Notice For Rental to Vacate a Place


Sample format of writing a notice to tenants whom you want to vacate your property till a specific timeline.

Notice for Tenant to Vacate Place

To: Mr. Golliday
Tenant, Room #45, Lafayette Apartments
Richmond, Virginia, United States

This is a formal notice that you must vacate your apartment by the 11th of December, as per our agreement. Please make sure all your belongings are taken with you by then, as we will not be held responsible for anything left behind.

Lauren Maulnier
Landlord – Lafayette Apartments

Notice for Rental to Vacate Place

To CEO Real estate office,



Dear Sir,

It is stated that I just retired from a government service last month. I was been allotted a house by the government during my service tenure. As I have been retired, I have to leave the house too. My own house is under construction. It will take at least 6 months to complete. I request you to find me a house on rent for a contract of 6 months as I have no place of residence for me, and my family till then. I hope that you will find me a place soon.

You can call me anytime in the morning between 9am till 11 am to discuss about the place.



Show Cause Notice Sample


Sample show cause notice to employee due to mismanagement, commission, wrong report, mis commitment, etc.

Show Cause Notice Sample Letter

To: Mr. John
Manager Purchase
New York

Ref: Sound System : M/s Blobal Invoice GT/RS/16/209 dated 14-04-18

Please explain why action should not be taken against you for issuance of bill to Ms. Blobal Tech on account of purchase of sound system which was faulty. Please give para-wise reply.

  1. Why, and equipment inspection not done?
  2. When the equipment was rejected why it was not picked up by the company?
  3. Why it was told on inquiry that payment has already been made?
  4. Why the payment bill was made against all SOPs with your signatures & under whose instruction?
  5. Why Head of I.T. Committee not informed of all the progress on inquiry?
  6. Why a copy was not submitted to president’s office?

Please submit your response in writing in 48 hours.


Chief Executive Officer

Show Cause Notice Format for Misconduct

Dear ahmed khan,

On behalf of the HR department of our company, this is to notify you that you are requested to appear before the board of directors on Saturday 24th oct (Date). You have to explain your interview on local news channel in which you alleged that massive corruption culture in the organisation. you also labeled serious allegations on the top leadership of the company. Its better if you bring any proofs, or documented evidences in this regard.


Assist Manager HR

Warning Letter to Students For Absence, Performance, Misbehavior


Do you want to issue a warning letter to students? Sample warning letters for students from the school principal, or teacher to warn them about absents, misbehavior, misconduct, poor performance, cheating, poor attendance, plagiarism, indiscipline behavior, late coming, misbehavior, etc bad attitude are published below. You can customize as per your needs.

Warning Letter to Student for poor performance, attendance, misbehavior, etc

You can change the below letter for multiple reasons to warn the student.

Dear Student,

This is a warning to you for (misconduct, poor performance, cheating, poor attendance, plagiarism, indiscipline behavior, late coming, misbehavior, etc.). This is the first, and final warning, and you are advised to follow school regulations & discipline strictly; otherwise, the school will take action.

You have to submit a written apology for violating the regulations to the principal office within two days of this notice.


Your Name

Warning Letter to Students For Absences

Dear student,

I am writing this letter on behalf of our honorable principal, who personally looks after all the matters directly, or indirectly related to the discipline. You have been absent for some days from the institute and didn’t show up in the student meeting with the advisor. You have to come up to the student advisor’s office with a valid reason for not attending the college; otherwise, you will be expelled. This is your last warning, and after that, no excuses will be listening from you. I hope you will take this letter of warning seriously.

I will see you in the office. I am expecting you there on the coming working day.


Your Name

Sample Warning Letter that Must be General

The concerned person, High school system, LA

Dear Sir,

We want to inform you that the reputation and discipline of our institute are on higher priority, and one must obey them to be a part of our institute.

  1. It would be best if you reached timely in school.
  2. You must wear a proper uniform.
  3. No cell phones are allowed during school.
  4. Attendance must be 80%.
  5. No fights, or misbehaving

Everyone must follow these general rules to avoid any worst situation. We wish you good luck.


Your Name

Sample Warning Letter to Student for Poor Attendance

Dear Student,

We are writing this letter to inform you about your short attendance in classes, and we are afraid to inform you that if your attendance is less than 75 %, you will not be allowed to give your final examination. It is an alarming, and serious situation for you. We expect you to raise your attendance if you want to appear in the examination.


Your Name

Write the Notice for Display Students Attendance

Respected sir,

I request you to display the attendance sheet of students as the attendance is getting low, and exams are about to start. Please mention the following message along with the attendance sheet.

“Dear students this is to bring to your knowledge that the students whose attendance is below 60% will not be allowed to sit in Exams”

Kindly do this work on an urgent basis. Thanks.

Your Name

Warning Notice to Students for Using Mobile Phones

Dear Students,

As you all know that according to the school rules, and regulations you are not allowed to use mobile phones in class. But, several students violated this rule, and their teachers have complained about this issue. This is a warning notice for all students of this school to kindly keep their phones silent in classrooms. Anybody who breaks the rule will be punished as described earlier. However, you can use your phones after the lecture is over, but you can only use them outside the class. I hope that all students will obey this rule, and I don’t have to see any complaints in the future. Hoping for good behavior from every student.

