Welcome Speech! for Student in School, College or University

This speech can be used by any senior who wants to welcome their freshman batch, and wish them Good Luck for the upcoming years at school. You can make changes according to your circumstances, and needs.

Welcome Speech for your new batch!

A very warm, and heartful welcome to (name of the school) on the behave of grade ( mention your grade).

I still remember last year, I was the one standing at your place and listening to my seniors with excitement, and a very weird feeling about the new journey, and challenges that were awaiting us all. I do not know if you guys are excited, or not but I hope you are ( even if you are you will, unfortunately, have to listen to me hehe).

I know what this feeling is standing there, and dreaming about the life coming ahead. When we were in school, I remember teachers, and our parents saying ” son, these are the only difficult times of your life. These are the defining years, just work hard these years, and college will be a piece of cake”. How many of you have heard this line from your elder cousins, parents, or relatives. That is almost everyone. Allow me to burst your bubble. College is tougher. The grind will continue but allow me to tell you good news as well that is ” you will get Immune to the grind”.

I do not want here to rant about anything but rather give you some advice that will help you get through this phase. I do not want you to do mistakes that we have done. This line has been carried out through generations, but it’s the natural instinct of students that no matter who so ever tells them not to repeat mistakes, no matter who so ever tells them ” the do not” they yet do it. So here, I am being your traditional mentor, and I am going to tell you all the things. College can be very overwhelming at times, trust me. But at that very moment, do not let it overwhelm you. Do not forget who you are. Let the college refine you but do not let it change you. And as per studies are concerned, I, being a science student, piety you all. But you will survive. Do not worry! You will get immune to failing tests or scoring badly. As it is a huge jump, you might feel like your world is falling apart but trust me it will not. It is a lot less scary than it looks. Just remember this, and in the end, always tell yourself that ” All is well”.

Just try to maintain a balance between your social life, and your education life as well as your sleep. Try to get done with all your admission tests, SATs, ACT, etc as soon as possible because you will not have time to do it in your 12th grade. Find what you are good at. Let it refine you. Let it mold you. As it is a famous Urdu proverb about the grind that ” Pathar tarashne k baad he hira bnta hai” Always remember if you can dream it, you can achieve it. If you can think about it, you have the potential to dream it.

Good Luck for the Grind. Kidding. Good Luck with the amazing life coming ahead. May all the odds be in your favor. Thank you!

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