Speech on International Youth Day

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Welcome Speech on International Youth Day

Good morning to all of you, and please be seated!

Youth means someone who has zest of life in him, someone with thirst of knowledge, and passion to excel in life. When I see you all beautiful people here today I think just seeing all of you make me buzz with energy. The energetic vibes that you all generate never make people like me get old. I probably know a  lot more than you , learnt a lot more than you but still sometimes when I see how gifted the next generation is it makes me wonder is next generation really more smarter than the previous one.

I know all of you are born in this advance technological era where your toys were not simple dolls, and cars they were cell phones, and I pads. The things you started playing with in you early days are the thing we took courses on learning how to operate. It is now your generation’s responsibility to take the reins from here. Previously you were using the things that were invented by my generation, now it is time for your generation to make improvisations in those inventions, and create something of your own.

Hard work is something that I see lack of in today’s youth maybe it is because things were given to you without giving you a chance to earn it. But remember my children “easy comes easy go”. If you will not learn the methodology of all the inventions around you, you may not be able to invent something of you own some day. Education is something that is another integral part in those whole bright future scenarios.

Of course you all know the harder you will study the better the grades but I want to tell you something more education does not only give you good marks it gives you a class. A class that is otherwise impossible to achieve without earning good grades, and going to most honorable, reputable schools of the country.

I hope I have given you some food for thought today to think how you want to live your life in future, and what exactly you need to do to earn. Wish you all a very best future, and May the future of my country will be brighter than the present.

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