Leave Application for Eid Milad Un Nabi (SAW)


Want to apply for leave on Eid Milad Un Nabi (SAW). We are providing sample leave applications to get office leave on Eid Miland un Nabi (PBUH). Eid Milad, also known as 12 Rabiul Awwal, is celebrated every year on the 12th of Rabiulawwal, according to Islamic Calander.

This event is the celebration of the birthday of Prophet Muhammad (SAW) and is celebrated around the world by Muslims and other communities. Muslim countries announce national holidays, but in some countries where Muslims are in the minority, they need to take leave from work for the celebration.

Leave Application for Eid Milad un Nabi (SAW)

Dear Sir,

Due to the Eid Milad un Nabi celebrations, I want one day off from the office to celebrate this event at home. Therefore, I request you to please give me leave on (date). I will be grateful to you.

Sincerely Yours,

Your Name

Two Days Leave Request for Eid Milad un Nabi (SAW)

Dear Sir,

I want to inform you that I need two days off from the office due to Eid Milad Celebrations. Eid Milad is a great event of the Birthday of Prophet Muhammad (SAW), and we celebrate it every year. Therefore, I request you to Please grant two days off from the office on (date to date). I will be thankful to you.

Sincerely Yours,

Your Name

Leave Application for Eid Milad for Overseas Employees

Dear Sir,

Due to Eid Milad un Nabi (SAW) “Birthday Celebrations of Prophet Muhammad (SAW)”, I want to travel to my native town to celebrate this event of blessings. I request you to please give me two weeks off from (date to date). I will be grateful to you.

Sincerely Yours,

Your Name

Leave Application for Husband Illness to Office/School etc


Want to write a leave application due to your husband’s illness from yourself or for your husband. We provide sample leave applications to apply for leaves if your husband is ill, sick, hospitalized, covid, or involved in other diseases, family illnesses, serious conditions, etc.

Leave Application on Behalf of Husband

Dear Sir,

My husband (name)is ill and not able to come to the office. He is hospitalized, I am writing this leave application on his behalf. Please grant (one week) leave for him and pray for his speedy recovery. I will be thankful to all of my colleagues, seniors, and juniors.


Your Name

Leave Application for Yourself for Husband Illness

Dear Sir,

I want to inform you that my husband is not well and hospitalized since yesterday. Therefore, I request you to please grant me (five days) leave from the office. I will be grateful to you.

Sincerely Yours,

Your name

Application for Leave Due to Husband Illness

Dear Sir,

I request three days’ leave from the office because my husband is not well and on bed rest for few days. I want to stay at home for his care and look after him. I will be grateful to you.

Sincerely Yours,

Your name

Leave Application Due to Husband’s Illness for Office

Dear Sir,

I am the wife of (name) an employee at your firm. My spouse was diagnosed with Pneumonia. The doctor prescribed two weeks of bed rest. Because this is a virus that can easily be transmitted to others. He is unable to come to work in this situation.

My spouse is punctual at work. Therefore, I request two weeks of leave for him for recovery. I will be thankful to you.


Sister Marriage Leave Application for School

Sample leave application for sister marriage for school by the Students is available with many scenarios. Please select the best for your use.

Requesting Leave for Sister’s Marriage Functions

Dear Madam, I want to request three days’ leave to attend my sister’s marriage ceremony. The functions are already planned by the family from (date to date). I hope you will grant my request. Sincerely Yours, (Your Name & Class)

Sister’s Marriage Leave Application by Student

Dear Principal, I am Saba Ch. student of Msc Psychology in Kinnaird College seeking leave of three days to attend my elder sister’s marriage ceremony. I request you to please grant me leave of three days from 15th April to 17th April. I will be thankful to you. Sincerely, Saba Ch.

Sister’s Marriage Leave Application by Student

To Head of Department The University of Engineering, Lahore Subject: Leave Application for Sister’s Wedding Ceremony Dear Sir, It is to be stated with due respect that my sister’s wedding will be held next week. Currently, my sister is abroad, and since I am the only sister of her, I need to give ample amount of time to her wedding ceremony. From decorations, wedding gown designing, pre-wedding shoot, booking of the hall to catering services, I have to dedicate myself fully to the most important event of my sister’s life. It will be quite difficult for me to catch up with my studies during the wedding week, and therefore I would request you to please grant me leave for one week. I would also like to invite you to the wedding ceremony as our teacher officially and highly appreciate your presence. Since you were her one of the favorite teachers, she would be delighted to hear from you. Thanking you in advance for your kind consideration. Sincerely Yours, Fatima

Application for Leave of Elder Sister Marriage Ceremony

Dear Principal, I am a student of O-Levels section C1, Barki Campus, and my enrl# is 563H. I have one elder sister, and now my elder sister’s marriage ceremony will be held on Friday Dated: 13th February of this month. I request you to please approve my two days leave of Thursday, and Friday 12th, and 13 February accordingly. I want to celebrate Mehndi’s function on the 12th. Looking for your kind approval. Sincerely, Kanza

