s services. I read your travel agency’s reviews, and after thorough research I decided I will opt for your agency. My friends had amazing experiences with the agency, and I wish I could say the same. My husband, and I booked a trip however, our experience was totally opposite. We had so many problems involving the airline, the hotel booking, and the transportation. Our flight that you booked was very expensive, and not up to standards at all. We were not even provided with any food during our six hour flight. Upon arriving at our destination, we had to book a cab ourselves, and had no idea where to go. When we reached the hotel, it took us an hour to check in because according to the hotel’s list there had been no booking made under our name. The hotel was horrendous, and the food served there was pathetic. This is one of the worst trips I have ever had. I am very disappointed with your agency, and would like a refund, keeping in my mind that your service was nothing like we were promised.

I hope you will acknowledge our request, and co operate with us.

Best Regards,

Fatima Amir

Letter to Travel Agency for Complaint  


The manager, Meadows travelers

Respected sir,

With all my due respect, I am writing this letter to make complain about your service. First of all you specifically mentioned that breakfast will be included in the package for all the days but we only got breakfast on the first day. Upon asking your member responded us in a very unprofessional way which I felt was humiliating. The rooms were on twin sharing but 2 nights we 4 persons were accommodated in a single room. There was no AC in the bus as well.

What kind of business you are running. You are just earning money by making people fool, and spoiling their memorable time. It was my first, and last experience with your travel agency, and I am not going to recommend you to anyone. Please take this feedback seriously because ignoring such complains results in the loss of the business. Thank you.


Mr. Justin Folley

Letter to Travel Agency for Complaint

Dear Sir/ Ma’am,

I am one of the regular clients at your travel agency, as I always prefer to travel with you, and I recommend it to others as well. My experience with your staff has been good in the past that is the reason why I continued to use your services.

Last week I traveled to Northern areas of Pakistan along with my colleagues, it was my request to choose your agency over any other option, and I am repenting my decision as it was a very unfortunate experience this time. We faced many issues from hotel arrangements to the cold behavior of your staff. We were supposed to stay at Gilgit for four days but the hotel arrangement was made only for two days, moreover, we were guided towards wrong directions by your guide, and upon our concerns he was very rude to respond. I want you to take notice of the agents that you sent with us this time, and I wand a refund for the guide fee as he was not even capable enough to respond in a polite way though, he took us towards wrong direction, and wasted much of our time.

I felt very embarrassed in front of my colleagues, and I had to apologize from them personally. I want you to take a quick action against your workers, and I expect a refund so that I can at least repay my colleagues the amount that was totally wasted.


Sender’s Name.


Consent Letter for Children Travelling Abroad   


Sample Permission Letter By Parent For Child Travelling Abroad to visit their uncles, aunts, grandfather, grandmother on a vacation where they will stay for some days to the concerning authorities.

Letter of Consent For Child to Travel

American grammar school

Consent letter

I, Mr. Smith Johns, father of Marcus Johns with all my consent allow my son to travel abroad  from 17thjune to 27thjune for participating in the international model united nations being held at Qatar. It is in my knowledge that school will not bear food, and intercity travel charges.  I have submitted all the required documents, and deposited the fee in the mentioned bank.


Mr. Smith Johns

Letter for Children Travelling Abroad

Acknowledgement Letter Of Minor Children Travelling Abroad

September 10, (Date)

To Whom It May Concern

I, Ahmad Kamal son of Kamal Khan, and my wife Sobia Ahmad are fully aware of the travel of our children to Sydney, Australia for visit to their grandfather, and grandparents. Their visit will be for two months from 01-October-(Date) to 30-December-(Date). They will travel with their uncle Mr. Akram Kamal. We give  consent, without any doubt, regarding the travel of our children whose particulars are mentioned below:

1: Ali Ahmad, Son, age 14
2: Alia Ahmad, Daughter, age 13

Ahmad Kamal,Sobia Ahmad

Request Letter for Airport Pickup


Format of request letter to anyone whom you can ask to come, and pick you up at the airport

Write a letter to your father asking him to pick you at the station

Dear father Mr. Keith Hester,

I am writing to you because I would like to ask you something. Over the last few years we have not been on the best of terms with all of the arguing, and nasty comments I don’t deserve to ask anything of you. But the fact still remains that you are my father, and I am your son, and nothing can take that love, and care for each other away. I am coming back from university, and I will be bringing all of my belongings so I need someone to pick me up from the train station, and I can’t afford a taxi.

