Job Application Letter for Sales Girl

Sample of English job application letter for sales girl in Mumbai, Dubai, Delhi, London, Sydney, or New York or any other city and star hotels etc.

Application Letter of Employment as a Sales Girl in a Restaurant


The HR department, Arcadian Café, lahore,

Respected sir,

With due respect it is stated that, I am Maria Ali; I have recently completed my intermediate degree from college. Sir my father had a cardiac arrest last year and now he is not able to do his job. I have 3 younger siblings who are in their schooling period. Sir we are suffering from a hard time, we are living from hand to mouth.  There is less income are expenses are more that we can afford. Sir I saw your ad that you need a sales girl, you have asked for one year experience but I have no work experience as I have done nothing except studies, I am not forcing you but insisting you that please give me a chance to prove myself, I assure you that you will have no complaints from my side. I will take care of my responsibilities as I can assure that I am a responsible person and understands the reputation of your restaurant. I shall be really thankful if you consider my application, looking forward for a positive response. Thanks.


Maria Ali,

Application for a Sales Girl in a Boutique


The manager, the hanger, LA

Respected sir,

With all my due respect I beg to say that I have recently graduated from college and now looking for a job, I belong to a poor family and I order to fulfill the family needs I am applying for the job you have posted on a website. Sir I would like to tell you that I have 1 year of experience in the relevant field. I have attached my documents along with this application. I hope you will consider my request. I shall be really thankful for this favor. Thanks,


Anna Smith,



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