2023 Best Web Hosting Companies in the USA for Shops, Startups, and Small Businesses

I am sharing my experience starting from 2009 using American website hosting companies and which one I found the best and worst. Let me explain, and this is the best I can help with your decision to choose a web hosting company in 2022.

Why Should You Read My Hosting Advice? Why do I recommend a few solutions with one on top?

I have been using web hosting for ten years, and during this time, I have encountered all sorts of issues related to the website, including downtime, offline, and bandwidth issues. I have ten websites with daily traffic ranging from 200 to 60,000. I hope my advice will come in handy. I have used mostly American companies.

We are giving you this advice after 10 years of experience. So you can trust.

I will give you one piece of advice, and this will not disappoint you at any stage. I have WordPress and Woo-commerce websites at Bluehost and a history of changing more than 10 hosts in the last 13 years.

List of Tried and Tested Web Hosting Companies in the United States

Is Bluehost a good web hosting company?

We have been using Bluehost since 2009 and found it the no. 1 web hosting company with its affordable prices and plans to fulfill the customer needs. Let me guide you on how to buy Bluehost hosting? Just click on the below banner and choose a package according to your needs, and on the next step, fill in the personal and payment details, and that’s all.

Benefits I Got from Bluehost for Free (Must Read)

I was unable you make my renewal payments due to a problem with my credit card. Can you believe they extended my hosting for three consecutive months, and it saved me $250. But the problem was genuine. You can also have this type of favor in case of a problem. Meanwhile, another host denied me a free extension even for a few days (they put my heavy traffic website down, and it took three days for me to come back live. Which cost me a loss of $300).

Problems I Faced While Using Bluehost

As per my experience, there is no problem-free host, but we can minimize the risk, as I describe in the previous paragraph. Problems do occur, but solutions must be there from the hosting company. I face problems like server configuration, and the company helped me in this regard at various times. The only problem I can describe here are some delays due to agents not being available for quick help/chat, and you may need to wait for 10 minutes, or 5 minutes occasionally. But most of the time, they are readily available. You can purchase Bluehost confidently.

What Package You Should Purchase (Best Part of My Advice)

Normally web hosting companies define their packages according to bandwidth, but for simplicity, I will give your idea as per your traffic requirements.

Daily Web Traffic Upto 3000 Shared Hosting is Recommended

Daily Traffic Upto 20000 Visits Basic Plan of VPS is Recommended

Daily Traffic Upto 50000 Visits Advance Plan for VPS is REcommended

Daily Traffic Over 50000 Visit Dedicated Servers are Recommended

I strongly recommend Bluehost as the best web hosting for small businesses in 2021. Best of Luck. You can purchase the plan as per your traffic requirement from this link.

Keep Your Domain and Hosting With Separate Companies

This is general advice for all types of hosting companies that keep your domain with a separate company and hosting with a separate company. Keep both on the sample hosting are handy, but if you are growing and your domain is precious, just transfer the domain and hosting to separate companies. (Some small companies can steal your domain, so be careful in this decision).

Worst Hosting Experiences

I don’t want to write too much because companies keep improving always but I had very bad experiences with GoDaddy for slow speed, poor customer service, poor features, and unnecessary delays in support for no reason.

My Recommendation

You can choose BlueHost as your web hosting company. I have tested all kinds of hosting services from shared hosting to VPN to dedicated services. All are recommended for personal blogs, small businesses, shops, retailers, and traders. The best part is once you purchase the services you can change the packages with the auto transfer of your website. Otherwise, the transfer process is hectic for not technical persons.

Keep Your Hosting Credentials Secret

Normally developers do not provide the hosting credentials to the clients and in this way sometimes they blackmail the clients afterward. Before the payment to the web developer or agreement with the web developer please get the credentials of your domain and hosting from the developer and you can give partial access to the hosting account to the developer. The domain and hosting control must in under you. otherwise, you can lose your website at any stage or be forced to pay high maintenance costs. The domain hosting providers in 2021 facilitate the customers with a high level of security. You can contact us for any advice and maintenance services with full confidence.

Why prefer to Bluehost only?

is bluehost a good web hosting company

Bluehost is one of the top best-hosting companies for WordPress

Bluehost provides affordable best hosting for Small Business

Bluehost is also top best of hosting companies for Websites of any type

Order now confidently

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