My train arrives at three in the afternoon if you are there then that would be great I would like to start fresh, and make amends for what happened last time we were together, and if you are not there then I know that you can’t forgive me, and I will have to find some other way. I hope to see you then.

Yours truly,

Mr. Joe Hester

Request Letter for Airport Pickup

 Dear Sir/Madam,

As I am an international student, and it is my first time of coming to Canada so I have no idea whatsoever of where I will go once I am reach Toronto Airport. I don’t have any relatives, or family friends living there from whom I can ask for help so I would like to request the university to allocate someone from HELP Group to pick me up from the airport. My arrival will be on Monday, 25th September (Date). I will later coordinate with the person who will pick me up, and tell him the timings, and the terminal. I have attached a file which contains my name, and student number so there will not be any confusion on the day respective day. I hope to hear from you as soon as possible as very few days are left in my flight.

Best Regards;

Fatima Aamir

Year 1 student

Student number : 216368086

Request Letter for Airport Pickup

To: Michael Hernandez
Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

I am requesting that you receive me at the airport upon arrival of my flight on October 12th, (Date), 6:00AM at Halifax International Airport. Thereafter we will go to the hotel, and conference together.

Carol Scott


Application Letter for Travelling Allowance


Sample application letter for traveling allowance from company, office, manager, or boss for visits, meetings. Letter for travelling allowance. Transportation Allowance Request Letter.

Application Letter for Travelling Allowance

Dear Sir/ Madam,

I am writing to you because I would like to apply for some travel allowance. On the third of May i am traveling to the United States of America on a business trip. I would like that trip to be paid for by the company, the air plane ticket, taxis, hotel bookings food, and drinks, as I cannot afford this on my pay role.

As this is a trip that the company wants me to go on because I am the only person who knows about the topic of the conference this is your duty. I hope that you will grant me the travel allowance. I look forward to hearing back from you.

Kind regards,

Mr. Anthony Horrorwitz

Sample Request Letter for Conveyance Allowance

Manager Public Relations
PepsiCo International

Sir, I have been working at your company for the last 2 years. I was recently promoted to a higher rank which brought immense joy, and pride, and motivated me to work even more passionately. This made me realize that I am remembered in good words by the board of directors. Since the promotion, I have been sent out to visit various offices of the company. For that purpose, I request you to allow me a travelling allowance so that I can pursue official visits as many times as required. I wish to continue working, and earn even more respect with time. Thank you

Akram Khan

Employee, Inspections

Request Letter for Travelling Allowance

Dear Sir,

Hope you are feeling good. I have been working here since (Date) that becomes four years, and it’s the company rule to give travel allowance when your employees have worked three years. The purpose of writing this to request you to give me travelling allowance so I can go to abroad on a trip with my family. I will be very grateful to you. I will wait for your response. Thank you.

Yours sincerely,



Leave Application for Traveling Out of Station, Hometown, or Abroad, etc.


Sample leave for traveling out of the station, traveling to home town, or traveling with family, going on a long drive, or long distance for tour, visits, meetings, attending workshops, etc., available for you.

Request Leave to Travel Out of Station

Dear Sir,
I am requesting four days’ leave to visit (hometown, or name your place). I was waiting to go there for a long time, and now I have planned a trip(with someone optional). Looking for your kind approval for my leaves without deductions.

Your Name

Leave Application for Going out of Station by Parents

Dear Madam,
I request five days’ leave for my son(Name of Son) to travel out of the station. We plan a family trip after a long time, and I hope you will approve my request.

(Your name)

Leave Application Letter for Traveling to Out of Station

Dear Sir/ Madam,
I am writing to you because I would like to apply for a leave of absence because of traveling. I am traveling to three different places with my family, and I would like to book the time off work to have a job on return when I come back. I hope that you would grant me this and that I look forward to your reply.

Kind regards,

Your Name

Email Leave for Travelling to Project Site

Dear Sir,
As u know that our company has given a project for sales promotion to Karachi’s company. I received a call from our project manager, who is dealing with this project. He is having a few problems out there with the staff of that company. He is asking for the assistance of our seniors. So I would request you to allow our senior delegation to travel to Karachi in the coming week.

Thank you,
Your Name

Leave Application for Travelling with Family, or Friends

Dear Sir,
This is to inform you that as I’m going out of station for vacation, I won’t be available for next three days i-e from (date to date). So please allow me three leaves. I’ll complete my work three days after that. It would be a great source of pleasure for me.

Hoping for a positive response.


