Recommendation Letters by a Teacher for a student

These recommendation letter can be used by a teacher, professor, lecturer, or anyone who is recommending someone to someone else. You may modify the sample according to your needs, and circumstances.

Recommendation Letter for the internship

Leadership is about resilience, about high moral ground that can be emulated. it is the power to sway people, and lead them into the right direction. it is to be stead fast till the end, and not to break down under deadline pressure. In this context, I can give full marks to () for living up to the student leadership by contributing immensely to college life.()worked with admirable efficacy as the Section Leader, and Deputy Head Girl O levels supporting the college management supporting the school management in carrying out duties pertaining to discipline, Parent-Teacher Meetings, and other such college activities. () was able to maximise few resources at hand, and was able to decipher from wrong to right through trial, and error. She worked towards team harmony through inclusive, and pluralistic approach. Despite the challenging A levels study they took up the onerous task of taking up the responsibility of the extra curricular to promote the image of the school. Assuming the position of Vice President Debating Society, she took part in numerous declamation contests. Furthermore, she helped in organising one of the greatest hits of Ravi, Ravi Youth Odyssey, bringing in a large number of contestants. I am confident that Mehwish will be an asset to your prestigious university, and play a pivotal role in keeping your student community ever vibrant, and alive as she has done here at Ravi.

Appreciating the overall performance

I am writing this letter to give my highest possible recommendation for (), who is my student in Physics in A-level. () is, undoubtedly, one of the most outstanding students I have taught at (mention your school). He has a high aptitude of Physics, and is always very much involved in his work, applying himself with persistence, and dedication, and often going beyond the regular class assignments. I appreciate ()’s qualities of a good student as clearly seen within his immaculate records of accomplishment during his stay in TCS. He joined A-levels with brilliant O-level results, and took up the momentous challenge of maintaining his academic excellence through diligent effort. He is a scholarship student, and maintained his scholarship throughout which means keeping up good grades in collage exams. His transcripts speak volumes of his commitment of studies. The brightest of students () owes his genius, and academic accomplishment to an innate passion for excellence

() is an analytical, and creative thinker with an eye for details, and logic, which serves him well both in sciences, and outside them. He has the terrific ability to draw on his own experience, and observations to develop thoughtful opinions on a variety of issues. His regular contributions to full-class discussions provide insight both for his colleagues, and for me as an instructor. Without my asking, he always takes on the responsibility of helping his classmates consolidate vast amounts of information into coherent sets of ideas. As the member of the host team of CSMUN, he carried the event of great magnitude with grit, and diligence. 

() is not only an excellent student, but he is an exceptional science individual, and personally delightful. He has remained part of various science, and math competitions, and has won laurels for his alma mater. He is an extremely kind, intelligent, and sensible boy. His passion for Engineering is supported by his expertise in Mathematics, and Physics.

Indeed, he is an accomplished writer, mathematician, and scientist, all of which he is with a passion rare in college students. He has outstanding interpersonal skills, commendable creativity, and logical thinking. Undeniably, he is a good learner.

I wholeheartedly recommend (mention the name) as a prospective engineering school student. I can also envision ( )as a highly competent, and prosperous engineer, which I say as a high compliment indeed. I am confident that ( ) will contribute extensively through university/College environment. A program of studies in UK will truly bring out the best in ( ) , and help groom him as a responsible citizen, and a thorough professional. Please contact me if there is anything else I can do on his behalf.


Verification Letter To Immigration Department to confirm marriage (writing as a witness)

This letter can be written by a third party, witness as a statement of evidence to the embassy that the marriage literally took place. This is basically a confirmation letter. This can be modified according to your needs, and circumstances.

Marriage verification by Embassy

5th July (Date)

The Honorable (name of the person)

Ambassador of India

Embassy of India

49-C, Sussex Dive Road

Mumbai, India

Dear Sir,

I hope you find this email in the best of health. I am working as (mention your job) at (mention the place with the complete address). My basic reason behind writing this letter is to confirm the marriage of my cousin. My relation to Mr (name of the person who got married) is that I am his cousin from his (mother’s/ father’s side) explaining in detail, I am his (for example Aunt’s son).