Leave Application for Sister Marriage to Principal

To, The Principal, Dear Sir, It is stated that I need two days to leave because of My Sister’s marriage held on the 2nd, and 3rd of Feb. She is my only sister, and I have many responsibilities to arrange, and manage everything on the above days. Please allow me to leave for two days. I will be thankful to you. Yours Obediently, Sherazi, Class 10th

Leave Application for Sister’s Marriage to School

The Principal. My younger sister’s marriage has going to be held from January 30th Jan to Feb 3rd. That is why I cannot come to school. I want to take leave for 3 days to attend the marriage. Please give me leave for 3days. I shall be very thankful to you. Yours obediently, Aana

Leave Application to Receive a Relative from Airport


Sample leave application to receive someone from the airport when somebody is coming from abroad, another city, etc.

Leave Application to Receive my Uncle from Airport

Dear Sir,

My uncle is returning from abroad and I will receive him at the airport. I request you to accept my leave for today. I will be thankful to you.

Sincerely Yours,

Your name

Leave Application for Urgent Personal Matters from Office

Respected Madam,

It is to state that I am Ali, working as an accountant. I need to file my leave for the day after tomorrow; on account of the reason that I have to go to the Airport at 10 a.m to receive my brother who is coming from London. I will complete my tasks by tomorrow, and I assure you that leftover work will be completed the very next day. I will be highly obliged for your permission.

Thank you


Detailed Leave Application for Tomorrow from School

The Principal
Deens High School
Miami, US

Sir, I am Leonard Baines, and I am a student in 8th grade. My father is returning from Canada tomorrow to spend the weekend with us. I hope to go to the airport to pick him up tomorrow so I would not be able to attend school tomorrow i.e. Friday the 13th.

I promise to attend school on Monday. I will cover the missed lectures of all subjects as well. Kindly grant me leave for tomorrow. I shall be very thankful to you.

Leonard Baines

8th grade

Leave Application for Departure of My Father to Travel Abroad

Dear Sir,

My father is going back on Job in the US after one month of leave. I want to go with him for his departure at Airport.

Please grant me leave for tomorrow.


Sick Leave Application Written by Parents for Daughter


Sample sick leave written by parents to school principal for daughter due to fever, sickness, illness, cough, flue, medical checkup etc.

Medical Leave Application for Daughter Due to Medical Checkup

Harbor School

Respected Principal,

I am Mother of Minahil enrolment no. 57A, student of 10th grade in your prestigious school. She is not well, and I am writing this leave application for her medical checkup. She is feeling sick with pain in right knee.

I request you to please approve one day leave for her, and I will be thankful to you,


Mrs. Qasim

Sick Leave for Daughter by Mom Due to Fever, Cough & Flue

The Principal

Subject: Sick leave for two days

Dear Sir,

Most respectfully it is stated that my daughter Sara Ajmal student of Grade 3 is suffering from high grade fever, cough, and a bad flu due to the weather changes. Kindly sanction her leave for two days so that she can take rest, and recover her health speedily. Thanking you in anticipation.


Mrs. Saeeda

Rejoining the Same Job after Completing Higher Education


Want to write a request to rejoin the job? This letter application can be written by a person who has left a job to complete higher studies and now wants to rejoin the same office. Sample letter for return to work after study leave. You may modify the sample according to your needs.

Email Request to Rejoin the Job After Studies

Dear Sir,

I resigned from the job to complete my education and now I have completed my education. And I’m looking for a job again. I beg you that if you give me a chance to do the job again then surely I can give better performance than before. I hope you will heed my request. I will be thankful to you for proving me with any job opportunity. Thanks.

Sincerely Yours,

Your Name

Request Letter for Job Rejoining after Studies

Dear Sir,

I am happily informing you that I have completed my degree in (mention the name of the degree here). Now I am looking for a job. I request you to please give me a chance to join back the job if there is a vacancy and I assure you that I will establish myself a more worthy employee for the company. Looking for your favorable response.

Sincerely Yours,

Your Name

Email to Rejoin the Same Job After Higher Education

Dear Sir,

I am (your name) ex-employee of your company for (post/designation name). I worked for two years. Then, I resigned to complete my degree of (degree name), and finally, I just finished it with good grades.

I want to request you to allow me again to rejoin the same job position or senior position. Surely, my education will play a vital role in enhancing my performance. (write here if your want to add any further logic for your rejoining). Therefore, I am looking for acceptance of my application.

Sincerely Yours,

Your Name

Application for Rejoining the Same Job After Completing Higher Education

Company Name & Address

Dear Sir/Madam,

With deep respect and happiness, it is stated that I am writing this letter to you. I have been an employee at your company from (mention the joining year) till (mention the resignation year). I have been working in the department (mention your department) under letter number (mention letter-number).

I had an amazing repute in the company but had to resign because I continued my higher studies. Now that I am done with them, I wanted to rejoin your office again. Therefore, I am attaching all my documents, recommendations, courses, and experience letters. This office was my first office and a home to me, and I want to be a part of making it reach the horizons, so please accept my application.