Your Name

Leave Application for Travelling Out of Station to Visit Parents

Dear Sir / Madam,
With due respect, it is stated that I am going out of the station with my parents. We have a plan of traveling for one a month. We plan this family tour once a year, so here we go. For this purpose, please lend a helping hand to me. My parents cannot leave me alone here, and although this is a family trip, they cannot leave any one of us here.

Kindly grant me leave for one month (February). I will rejoin the semester on the very first day of March. I will be very thankful to you for your kind act.

Yours sincerely,


Leave Letter for Visiting Abroad, or Travelling Abroad

Dear Sir,
I hope you are doing great in health. I am writing this to you so that I can ask for leave. Sir, I am going to aboard as I told you last month for my job purpose. I have applied for a visa to America. Two days ago the agency called me and informed me about my Visa approval, so now I am going in the last week of this month, so please grant me leaves for one week as the date of my flight is the 20th of august, and I will return on 1st of September. So please allow me leaves to go; it would be a great source of pleasure for me.


Your Name

Letter for Claiming Travel Expenses


Sample letter to claim travel expenses from office, manager, director, school, govt office, or wherever you are working.

Letter for Claiming Travel Expenses

The District Officer,
Scottish Fire Service.

Dear Sir,

Kindly refer to the subject as cited above, it is submitted that undersigned has made visit to London in compliance of your order for the purpose of resolving managerial issues in the office of Scottish Fire Service in London. In this context, undersigned made visits by air, and then on metro train.

Therefore, you are requested to please recommend my application for claiming travel expenses to the headquarters for its final approval.  My travel tickets, and other receipts are attached herewith.

Thanking You,

Operation Manager
Scottish Fire Service.

Letter Format for Claiming Travel Expenses

Miss Lisa,
Accounts Manager,
Zero Co. Inc.

Dear Madam,

It is to request you that Mr. James, the Manager Supplies, and two of his team mates, Jacob Arnold, and Andrew Steve had gone to west Florida for official audit on our retailer ZS Motors. He, and his team mates were there for two days, and three nights. His travel as well as accommodation expenses were a total of $ 1430 which has been sent by the accounts department.

You are requested that please pay the travel expenses as well as accommodation charges to Mr. James in lieu of the charges paid by him.

Thank you so much.


Samantha Jacob

Leave Application for Travel Abroad


Sample application letter for leave to go abroad due to emergency, visiting family, business meetings etc.

Leave Application for Travel Abroad


The Director,

Warner Brothers, Lahore

Subject: Casual Leave

Dear Sir,

It is duly submitted that my father in law is seriously ill in Dubai because of which I have to take my wife to Dubai. We have to reach there as soon as possible. You are therefore requested to kindly grant me leave for one week w.e.f 15.10 to 21.10. I shall be highly obliged.

Thanking you I remain

Yours Truly,

Anwar Ahmad,

Engineer I.T, Warner Brothers,


Leave Application for Travel Abroad


Mr. Brad Pitt

Chairman, Dawlance


Dear Mr. James,

As you know I am a dedicated, and hardworking employee in your office, and always have been punctual. I have a brother who lives in UAE for last few years. Yesterday, he had an accident, and he is in very critical condition. He lives there alone, and I am his only family who can take care of him, but I have to travel all the way to UAE.  Kindly grant me leave for at least two weeks so I could visit my brother in this hour of need. Looking forward to hear from you.

Yours faithfully,


Leave Application to Go Abroad


Director Manager

JJ Garments


Sir, my name is Ray Wilkins, and I am employee in sales department at your famous brand. I have been working here for the past 2 years. I am very lucky as well as hyped to be working with one of the top brands of the World. However, I would like to request you to grant me a leave for 3 weeks i.e. 2nd Octoberto 23rd October. I promised my family that I would take them to Canada for a vacation, and I haven’t been able to do that because of the work load. Now that the offseason is here, the work load is much less, and I would like to take them there. I promise that I will continue to work for you with the same passion as before. Thank you.

Ray Wilkins

Employee, Sales Department

Leave Application for Travel Abroad

Leave Application Format for Travel


The Managing Director,

Jhonson Mills,

Dear Sir,

It is humbly stated that I have been working as an Audit officer in your honorable firm for last five years. Once I had promised my family to get them for a tour to Switzerland. I could not full fill my promise due to a tight working schedule. Now I am having some space because of appointment of an assistant audit officer. I have guided him thoroughly for coming work, and he can handle all the matters. I request you to allow me a leave for two weeks so that I could travel for a memorable tour along with my family. Waiting for your kind favor. Thank you

Senior Audit Officer,

Jorge Balley,

Cover Letter for Travel Consultant Job


Sample job application, and cover letter for travel agent, and travel executive job in travel agencies, airlines, travel consulting agencies etc. Cover letter for travel booking agents.

