Inter Office Memorandum for Furniture Items Replacement

Below are the templates of the interoffice memorandum for the replacement of furniture and other items in the office. We provide templates. Please let us know in the comments if you need any type of template for your office, personal, or business needs. Inter Office Memorandum New Desk Chair [Your Company/Department Logo] [Date] To: [Recipient’s … Continue reading “Inter Office Memorandum for Furniture Items Replacement”

Notice For Rental to Vacate a Place

Sample format of writing a notice to tenants whom you want to vacate your property till a specific timeline. Notice for Tenant to Vacate Place To: Mr. Golliday Tenant, Room #45, Lafayette Apartments Richmond, Virginia, United States This is a formal notice that you must vacate your apartment by the 11th of December, as per … Continue reading “Notice For Rental to Vacate a Place”

Show Cause Notice Sample for Employees

Sample show cause notice to employee due to mismanagement, commission, wrong report, miss commitment, etc. Sample Show Cause Notice for Employees: [Company Name and Logo] Show Cause Notice To: [Employee Name] Department: [Department Name] Date: [Date] Subject: Show Cause Notice Dear [Employee Name], It has come to our attention that you have been displaying behavior … Continue reading “Show Cause Notice Sample for Employees”

Warning Letter to Students For Absence, Performance, Misbehavior

Do you want to issue a warning letter to students? Sample warning letters for students from the school principal, or teacher to warn them about absents, misbehavior, misconduct, poor performance, cheating, poor attendance, plagiarism, indiscipline behavior, late coming, misbehavior, etc bad attitude are published below. You can customize as per your needs. Warning Letter to … Continue reading “Warning Letter to Students For Absence, Performance, Misbehavior”

Suspension Order Format for Employees

Please make an official letter for suspension order for employee, govt employee, federal govt employees etc. Suspension Order for Govt Employee From, HR Department. SSS Trading Company, ABC Road, Lahore. To, Mr. Irfan Khan, Accountant, Subject: Suspension Letter from the Job Dear Irfan, This is to inform you that in spite of several warnings from … Continue reading “Suspension Order Format for Employees”

Cash Bill of Sale Template in Excel and Word

Sample Cash bill of sale template in Excel for dress shops, clothing stores, dressing brands, and suiting brands for men and women. Cash bill format in word is also available for download. You can copy the below cash bill templates and paste them into desired files. For better results, we will recommend you download the … Continue reading “Cash Bill of Sale Template in Excel and Word”

Memo on Absenteeism Samples Format

Sample memo for the staff, or employees who remain absent for a certain time without any notice to the employer. Absentees memo can be issued to warn the employees, terminate the employees, and for show cause notice prior to termination. MEMORANDUM of ABSENTEEISM To: All Employees From: [Your Name and Position] Date: [Date] Subject: Reminder … Continue reading “Memo on Absenteeism Samples Format”