Job Offer Letter Sample

Sample Job Offer Letter for hiring employees on permanent basis, or contract basis.

Sample Job Offer Letter from School

Dear Mr. Smith

I am very pleased to refer to the job application submitted by you for the job as an English teacher in our institution which has been considered, and you have been selected for this post. You are therefore advised to visit our office along with your original academic qualification, and experience certificates at on the coming Monday.

Yours sincerely,

Raheeq Abbas

Job Offer Letter Format

Date: _____________
Ref: _____________
Mr/Ms: _____________
S/D/o: _____________
Address: Leads, United Kingdom.

Subject: Job offer Letter for the Post of Senior Teacher

I am pleased to inform you that with reference to your interview dated 23rd Oct, 20__ at OBTC, you have been selected for the post of Senior Teacher on the following terms, and conditions.
1. You will be on probation period of three (3) months from the date of joining.
2. During probation, you will also be given on job training.
3. Your performance will be evaluated during training, and probation period. During probation period, on unsatisfactory performance, your appointment can be terminated without notice.
4. This is a contract appointment for period of two years which can be extended, or reduced by mutual agreement. Detailed letter of appointment will be given to you at the time of joining the duty.
5. Your monthly salary will be $12,500 per month.
6. Company will deduct Rs. 2,500 per month from your salary during probationary period while this deduction will be reduced to Rs. 2,000 per month after successful completion of probation period. This deduction will be discontinued as soon as it reaches equivalent to two (2) months salary.
7. This security amount will be returned to you as per organizational policy, at the end of your employment.
8. You are supposed to arrange for your transportation. Organization offers transportation facility subject to availability with payment according to distance.

Mujataba Khan
Manager HR

If you agree to these terms, and conditions, please report to join by 15.11.____. If you fail to join by the date, the job will be offered to candidate next on merit. Feel free to communicate for any further information.

Signature: _______________
Date: ___________________

Job Offer Letter Sample
Job Offer Letter Sample

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