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All type of complaint letter like complaining to teacher, parents, hotel, supplier, vendor or any one you are facing inconvenience from and responding to complaints from your clients.

Complain Letter to Society for Water Supply

Sample Format of complaint letters to send to department of government housing society when the water that government is supplying is not up to the standard and even proving to be hazardous for human beings to consume

Complaint Letter to Government Housing Society for Water Supply

To: Complaint Dept. of Government Housing Society

I am writing this letter in regards to the quality of water in the housing society. I have concerns about the quality of the water.

As of late, the water has an extremely strange smell and has had detrimental effects on my family’s skin. I have noticed that this may be due to the extremely high salt concentration which is causing dryness of the skin. The water itself has a slight brownish tint, which makes it difficult to wash clothes with.

I urge the Government Housing Society to have the water supply tested for any toxins or other issues which may be causing the recent changes in the water. If any are found, please treat the water or switch the water supply immediately as this is a major health hazard.

I look forward to your reply.


Ryan Pavlov

Complain letter to society for water supply

Respected Sir,

With all due respect I am writing this letter to inform you about the condition of the water services in our society. We have been facing much trouble since a month because we have not been getting proper water supply. In the morning when my children and husband are getting ready for their school and office there is no water. Even when we do get water it is very unclean and unhygienic. It is difficult to take showers because one minute there is water and the next minute it is all gone. The water supply issue is becoming a hurdle for us since we are not able to wash our clothes and clean our houses. We have to pay extra amounts for water tankers which are very expensive and problematic. I talked to my neighbors and other society members and they have been facing the same problem.

I hope this issue will be brought to notice by the council and will be resolved soon.

Best Regards,

Fatima Amir



Complaint Letter To Council About Loud Neighbors

Format of complaint letter to building council and describing your situation to them that how you live next to neighbors who are non-courteous and keeps making noise all the time where it interrupts your daily routine.

Complaint Letter About Noisy Neighbors


The council members

Respected sir, with due respect it is stated that I am living in apartment number 1234 in your colony and I am writing this letter to file a complaint of my next door neighbors living in apartment number 1235. Sir! I am a medical student and due to my tough routine I have to study at nights and sometimes till mornings too. The neighbors make a lot of noise and their kids keep playing music in loud volume so please take an action and ask them to stop this chaos as it disturbs me a lot.

I will be very thankful to you for this favor.

Warm regards


 Complaint letter to the council about noisy neighbors

To the Council

Respected Sir,

I am writing this letter to inform you about the situation of our neighbors. Lately we have been very disturbed because of their attitude. We have tried confronting them but they have treated us rudely every time.

I am a mother of two children, both of whom are students. They have a very rigorous daily schedule and most of the times are studying. However, our neighbors make this task impossible. They shout all the time so loudly that we can hear all their conversation. As soon as the day begins their television comes to life. They never lower down the volume despite numerous complaints.  At night, their son stays in the car and turns on the radio listening to songs on full volume. My husband is a heart patient and this troubles him very much. Not only this but my children not able to study for their tests or quizzes. We are very bothered by this attitude along with many others.

We have tried our best to deal with our neighbors but now it is time that the council deals with them accordingly. I hope the council will take an action that keeps in mind the best interest for everyone.


Seemi Zameer

15th October 2018

Complaint Letter to Holiday Company

Format of complaint letter to a holiday company about your latest trip which has not been up to the standard that the company is known to deliver.

Example letter of complaint to a holiday company

Respected Sir,

I write this letter with much disappointment to let you know the satisfactory services of your company. I and my family visited your resort a few days back to spend some time for our vacation. As soon as we arrived we were not met with the standards that your company promised us. The sad part is that the company took the advance payment as well as the remaining holiday payment too.

The room provided was not up to the mark at all. We were not provided with any of our meals and instead we had to go downstairs and get it ourselves. Your brochure mentioned that the resort had a swimming pool and other recreational facilities but there was no such thing at the resort. We had been promised a trip to the near local areas but we just visited a market place and that is all. The room we were staying in did not have proper air conditioning and the sanitary system was unhygienic as well. Afterwards when we tried talking to the management peacefully they were rude and did not refund our payment. They did not even give us a partial amount of the payment when we told them that we have been provided with proper services.

This was a very disheartening experience and I hope your company replies to my complaint soon. I hope I will get an affirmative response from your side.

Best Regards,

Seemi Zameer

15th October 2018

Complaint Letter for Rude Customer Service

Format of complaint letter to send to a restaurant, company, outlet if anyone from their customer service has behaved rudely with you. This template will help you write a good complaint letter that will tell the inconvenience you had to face.

