Letter to Travel Agency for Complaint

Sample Format of writing a complaint letter to travel agencies which did not provide competent services, and cause disruption in your flights, and travel plans.

Complaint Letter to Travel Agency

The HR Manager,
XYZ Travel Agency.

It is stated that I applied for a visa through your travel agency a few months ago. I was promised that I will get my visa after complete processing procedures, and I was guaranteed of that. However, even after seven months I didn’t hear anything from the representatives at the travel agency. Upon my constant tries no one cared to tell me about the process, and how far it has gone by now. I visited the travel agency today, and was treated with immense disrespect. I was told that my visa won’t be issued until three more months now.

Kindly make sure that my visa gets issued this month, or else I would have no way to tackle this but to sue your travelling agency on legal grounds.


Letter to Travel Agency to File Complaint

 Dear Sir,

With all due respect, I am writing this letter of complaint regarding your company’s services. I read your travel agency’s reviews, and after thorough research I decided I will opt for your agency. My friends had amazing experiences with the agency, and I wish I could say the same. My husband, and I booked a trip however, our experience was totally opposite. We had so many problems involving the airline, the hotel booking, and the transportation. Our flight that you booked was very expensive, and not up to standards at all. We were not even provided with any food during our six hour flight. Upon arriving at our destination, we had to book a cab ourselves, and had no idea where to go. When we reached the hotel, it took us an hour to check in because according to the hotel’s list there had been no booking made under our name. The hotel was horrendous, and the food served there was pathetic. This is one of the worst trips I have ever had. I am very disappointed with your agency, and would like a refund, keeping in my mind that your service was nothing like we were promised.

I hope you will acknowledge our request, and co operate with us.

Best Regards,

Fatima Amir

Letter to Travel Agency for Complaint  


The manager, Meadows travelers

Respected sir,

With all my due respect, I am writing this letter to make complain about your service. First of all you specifically mentioned that breakfast will be included in the package for all the days but we only got breakfast on the first day. Upon asking your member responded us in a very unprofessional way which I felt was humiliating. The rooms were on twin sharing but 2 nights we 4 persons were accommodated in a single room. There was no AC in the bus as well.

What kind of business you are running. You are just earning money by making people fool, and spoiling their memorable time. It was my first, and last experience with your travel agency, and I am not going to recommend you to anyone. Please take this feedback seriously because ignoring such complains results in the loss of the business. Thank you.


Mr. Justin Folley

Letter to Travel Agency for Complaint

Dear Sir/ Ma’am,

I am one of the regular clients at your travel agency, as I always prefer to travel with you, and I recommend it to others as well. My experience with your staff has been good in the past that is the reason why I continued to use your services.

Last week I traveled to Northern areas of Pakistan along with my colleagues, it was my request to choose your agency over any other option, and I am repenting my decision as it was a very unfortunate experience this time. We faced many issues from hotel arrangements to the cold behavior of your staff. We were supposed to stay at Gilgit for four days but the hotel arrangement was made only for two days, moreover, we were guided towards wrong directions by your guide, and upon our concerns he was very rude to respond. I want you to take notice of the agents that you sent with us this time, and I wand a refund for the guide fee as he was not even capable enough to respond in a polite way though, he took us towards wrong direction, and wasted much of our time.

I felt very embarrassed in front of my colleagues, and I had to apologize from them personally. I want you to take a quick action against your workers, and I expect a refund so that I can at least repay my colleagues the amount that was totally wasted.


Sender’s Name.


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