Memo on Absenteeism Samples Format

Sample memo for the staff, or employees who remain absent for a certain time without any notice to the employer. Absentees memo can be issued to warn the employees, terminate the employees, and for show cause notice prior to termination.


To: All Employees From: [Your Name and Position] Date: [Date]

Subject: Reminder on Attendance and Absenteeism Policy

It has come to our attention that there has been an increase in absenteeism among some employees. We want to remind all employees of our Attendance and Absenteeism Policy, which outlines the expectations and consequences of excessive absenteeism.

We understand that unexpected circumstances can arise that may cause an employee to miss work, but excessive absenteeism can have a negative impact on both the employee and the company. It can affect productivity, and quality of work, and can put additional stress on other team members who have to cover for the absent employee.

According to our Attendance and Absenteeism Policy, employees are expected to notify their supervisor or manager as soon as possible if they will be absent from work. If an employee needs to take time off for an extended period, they should discuss it with their supervisor or manager in advance.

We want to remind all employees that excessive absenteeism is a serious matter and may result in disciplinary action, up to and including termination. We encourage all employees to take their attendance and punctuality seriously and to adhere to our Attendance and Absenteeism Policy.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the policy, please speak with your supervisor or manager.

Thank you for your attention to this matter.


[Your Name and Position]

Sample Memo on Habitual Absenteeism

To: Mirrat

It is to inform you about your job termination notice because of remaining absent for Six days from the office without informing to the HR Department, and your immediate boss. We also request you to please visit the office during working hours, and hand over the keys you hold to the HR department. You can collect your experience certificate for your services.

Mehak Batool
Cc: Director HR

Memo for Absent Without Permission

Director Finance
Security Office

Memo for Warning

To: Ms. Wadia Ameer,

You have remained absent from the office for four days. It is to inform you that as per company policy you are being warned a second time for not showing responsibility. Section A2 of your appointment letter in the terms, and conditions section is clearly mentioned that on the third warning, you will be terminated from the job. This is your last warning with the hope that in future you will show responsibility, and restore management’s confidence.

Head HR Policy
CC: Director Marketing

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