Cover Letter for Travel Consultant with Experience

To Human Resource
Virikson Travel UK

Me David, come to know through your monthly newsletter that you are looking for a Travel Consultant who is pro efficient in flights, and holiday destinations for UK people with 2 years’ experience.

So I will feel honor to work for you as I am well-rehearsed, and having good grip on Wordspan, and GDS (Global Distribution System) mainly. But as far as I have heard about Amadeus, Galileo and Abacus as well but unfortunately don’t find a chance to work on these systems for flights destinations. As far as holiday destinations are concerned I am having good grip on Morocco, Spain, Turkey, and Dubai mainly as British people like to go to these destinations.

Keeping in mind my professional skills for this job, I can hope that you will give me a chance, and I will not disappoint you definitely.

Kind Regards

Cover Letter for Travel Consultant with Experience

Cover Letter for Travel Consultant with Experience

The HR Manager,

Tours, and Travel Consultants

Dear Sir,

It is great to know that you are looking for a travel consultant for your office. I am also seeking for the same job profile.

I have got a one year diploma in hospitality management along with a high school degree. I am an outgoing person with exceptional interpersonal skills, and command on various local languages. I have personally visited almost all the destinations being offered by your firm. I also have two years of working experience as a travel consultant, and I have got excellent results in terms of customer satisfaction, and loyalty in that period.

A blend of all these qualities enables me to judge the taste of customers, and provide them with the best plans according to their individual priorities. I am tailor made for this position. My resume, and experience record is enclosed with this letter. Kindly, review it, and consider me for a meeting to discuss further aspects.

Yours sincerely,


Permission Letter for International Travel


Sample permission letter for international travel from father. This letter normally required by the embassies from the parents as a declaration in case of any emergency, and other legal requirements.

Sample Letter of Consent to Travel Without Parents

Embassy of Netherlands
Diplomatic Enclave
Islamabad / Pakistan


Saqib Ahmad,
Temple Road, Lahore

Father of:

Miss: NOOR                             Date of Birth:  12. 05.XXXX

Passport Number: —————————–

I, Saqib Ahmad, holder of Pakistan National Identity Card number 12345-123456-7, father of the above mentioned Miss Noor herewith allow her to visit the Netherlands as a tourist tentatively in the third week of September (Date) for approximately 10 days.

I am a business person, and owner of the firm “PRECOOK ELECTRIC” in Lahore, which deals in the manufacture, and import of electrical equipment. I am financially sound, and enclose my bank statement as proof of my financial strength for your consideration.

Furthermore, I declare myself responsible towards the Dutch authorities for timely return of my above named daughter from the Netherlands to Pakistan within the validity period of the visa granted by the Dutch embassy in Pakistan as well as for all expenses of travel, boarding, lodging, and health, and other guarantees as may be required under the Dutch law.

Signature:        _____________________                      Cell No.:——————

(Saqib Ahmed)

Permission Letter for International Travel from Teacher

The director,
Extra international school
kalma chowk Lahore.

Dear Sir,

I am Richard, and teaching at extra international school second branch as an English teacher. I was thinking where i should spend these upcoming holidays this year. So i have decided to visit Bangkok, Thailand for a week. I have applied for the Thai tourist visa, and the rest is done. Only what i need now is a permission letter from the school administration for this travel.

I request you to write a permission letter so i can start my travel to abroad to spend these holidays.

Your kindness shall be appreciated.
Yours sincerely,

English teacher

Permission Request for International Travel

Pol Science Department,
PU, Lahore.

Dear Sir,

With all due regards , Sir, i Madeeha, Assistant Professor, Political Science Deptt, would like to bring to your notice that I have to travel abroad for a duration of 1 month on account of University Of Strethclyde Convocation, UK , Session (Date)-(Date). My Duration will start from 1st March (Date), and extend till End of March. I will be back in university premises (Hostel) on 31 March (Date), Saturday, and rejoin the university on 2 April (Date), Monday.

Sir, your kind permission is requested. Kindly sanction my leave application as my allotted annual holidays are still in hand.

Thanking you in anticipation.
Yours Sincerely,

Assistant Professor