Letter to Supplier for Late Delivery of Materials

Want to write a complaint letter for delay of supply? Sample letter to supplier for the delay in delivery of ordered items, material for a construction site. Warning Letter To Supplier For Timely Delivery of Material Required At the Site. Company NameAddress Dear Contractor, You were ordered a (mention the material name) material supply which … Continue reading “Letter to Supplier for Late Delivery of Materials”

Complaint Letter to Principal by Parents

Sample complaint letter to principal by parents against misbehavior of one of teachers with their son in the class. Parents write a complaint of teacher for misconduct with the child in class, or institute. Complaint Letter to Principal from Parents The Principal, The City School Dear Sir, I am father of Mr. Maxwell who is … Continue reading “Complaint Letter to Principal by Parents”

Letter to Principal from Teacher About Misbehavior of Student

Sample letter to the principal from the teacher about misbehavior of a student. Letter to complain about the student behavior to school principal, college principal, or in academy. Complaint Application to Principal by Teacher To, The Principal, Dear Dear Sir, I am proud of my institution for inculcating ethical, and moral values among students along … Continue reading “Letter to Principal from Teacher About Misbehavior of Student”

Complaint to Supplier for Poor Quality

Complaint to Supplier for Bad Quality of Construction Material. Request letter to supplier for replacement of poor quality products and materials. Material Rejection Email to Supplier Dear Supplier, You are our raw material supplier. And it is noted that You are not providing us with the specified quality of the material, nor have you reported … Continue reading “Complaint to Supplier for Poor Quality”

Complaint Letter to Supplier for Late Delivery of the Material at Site

Sample of Complaint Letter to Supplier for Late Delivery of the Material at Site. Warning for next late delivery contract will be canceled. Letter to Supplier Complaining Delayed Delivery of Supplies on Site Dear Madam, I want your attention to the delayed shipments by your company. As per our agreement, we decided on terms and … Continue reading “Complaint Letter to Supplier for Late Delivery of the Material at Site”

Letter of Work Completion Sample for Clients

Sample letter to client to inform for complete of site work from company, constructor, contractor. Sample work completion letter from contractor to clients on finalizing the project with report, and payment settlements etc. Contractor Letter of Work Completion Managing Director,Pakistan Housing Authority,Islamabad Subject: Completion of Work Dear Sir, We are pleased to inform that we have … Continue reading “Letter of Work Completion Sample for Clients”

Application for Lost Degree to the Authorities

Complaint Letter to Principal By Student Who Lost Degree. Format of application to send to institute if you have lost the original degree given to you by them. Sample Complaint Letter For Lost Degree To, The principal, Oxford College Respected sir, With all my due respect, I am writing this letter to inform you that … Continue reading “Application for Lost Degree to the Authorities”

Complaint Letter to Hotel Management

Sample Complaint Letter to Hotel Management to complain about bed bugs, food, services, staff behavior, noise, and cleanliness of the booked hotel rooms. Complain Letter to Hotel Management The Hotel Management, PTDC Hotel, Besham   Subject: Complaint Letter for Hotel’s Services Dear Sir, It is to formally lodge a complaint against your waning hotel services being provided … Continue reading “Complaint Letter to Hotel Management”

Apology Letter to Guest Complaint in Hotel

Sample apologize letter to guests from the hotel manager, hotel management, or manager operations in hotel to regret all the inconvenience a customer, or client faced during the stay in hotel. Apology Letter to Hotel Guest for Noise Complaint Respected Guest, We apologize for bad experience of Noise, and Poor Room Services you had encountered during … Continue reading “Apology Letter to Guest Complaint in Hotel”

Warning Letter to Transporter from School

A warning letter sent from the school to the transportation company warning them of the careless behavior which is going on by the drivers for last few days. Warning Letter to Transport Contractor Respected Transport Company Manager, It is to inform you that i am writing you on behalf of Allied School System. We are … Continue reading “Warning Letter to Transporter from School”

Complaint Letter to Bank Manager

A letter from company manager to the bank manager, requesting him to accept the application letter from the company employees, and respond to them. Best example of complaint letter to bank manager regarding their staff behaviour. Complaint Letter about Bank Staff Dear Manager, I have visited the bank in consecutive three days but was unable … Continue reading “Complaint Letter to Bank Manager”

Letter Before Action to Employer

Sample letter of action to employment tribunal for registering FIR against the employer due to non payment of salary, commission, dues, incentive, or monthly pay. Letter Before Action to Employer for Clearing Dues The Managing Director, Sobia Zahra, DHA, Lahore Subject: Release payment before a legal action is taken. Dear Sir, Please be notified that … Continue reading “Letter Before Action to Employer”

Letter Requesting Meeting with Principal

Sample meeting request letter to the Principal of school, college to discuss the student matters, student progress report, student dispute with the teacher, misbehaving of teacher, or misbehaving of the student. Request Letter to Principal for Meeting Example 1: Dear [Principal’s Name], I am writing to request a meeting with you to discuss my child’s … Continue reading “Letter Requesting Meeting with Principal”

Complaint Letter to Parents from Principal, Teacher, or School

Complaint Letter to Parents from Principal, Teacher, or School due to attendance, Poor Performance, Study Behavior with Teachers. Complaint letter to parents of students from teacher, principal, or school to informing them about their son, daughter. You will send this warning letter to father, mother, or guardian of the student. Warning Letter for Poor Performance … Continue reading “Complaint Letter to Parents from Principal, Teacher, or School”