Application Letter for Converting Joint Account to Single Account

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Joint Account Change in Single Account

The Bank Manager,
Christopher, and Lee Banks, London.

It is stated that my ex-wife, and I shared a joint account at your bank since 2 years. Now that we are divorced, and I would like you to kindly process my bank account, and change its sharing status from “Joint” to “Single”. Moreover I would like you to kindly take all the authorizations, and accesses back from my ex-wife, and hand them back to me as I’m the sole, and the righteous owner of the bank account.

My bank account number is (XXXX-XXX-XXXX-XX).
Kindly process my query as soon as you can, and notify me with a confirmation letter on the same address.

Thanking you,

Application Letter for Converting Joint Account to Single Account


To the Bank of Punjab,

Respected Manager,

My name is Fatima Aamir, holding CNIC #______________, and I have a joint account with my mother in your bank.

As I am doing a part time job since a year, and for the salary the company asked for an account on my name. According to bank’s policy as I was under 18, and a holder of smart card so I couldn’t open a single account, and went for the other option. However, last month I turned 18, and requested for an identity card, and received it just yesterday. I wrote this application to you to kindly convert my joint account with my mother to single account. It gets very inconvenient as I have to get my cheques signed by my mother, and most of the times she is out of city because of her business. I have attached the form required for conversion along with the scanned Identity Card. I request you to please get this process completed as soon as possible. I would be very grateful to you.

Best Regards.;

Bint-e- Zainab

23rd September (Date)


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