Sample Complaint Letter for Rude Customer Service

To: McDonalds Canada
Brockville, Ontario, Canada

I am writing in regards to the extremely poor customer service I had received during my visit to the Terrace Hills location of McDonalds in Brockville on the 9th of October.

I had ordered a Happy Meal for my two children, and I noticed that there were no toys included inside. The reason I specifically go to McDonalds is because of the toys in the Happy Meals that my children love.

I politely asked the workers about the missing toys, and they said that they had run out of them. I then asked for a refund, because I was not informed before about this.  I deemed this to be a reasonable request. However, the workers said it was not their problem and they told me to speak to the manager on duty. I then spoke to the manager who was very rude and told me to simply order from another McDonald’s location, and that there was no reason for a refund over such a small amount of money.

I am not filing this complaint over the money, rather I am complaining about the service. I am appalled at this behavior from the manager and workers and I am disappointed that I was not informed beforehand that they had run out of toys.

I request that you take disciplinary action against the workers and manager of this location.

Carol Crisfield
Brockville, Ontario, Canada

Complaint Letter to Municipality About Tree Cutting

Format of complaint letter to the municipality about the deforestation that has been happening around in your areas, Trees are being cut down with anyone giving any explanation to government. This calls for a serious action taken against them

Letter to the municipal corporation informing him about excess cutting of trees

To: Donald Caugh
Municipality of Lauderdale

I am writing this letter to express a great concern of mine regarding the excess cutting of trees by the municipality. I am an environmentalist and I think this to be a grave problem.

I am aware that trees must be cut in order to build the new roads and buildings; however there is no system in place to replace the cut trees.
For example, in many cities after road construction is complete the entire road is lined at the side with new seedlings. This prevents detrimental effects on the land such as landfall and erosion. It also ensures clean air by preventing the buildup of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, especially with all the cars driving on the new road.

To conclude, I do not believe trees need to be cut to the great extent that they are being cut now. The municipality must lower this. When there are trees being cut, there needs to be programs in place to replace them elsewhere.

Jean Wiley
Fort Lauderdale, Texas, United States

Complaint Later Against Teacher

Format of complaint letter against English teacher who is always late if comes to school at all otherwise is mostly absent from class. He is seldom seen around school/college premises and as a concerned student it is wasting our precious time.

Complaint Letter Against English Teacher who is Always Late

To: Principal of Headway School
Surrey, British Columbia, Canada

I am writing to issue a complaint about the 10th class English teacher. Before I start, I would like to let you know that I respect all my teachers and I am only issuing this letter because I am concerned for our education.

The teacher Mrs. Heather is very inconsistent in coming to teach our class. There has been very few days that she has arrived on time. She is absent at least 3 times a week.
If she arrives, it is usually when we are halfway through the class and there are only 30 minutes left.

I am concerned for my English education and future English exams, therefore I ask that you ensure this teacher is giving the proper and necessary effort required to teach us. I would appreciate this sincerely.

Burney Maestro
10th Class Student – Headway School
Surrey, British Columbia, Canada


Letter to Municipal Commissioner for Street Lights

Request Letter to Municipality Sector in your area and telling them how hazardous it is to not have street lights in your area as it can cause a lot of accidents and robberies making it a safety issue of the citizens.

Letter to Municipal Commissioner for Street Lights

The Municipal Commissioner,
XYZ Society.

With all due respect,
Sir, it is stated that I live In the far end building of the society. I have been requesting for street lights to the building owner since some time now but he doesn’t seem to pay attention. That’s why I am writing this letter directly to you, requesting you to kindly take care of the street lights situation. As the sun sets the society’s roads become so dark that it’s almost impossible to see.

I hope that you will take this into concern as a priority very soon.

Thanking you,

Letter to Municipal Commissioner for Street Lights

To: Municipal Commissioner
Improvement District 14, Alberta, Canada

I am writing in regards to the lack of street lights in the district residential areas.

I believe this to be a grave safety hazard as it is very hard to navigate at night with a lack of lighting. It is also an aesthetic issue as the beauty of the houses and lakes cannot be seen.

I request that street lights be installed in the lacking neighborhoods as soon as possible.

Arica Oswald
Improvement District 14, Alberta, Canada

Application about Electric Meter Checking and Access Meter Bill

Format of sample letter to send to electricity office in your town ans request them to come to your house and check your meter to see if its working properly and showing the right units in usage.

