Application to Leave the Office Early

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Application to Leave the Office Early

Mr. Bright,
General Manager,
Hive International, USA,

Respected Sir,

I hope you are doing fine. I am quality management officer of our food supply chain. I have been feeling pain in my teeth so that I called to my dentist about this. He advised me to visit the hospital because the anything serious happened.

I have a scheduled appointment with my dentist this afternoon. I am requesting you to please allowing me to leave the office earlier so that I can meet my dentist on the scheduled time.

I will be very thankful to you.


Michael Jackson,
Quality Management Officer

Application for Early Leave

Respected Sir/Madam,

I am an employee in IT department. Due to an urgent piece of work I have to take leave early from office. So, kindly grant me early leave from office at 12pm noon.

Thank You
Yours sincerely,

Michael crane

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