Your Name

Warning Letter to Student for poor performance attendance misbehavior etc

Suspension Order Format for Employees


Please make an official letter for suspension order for employee, govt employee, federal govt employees etc.

Suspension Order for Govt Employee


HR Department.

SSS Trading Company,

ABC Road, Lahore.


Mr. Irfan Khan,


Subject: Suspension Letter from the Job

Dear Irfan,

This is to inform you that in spite of several warnings from the top management, once again you were unable to process the staff salaries on time which caused the restless among workers, and yesterday they stopped work due to the delayed salaries.

Hence, the management has suspended you from the duties for a week, and you are requested to handover the company car, and mobile phone to the office administrator immediately.

You will be informed via phone call on the exact resumption date, and you may be appointed out of the city to another project.


Best Regards,


Suspension Letter to Employee for Poor Performance

Mr. Prem Ambani,

Transport Maintenance In-charge,

Daewoo Bus Company, Mumbai

I am directed to acquaint you that your services as a transport maintenance in-charge are being held under suspension till further orders on account of your poor performance in maintenance of the company’s buses.

You also directed to report to the office of undersigned for personal hearing to probe into the above mentioned matter with written explanation in your defense within one day, and to clarify your position, in this regard. Moreover, explain why a disciplinary action should not be taken against you. If you do not report by tomorrow, the undersigned would be compelled to take one sided decision that may cause your removal from the company.

Manager Operations,

Daewoo Bus Company, Mumbai

Suspension Order Format for Employees

Sample of Suspension Order for Employee

Subject: Suspension letter

It is inform you that you were hired in our firm last month, but your work is not satisfactory according to our desire. So according to our company rules we are giving you this notice that this month will be your last.



Suspension Letter from Employment after Inquiry

Mr. Mike Atherton

Finance Executive,

West ham


Dear Mr. Mike,

This is with reference to inquiry no. XXX/XX/XXX initiated on January 01, XXX against yourself.

The core purpose of the said inquiry is to probe into allegations made by your colleague about embezzlement of funds of the Company. On receiving initial results thereon, without prejudice, we are under obligation to inform you that your role as finance executive is suspended with an immediate effect.

On completion of inquiry, we will get back to you along with decision of the Jury. Your suspension would be ceased off in case the honorable Jury discharges allegations imposed on you otherwise you would be liable to payoff embezzled funds.

Very truly yours,

Alan Taylor

Head of Legal Affairs

ABC Company

Official letter of Suspension for Disrespect to your Boss

To: Carol Jenna
Wayne, Philadelphia, United States

We are writing to inform you of a decision that was reached this morning by the board of directors. Due to your recent behavior, and disrespect towards the boss, as well as multiple reports of your attitude around the office, you are hereby suspended from Ellwood Consulting. This is non-negotiable.
You may collect your belongings from your office tomorrow.

Ellwood Consulting
Wayne, Philadelphia, United States

Cash Bill of Sale Template in Excel, and Word


Sample Cash bill of sale template in excel for dress shops, clothing stores, dressing brands, suiting brands for men, and women. Cash bill format in word also available for download. You can copy the below cash bill templates, and past into desired files. For better results we will recommend you to download the templates from links at the bottom.

Cash Bill For Sale Format


Sr.# Description Qty PRICE AMOUNT
Store Stamp:……………………………………………………………………….. TOTAL
Change  is allowed within seven days from the date of purchase & original tags to be intect Signature __________________
Original bill must be presented with exchange
Not valid without stamp
No Change for Closeouts/Seconds

Cash Bill of Sale Template in Excel

Cash Bill Format in Word

Date:   POS TRANSACTION #:   Sr#.  
Sr.# Description Qty PRICE AMOUNT
Store Stamp:……………………………………………………………………….. TOTAL    
Change  is allowed within seven days from the date of purchase & original tags to be intect Signature __________________
Original bill must be presented with exchange
Not valid without stamp
No Change for Closeouts/Seconds


Cash Bill of Sale Template in Word

You can download your desired format of cash bill for your personal, official, or business usage but republishing of this material is strictly prohibited.
Download Links:

Memo on Absenteeism Samples Format


Sample memo for the staff, or employees who remain absent for a certain time without any notice to employer. Absentees memo can be issued to warn the employees, terminate the employees, and for show cause notice prior to termination.

Sample Memo on Habitual Absenteeism

To: Mirrat

It is to inform you about your job termination notice because of remaining absent for Six days from office without informing to the HR Department, and your immediate boss. We also request you to please visit the office during working hours, and handover the keys you hold to HR department. You can collect your experience certificate for your services.

Mehak Batool
Cc: Director HR

Memo for Absent Without Permission

Director Finance
Security Office

Memo for Warning

To: Ms. Wadia Ameer,

You remain absent from office since four days. It is to inform you that as per company policy you are being warned second time for not showing responsibility. Section A2 of your appointment letter in terms, and conditions section it is clearly mentioned that on third warning you will be terminated from the job. This is your last warning with the hope that in future you will show responsibility, and restore the confidence of management.

Head HR Policy
CC: Director Marketing

Memo on Absenteeism Samples Format