Welcome Speech!


This speech can be used by any senior who wants to welcome their freshman batch, and wish them Good Luck for the upcoming years at school. You can make changes according to your circumstances, and needs.

Welcome Speech for your new batch!

A very warm, and heartful welcome to (name of the school) on the behave of grade ( mention your grade).

I still remember last year, I was the one standing at your place, and listening to my seniors with excitement, and a very weird feeling about the new journey, and challenges that was awaiting us all. I do not know if you guys are excited, or not but I hope you are ( even if you are you will unfortunately have to listen to me hehe).

I know what this feeling is standing there, and dreaming about the life coming a ahead. When we were in schools, I remember teachers, and our parents saying ” son, these are the only difficult times of your life. These are the defining years, just work hard these years, and college will be a piece of cake”. How many of you have heard this line by your elder cousins, parents, or relatives. That is almost everyone. Allow me to burst your bubble. College is tougher. The grind will continue but allow me to tell you a good news as well that is ” you will get Immune to the grind”.

I do not want here to rant about anything but rather give you some advises that will help you get through this phase. I do not want you to do mistakes that we have done. This line has been carried out through generations, but its the natural instinct of students that no matter who so ever tells them not to repeat mistakes, no matter who so ever tells them ” the do nots” they yet do it. So here, I am being your traditional mentor, and I am going to tell you all the thing. College can be very overwhelming at times, trust me. But at that very moment, do not let it overwhelm you. Do not forget that who you are. Let the college refine you but do not let it change you. And as per studies are concerned, I, being a science student, piety you all. But you will survive. Do not worry! You will get immune to failing tests, or scoring bad. As it is a huge jump, you might feel like your world is falling apart but trust me it will not. It is a lot less scarier than it looks. Just remember this, and in the end always tell yourself that ” All is well”.

Just try to maintain a balance between your social life, and your education life as well as your sleep. Try to get done with all your admission tests, and SAT’s, and ACT’s etc as soon as possible because you will not have time to do it in your 12th grade. Find what you are good at. Let it refine you. Let it mold you. As it is a famous urdu proverb about grind that ” Pathar tarashne k baad he hira bnta hai” Always remember if you can dream it, you can achieve it. If you can think about it, you have the potential to dream it.

Good Luck for the Grind. Kidding. Good Luck for the amazing life coming ahead. May all the odds be in your favor. Thankyou!

How to introduce a Professor in a seminar


How to introduce a professor in a seminar, workshop, school, college, university. You can use this to introduce a guest speaker, chief guest, speaker, topic etc.

Introduction of a Professor (related to science) in a Seminar

These words can be used to introduce a professor, instructor, teacher, technician, researcher, scientist, poet, educationist, NGO worker, or any educationalist in a university, school, or college, or any event.

It is my great honor, and pleasure to introduce Dr. Sadeh Wallah obtained her PhD in Interdisciplinary Engineering, and MSc in Microsystems Engineering from Masdar Institute of Science, and Technology, Abu Dhabi in (Date), and (Date), respectively. Her current research focus is on ultralow energy Body Area Network (BAN) transceiver for wearable healthcare. She developed a low-energy BAN transceiver for binaural hearing aid for long-term continuous monitoring. She is a recipient of IEEE International Circuits, and Systems (ISCAS) (Date) best paper award (BioCAS Track), and ISCAS (Date) runner-up best student paper award. During her Master studies, she developed a high efficiency LED driver circuit for Heart Rate Monitoring based on Pulse Oximetry. Dr. Saadeh completed her BS degree from Yarmouk University, Jordan. She is currently doing research on Her research interests include  Wearable Biomedical Devices, Low Power DC-DC Converters, and Energy Efficient Digital/Analog Circuits. It is so impossible to mention her every single accomplishment because they are a lot. Her achievements have been recognized by many different awards, including the Hoch Award from the American Psychopathological Association in 1992. However, today we are here to recognize Wallah’s outstanding talents as a professor, and mentor.