I attended Mr abc’s wedding on (mention date) at (mention place). My stay in India was from (mention date) till (mention date). My stay was at (mention the place). His wedding ceremony was celebrated on the following dates at (address).

I am attaching below the booking of the marquee along with the invitation cards , pictures, Nikkah nama, a small CD of the movie, and other receipts of the expenditures that took place.

I thereby, stand wittness that my cousin got married to Miss (mention her name) on (mention date) at (mention address). I hope my attached proves are enough but if not so, you can call me at the number written below for any further details.

Best Regards,



Contact number

Recommendation Letter For Student Going To College

Sample format in recommendation letters to student who will be going off to college next year. As these students have devoted a a huge time of their life to an institution learning, and growing up in it, there is not person more suitable to write them a recommendation letter than a teacher who knows them so well.

Letter Of Recommendation For College Admission

To whom it may concern,

I am a professor who has been teaching students at BeaconHouse School for the past ten years. I am writing to recommend a student, Tyler Hall, who has shown exceptional capability in performing his tasks as my student. In our class of roughly three hundred students, Mr.Hall has achieved one of the highest merits in the A levels of our class. Mr. Hall is extremely hard working, and has never missed a day of class; except due to certain family emergencies. He is very well-mannered, and does not complain, or start any issues if asked to complete a task.

I believe that both merit, and personality go hand in hand –, and this student of mine has demonstrated remarkable qualities in all.

For all the reasons stated, it is therefore that I strongly recommend allowing this student to go to this college. I believe Mr. Hall will be a unique student who will never disappoint, will perform his tasks on time, and without question, while showing great knowledge of all subjects.

I hereby formally recommend Tyler Hall to this college.


Professor Lindt

Sample Letter To Principal For Season Appropriate Uniform

Below are the sample letters that can be used by students, or staff to send principals of schools to update school uniform policy to minus the risk of ongoing viruses as a precautionary measures with ever changing season.

Recommendation Letter For an Appropriate School Uniform


The principal, Heritage grammar school

Respected sir,

With all my due respect, I am writing this letter to make a request to you regarding the student uniform.As you know that Dengue virus is increasing rapidly, and it is mostly attacking the students as they play in ground, and do not bother to cover their selves properly. It would be a great initiative if we make changes in the uniform of the student.  We can replace the half sleeves shirts with full sleeves, and shorts of the junior boys with pants. In this way they can be protected. Parents will also appreciate this step as they want their kids to be safe. We can apply this rule as soon as summer holidays are over. I am looking forward to you response as soon as possible so we can place the order at stitching unit. Thank you

Yours sincerely,

Mr. Raza Shah

Sample Letter to Principal for Season Appropriate Uniform


The Principal,

ABC School System,

North Carolina.


Application to Change of students’ uniform due to early arrival of winter season


Honorable Madam,

As we can see the drastic change in season caused by the heavy rain fall since two weeks, winter has arrived earlier than its usual course of time. Because of this, it has become necessary to make proper changes to the uniform of students so that they may not suffer from flue, or fewer. It will help students to maintain, and improve their performance in school.

Therefore, you are dearly requested to issue instructions to make necessary changes in uniform of students.

Yours sincerely,

Bill Clyde

Father of Tania Clyde (Student of 6th Grade: Roll No. xx)

Sample Letter To Dean For Season Appropriate Attire

 Respected Principal,

As Head Girl O level, I would like to discuss an issue with you regarding school uniform. As we live in Pakistan so we have to go through both summer, and winter weather. At some point, both of these weathers go to its peak. Unfortunately, our school uniform doesn’t help with the scorching sun, and burning weather when summer is at its peak. Just like this, during winters the sweaters of school are not enough to make the weather bearable. This is an issue which is usually ignored by most of students, and I myself have been ignorant of it till now because I think we should definitely do something about it instead of just ignoring it. I would like to request to change our uniforms cloth type to whatever is appropriate to the season along with a thick, or insulating sweaters, and coats for winters.  This would eliminate the threat of sickness to children of junior classes, and everyone would feel comfortable along with a better concentration during classes. I am looking forward to a very positive response from you.