I shall be very thankful to you for your cooperation. I am looking forward to a positive reply. Thank you

Best regards,

Your Name

One Hour Leave Application Request Letter


Sample application for one hour leave from office to meet the guests, or to make some arrangement for the guests. One hour leave due to urgency, emergency, accident, or going to hospital, or home etc.

One Hour Leave Application During Office Time

Dear Sir,
My parents are coming back from London at 11Am after 3 years at airport, and I want to meet them, and want to make some arrangements for their welcome. I request you to please allow me one hour leave from 10:40 to 11:40am. I will be thankful to you.

Warm Regards,

Irfan Ahmed

One Hour Leave Application from Office

Dear Sir,

I am Hamza Abbassi, seeking an urgent leave of only one hour from office. Today I forgot to give keys of my home to the nearby shopkeeper. I bring the keys with me in office. Now my wife, and kids are waiting outside of the house for keys. I request you to please allow me for one hour to go home to provide them the house keys. It will not take more than 50 minutes for going home, and coming back to office. Thank you in advance.

Sincerely Yours,

Hamza Abbasi

One Hour Leave Letter to Pay Bills

The Manager Sales Accounts,
Herbal Drinks Corporation

Dear Sir,

It is to update you that I, Sami Khan have been working in sales accounts department as assistant sales accounts manager.

The landline connection of my house has been temporarily blocked by private telephone company. I have contacted them several times for complain, but all in vain. For this, I would need to go to its office to follow up the problem. The office closes at 4 pm.

So I request you to please grant me a short leave for one hour so that I can go & restore my telephone line, as my family face difficulty to have contact through phone.


Sami Khan

Change of Annual Leave Plan Dates


Hi I am working in xxx company ( Gulf ) . They given me vacation this year June but i wanted to change the vacation period to next year June due to marriage. Change in leave plan email format.

Request Letter to Change Vacation Leave

Dear manager

I am writing to you because I would like to make a request. I would like to change my annual leave plan dates. I would like to have my leave changed from this year June to have it next year in June. This is due to my sister getting married. Me, and my fiancée first thought that we would like to have our wedding this year but we have talked more, and decided to change to next year. This is down to some of my family members on both sides not being able to come this year due to living abroad, and not being able to afford it.

I am a very good hard worker, and I like the work that I do here. I hope that you will grant me this as it took a while to grant the leave for this year that is why I have done this in advance so that there is more chance that you will be able to let me have this. I look forward to hearing back your response.

Yours sincerely

Miss. Selena Gomez

Leave Letter for Ear Piercing Ceremony


Leave application to manager for son ear piercing ceremony. You can use this application for son, daughter, nephew, nieces etc on their ear piercing ceremony.

Leave Request for Ear Piercing Ceremony

Dear Mr. Manager,

I am writing to you because I would like to request to submit a letter of leave application so that I can attend a very important ceremony for my son. Next week my son turns 16, and it is tradition, and it is the father’s job to overlook all of the decoration, and provide all of the support needed. I would like to have two days of work for this event. I know that my culture, and tradition has always confused you, and in the past has cause a bit of trouble with me having another holiday off.

However I can assure you that this is just two days, and I will not be drinking the night before I have to come back into work. The name of the ceremony is Joshua’s ear piercing ceremony. It is very important because it marks a very important age for my son as in our culture he has become of age to marry, and having your ear pierced marks him, and shows to potential parents that he is of marring age.

I hope that you understand, and I hope that you will grant me this request. I look forward to hearing back your reply.

Kind regards,

Mr. Ramona Usher

Leave Application for Urgency


Sample leave application for urgency for very urgent matters or most immediate work to be completed on priority.

Leave Application Sample for Urgency

Dear Sir/ Madam,

I am writing to you because I would like to discuss my application letter of leave. As you know my mum lives in the countryside away from any towns, or cities. About a three-hour drive from here. I am her only child, and she is getting sick. So I have to go and look after her. That is the reason for the urgency. I hope that you understand.

And that you can grant me the time off work so that I can stay with her till she gets better again. I am willing to take this as a holiday. I look forward to hearing your reply, and please reply soon so I can make arrangements.

Yours sincerely,

Mrs. Laura Warwick

Leave application for urgency

The manager,
XYZ Company (Enter Company Address / City here)

With all due respect and well wishes, I beg to say that  I have suddenly come up with an urgent piece of work that requires my attention immediately. The work is vital, and that’s why I am writing this application to you.

Kindly grant me leave, and as soon as I am done with the work, I will be joining the office again. Your approved request will be appreciated.

With respect,

Urgent Leave Application to Visit Grandfather

To: HR Dept., Garry’s Contracting
Winchester, Oklahoma, United States

I am writing this letter to request urgent permission to leave work for just 2 days. Unfortunately, my grandfather’s condition has worsened, and he is currently in the ICU.
My family has requested me to be there as these next 48 hours will be very crucial; it will likely determine the outcome of whether he will recover or not.

I await your reply,

Alex Hubert
Winchester, Oklahoma, United States