Those students lucky enough to take classes from Wallah have always been amazed by her ability to make even the most complex concepts understandable. She is widely sought after as a lecturer, and is always willing to mentor students, even when they are not her own students!She has often been known to spend hours at scientific meetings helping students from other institutions to understand her statistical methods. When I was preparing this introduction, I polled many of Wallah’s previous trainees for comments, and opinions, and heard the same things over, and over: “Wallah was the best teacher, and boss I ever had.” “She always took time to explain.” “She spent time helping you even if you weren’t his student.” It is for all these reasons that we have Miss Wallah today with us. It is such an honor for us to have you today between us. Thank you so much for coming, and bestowing us with your own presence. Thank you for doing so much for us. Please welcome Miss Wallah Sadeh.

Introduction of a Welfare Worker (acid abused women) in a Seminar

It is an honor for us to have such a profound woman amongst us today. Before I disclose who is the amazing women. I want to give a brief background, and by which you would possibly guess yourself who this women is . Because she is known for this. Founded in 1980 by the visionary woman, Depilex has grown from a single premise providing professional beauty relaxation, and training services to 70 locations nationwide. Over the years, Depilex has gained greater expertise, and wider exposure in each of its specialized service areas. Depilex is passionate, and takes pride in providing its customers with the best in Customer Service, Professionalism, and Expertise. Hence, it is always at the forefront of Hair, Beauty, and Fashion trends in Pakistan. Her international experience in the beauty industry is incorporated in all aspects of the business, her fresh, more modern views, and visionary ideas has lead Depilex to a new era.

Not only this, this women has been a home to many homeless. She does not make the pretty look prettier but also who have been victim for acid attacks, she provides assistance, and a prettier face, and lifestyle. She is currently running “Deplix Smileagain Foundation”. This woman is committed to provide the acid survivors not only with medical care, and assistance but also an adequate chance to become productive, self-reliant members of the society that has ostracized them. In our world full of smiles, color, and joy, we rarely seem to realize how much pain, anguish, and agony befalls all those poor unfortunates who become victims of such a brutal atrocity, at times robbing them off their essential right of life.

She is a ray of sunshine, a ray of hope, a ray of life for people who have forgotten to even live. She is a living legend. We have among us today none other than, no one other than, a woman of highest character, and a woman of wisdom, ” Miss Misbah Musarat”. Please welcome her on stage with a huge round of applause. Thankyou Maam for honoring us with your worth presence.

New School Principal speech


This speech can be used by a principal, or a manager, or anyone new joining a company, university, school, or college.

Dear School,

Transitions are never easy let it be school, college, or university, or any other practical stage of life. Naturally we have a bit of anxiety about who will be stepping in to lead our school. The teachers, staff, and of course your previous Principal, who was a man of the greats have nurtured, and taught the students, and have put their energy into making the school culture what it is, and are rightfully protective of the history, and traditions that have been established. As i said before, transitions are never easy.

I want to extend to you, and your family my token of love, and warmth as we embark on a new journey. As a parent, I understand that these years are super exciting time of the year when children embark on new channels of life, explore themselves, their talents, and their “thing”. I believe in practicality instead of cramming. I believe in engineers instead of machines. I believe in learning rather than grading.  Each year will provide important transitions, and the acquisition of new skills that will enhance each student’s ability to apply learning in many ways.  As this school has always lived upto the expectations of the students, and parents, i assure you it will continue to do so.

It is an honor for me to join your school which is known for a welcoming environment as well as amazing student body. I would not take much of your time, and i will also not give a very monotonous speech that will put you to sleep. But here are few of my requests. We are a family. We together will be responsible for take this alma matar to amazing levels of success, or trodding it down the roads. We need to own this place. We need to work as on team. There is no you, or no us, or no them, or race, or cast system, and neither will any of us will be defined by color, or background, or ethnicity. Either it is us, or it is no one. It is all for one, and one for all. If you have any problem, please come, and discuss. You do not have to take appointment. You can come to staff rooms, and talk to us. It is here that you will find out who we really are as people, not just as teachers.

Communication is the key towards every successful relationship let it be a professional one, or a domestic one. Please feel free to come up with new ideas, new innovative techniques, new societies, new programs, and new talents. No talent is small. No talent is insignificant. No talent goes to waste ever.

Above everything, we are a team. We have to do everything as a family. We want a secure future for OUR kids. OUR kids are OUR priority. We will impossible possible. We will see the unseen together. We will chase the sky above our Sky. We will do it altogether because its only US.

Welcome to OUR school!