Letter to Remove Existing Owner from A joint Bank Account

The letters provided above are four different templates that can be used for writing a letter to remove an existing owner from a joint bank account. Depending on your situation, you may find one of these templates more appropriate for your needs. Please review each letter carefully and choose the one that best fits your … Continue reading “Letter to Remove Existing Owner from A joint Bank Account”

Request Letter to Cancel Credit Card

A request letter to cancel a credit card is a formal written document that an individual sends to their credit card company asking for the cancellation of their credit card account. There could be various reasons why someone might want to cancel their credit card, such as fraud, financial difficulty, switching to a new credit … Continue reading “Request Letter to Cancel Credit Card”

Request Letter for Refund of Credit Card Transaction

Want to write a request letter to the bank asking for a refund for a transaction done by mistake? We are providing you sample letters and email templates to ask the bank for not paying or refund the transaction done by mistake. Write a Request to the Bank for a Refund of the Credit Card … Continue reading “Request Letter for Refund of Credit Card Transaction”

Write a Letter to The Bank Manager About the Change of Branch and Address

Want to request a change of branch and your address, business address, etc.? We will provide you with different example letters to ask for a bank branch change and your company address for future communication and bank transactions. Please let us know if you are looking for a new or custom template for your personal … Continue reading “Write a Letter to The Bank Manager About the Change of Branch and Address”

Small Business Loan Application Examples

Want to write a loan application for a small business? We will be giving you sample loan application templates to apply for small business loans through commercial banks, SME Banks, Islamic Banks, and other renowned types of Islamic banks. You can apply for a commercial and small business loan with the below-provided applications. Many banks … Continue reading “Small Business Loan Application Examples”

Complaint Letter To Bank About Atm Card Being Stuck In Machine And Debit Being Added Without Withdrawal

Want to write a complaint to the bank about ATM Card Stuk in Machine and Cash Debited? We are giving you sample letter templates to claim your stuck ATM card from the bank and reverse of cash withdrawal. Question: Please compose a good complaint letter to the manager, my ATM card was stuck in the … Continue reading “Complaint Letter To Bank About Atm Card Being Stuck In Machine And Debit Being Added Without Withdrawal”

Activate ATM Card for Overseas Use

Write a letter to your bank informing them of your travel, and that they must make your ATM open in the country travelling to. Activate ATM Card for Overseas Use The bank manager, Wall Street Bank Dear Sir, I am writing this letter to inform you that I am travelling to France in 2 days. … Continue reading “Activate ATM Card for Overseas Use”

Register Mobile Number to Bank

Format of sample letter to bank to register your number with your bank account as it will provide a proof of further identification. Register Mobile Number to Bank To The Branch Manager Barclays, UK. Sir, I have been a user of your world renowned bank for almost a decade now. I have been satisfied with … Continue reading “Register Mobile Number to Bank”

Account Closure Confirmation Letter From Bank

Sample letter from bank to customer to close account. Bank account closing letter sample format. Format of bank letter when they closing the account of a person due to any reason. Bank Account Closure Confirmation from Bank Dear Sir/Madam, As per your request we would like to inform you that your account # 457737837372 in dha … Continue reading “Account Closure Confirmation Letter From Bank”

Credit Card Cancellation Letter

Credit Card Cancellation Application Request.¬†Credit card cancellation email format.¬†How to write a credit card cancellation letter? Credit Card Cancellation Request with NOC Credit Card Division Silk Bank Lahore Subject: Credit Card Cancellation, and NOC Issuance Request To Whom It May Concern Respectfully I am writing to ask for closing my credit card # 1234 5678 … Continue reading “Credit Card Cancellation Letter”