Welcome Speech for a Dance Performance

Welcome speech for dance program. How to introduce a performer on stage.

Welcome Speech for a Dance Performance

Dear Audience, and the theater staff…
Hello, and welcome to the annual cultural night, we have been hosting this event since ten years now, and are celebrating at our full today.

Since, today is our ten years anniversary we have a lot for our audience today but, the highlight of the event, the one thing that almost all of us have been waiting for is the “Cultural Dance Performance”. Culture is a vital part of our upbringing, and who we are today, as a nation, and as a country. Our country’s culture is something that we will be buried with, the time we die, and are to live with it forever.

What’s more beautiful than children portraying our respected culture? That’s right, today on the account of our 10th anniversary the management decided to give the audience something they will remember forever, something that shall bring smiles on the faces, and something that will help them go home with a burst of emotions, a river of patriotism inside of their veins, and their hands on their beating hearts.

We have some beautiful children in the house today who have been preparing for this event since two months now, and have worked hard to make every single of their move a perfect one. Every single dance step, something the audience will love, and adore forever.

Please welcome the children in a huge round of applause, an applause they deserve, and worked hard for…
Thank you.

Welcome for a Dance Performance

Hello to all the beautiful audience, and thank you for waiting so patiently for our next act. As we all know dance has no barriers it is something that everyone can feel, everyone can understand, and definitely something everyone can enjoy. But our next group even believes that anybody can learn it to if you have the passion, and will to do it, that’s why they always add a member of beginner level into their group in every dance performance. So without any further delay let’s have a huge round of applause for BTS dance group.

Welcome Speech for a Dance Performance

Welcome all the guests, judges, and audience. Today is the big day for every performer as they are going to show their talent on such a big platform, and in front of the worthy judges.

The theme of our annual function is to show the revival of Pakistani cinema with great, and vibrant colors. This function is being held for appreciating brilliant, and talented acts of the students. There are some out of sight support who although are not actually visible but they play an important role organizing such event.

We give are whole graduated to the sponsors. Well it’s time to announce the contestant no 2 on stage. Welcome, and give her round of applause.

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