Application about Electric Meter Checking and Access Meter Bill


The Concerned person, KESC head office,


I Mr. Kamil Akhtar would like to request you to check my electric meter; I have already submitted an application before but didn’t get any response from your end. Sir I want you to check it as soon as possible because is showing error in units. My electric consumption is very low but the bill I pay is much more as compared. I live in a small house with few electric appliances and the issue is that my meter drops units very fast. I am an avg. man and I cannot afford heavy bills. I also want to access my meter bill for checking.

I shall be really thankful to you if you take serious step to my request.


Mr. Kamil akhtar


Application about Electric Meter Checking and Access Meter Bill

 To Punjab Electricity Association,

Respected Sir/Madam,

With due respect, I wrote this application to you for my house’s meter checking and bills. I am a resident of Block J, Johartown and have been living in this house since 15 years.

When I shifted here, this meter was newly connected and after that it has not been changed one ever since then. According to the new government policy which was announced last week, all the meters older than 10 years needs to be checked to see if they are still working and generating the electricity usage properly. Kindly, set a date on which the electricians will come so that I can free up my schedule according to it. Furthermore, I would like an access to my meter bills so that I can see the breakdown of the amount I have to pay.

For any further queries, you may contact me.

Best Regards;

Ali Haider


Complaint Letter to Apartment Manager for Noise

Format of sample letter to file a complaint against the loud neighbors to the apartment manager. Telling them how they have created a ruckus where you live and their loud noises even at night are making it difficult for you to sleep.

Complaint Letter to Apartment Manager for Noise

The Apartment Manager,
XYZ Apartments.

Respected Sir,
It is stated that since a couple of weeks now, the tenants that reside right above my apartment are a bunch of spoiled teenagers who don’t understand the ethics and don’t possess the manners of living in a building.

Every night after 12:00 Am the tenants decide to hold frat parties in their apartment, where almost a dozen of teens come and go frequently, loud music, banding, screaming are a part of the noise issues they are causing.

Kindly ensure that the issue is resolved as soon as possible. Since I live with my family my children experience problems whilst sleeping in the night and that is highly unbearable. I suggest you to address the teenagers on your own before I take extreme measure myself.

Thanking you,
Tenant (Block C).

Complaint Letter to Apartment Manager for Noise

Dear Manager,

I wrote this letter to you to file a complaint regarding the noise in our neighborhood. Since 2 weeks, there have been a lot of noises coming from our neighbor’s house.

In the beginning, I ignored it thinking that it is temporary and they might be having guests so that’s why there is a lot of noise. As this has never happened before so I decided to let it go. But even after one week, they did not tone down on all the noises. I went to their place and talked with the residents; they apologized and said that this will not happen again. However that was not the case. The noises are just getting worse. Even at night time they play loud music, which makes sleeping difficult for us. My daughter has her exams at the end of month and if this keeps on going on then she will not be able to concentrate on her studies.

I request you kindly talk to them about it or I will have to take legal action against them. I hope I will not have to go that far.

Best Regards;

Ali Haider

23rd September 2018


Letter of Complaint about Child Labor

Write a letter you have seen small children working in a factory near your house. This letter is to inform the authorities of the illegal practice that has been carried out by this factory and they must take an action to stop it.

Complaint Letter against Child Labor

Respected Sir,

I am writing this letter to you so that I can tell you about the child labor. The oil factory  (factory’s name) near to this Abdalian society is hiring children to work as a labor in their factory as I was passing by the factory on Tuesday, I have seen many children at 5 pm coming out from the gate, as I have asked from one of them, the kid told me about the whole scenario.

That was so much disturbing for me. So I want you to take action against them because children are of 9-13 years old. And this is not the way to hire such young children and make them work so hard in a factory.

Please take strict action against them as soon as possible.


Society resident
Amjad chaudhry

Letter of Complaint about Child Labor

To Thokar Police Station,

Respected Sir,

I wrote this letter to file a complaint regarding a factory which is located on Multan Road near Pakfan Company. There was no board with the name of factory so it is probably unregistered. As the factory is built on a small area with old infrastructure so my guess is that it is a small scale cement factor.

Anyway, I would like to inform you that the owner of the factory committing crime of child labor by hiring children under age 12 as workers. When I saw four children dragging trolleys full of cement back to the old building, I asked an old man who has a stall nearby about it and he told me that they work at the factory. To say I was shocked would be an understatement, even after the government strictly said to not hire children as worker, the factory owner was still carrying on with this crime.

As a citizen, it is my responsibility to inform you about this illegal act. Also, you can contact me for further details. I hope you will take strict action against the owner.

Best Regards,

Ali Haider

Contact _______