Best Regards;

Bint-e- Zainab

Recommendation Letter to Bank for Improvement

Recommendation Letter to bank in what areas need improvement, or growth? Areas of improvement recommendation.

Recommendation Letter to a Bank for Security

Dear bank manager,

I am writing to you because I would like to make a few recommendations that you could do to improve the efficiency of your bank. I used to work for one of the most famous banks in the world the royal bank of Scotland, and they had the best security you could get.

I recommend that you get fingerprint scanners for your staff this will allow them to enter the building without having to wear ID cards. This will minimize the chance of someone steeling the cards, and being an impostor.  I would also recommend that you have some security person standing guard at the door of the building, and a metal detector just on the inside of the door so that no people will have to go past, and know that you are serious bank with real security.

When I came to your bank I was just there to check my account but I was shocked to see that there was literally no security whatsoever. I hope that you will listen, and take what I have said seriously because one day you will be robbed so by doing this you can help to prevent this. I look forward to seeing what action you have to take.

Yours sincerely,

Mr. Dracula Count

Recommendation Letter for Interior Designer

Sample letter of recommendation for interior designer job in company, international company, abroad, or student as decrator etc.

Recommendation Letter for Interior Designer

Mrs. Clover
Street Address
City, ST ZIP Code

Dear Mrs. Clover I’m writing to you because you told me last week that you are looking for an interior designer. I can recommend someone for you. She is the same person who did my whole house when I had it redecorated. She is very good at her work, and she had a decent fee. I hope you like what she has to offer I will give you her contact details. Mobile number——————– Email- —————————————.

Kind regards,

Client’s name

Letter for Interior Designer’s Recommendation


Dear Friend,
I am fine, and I hope you are fine too. It’s been long since we wrote to one other, and I was dancing in joy when I received your letter last week. I am more than happy to know that you are doing great with both your health, and your career. Can’t wait to be there for your marriage!

You mentioned in your letter that you have bought your own house, and I Congratulate you for that from the bottom of my heart. Furthermore, you also asked me if I know any interior designers that would make your home look like a dream palace, and decorate the rooms accordingly, and I have to say that Yes! I know someone.

Remember Jamie? She went on to pursue her career in interior designer, and I must say she really made a career out of it. Her portfolio is full of projects that she designed for, and all of them are more mesmerizing than the other. I think you should hire her as your interior designer. As she was our friend, she might even consider giving you a concession for her services, and I assure you that you will be more than happy by her work.

Keep writing!
Your friend,
Nancie Agarwaal

Letter of Recommendation for Security Clearance

Sample application letter for security clearance of employees, visitors, volunteers etc.

Letter of Recommendation for Security Clearance

The Superintendent of Police

Subject: Security Clearance for Volunteer Rescuers

Kindly refer to the subject cited above.

It is submitted that Rescue 1122 Lahore is working for the development of a safe community with the collaboration of NA-123 (copy of MOU is attached herewith). The registration of volunteers is in process, and training is being imparted on regular basis. In this regard, More than 153 people have been registered as volunteer rescuers whose security clearance is required.

It is therefore requested that process of security clearance for the volunteers may please be completed at first priority so that desired tasks are achieved.

An early action in this regard shall be highly appreciated.



Letter for Security Clearance

Dear Airport security,

I am writing this letter because I would like to recommend that I Mr. Alan, and my wife have complete security clearance on arrival to the Airport. We are both very important people in the world of politics. We are coming to the UK on a very important business trip, and we cannot let anything get in the way of us arriving on time as there would be big consequences.

We are only staying for one week so we are both going to share one suitcase so there is not too must fuss at baggage control. I do hope that you will grant me, and my wife this as it would make our trip so much easier.

Yours sincerely,

Mr. Barry Allan

Leave Application for Miscarriage

Sample leave application to school by the teacher due to miscarriage, pregnancy problems after doctor’s recommendation.

Leave application format for Miscarriage

The principal,

Central public school,

Dear madam,

I am writing this application to inform you that I was about to have a baby. The doctor had given me a due date for delivery, but an unfortunate incident occurred. I was going down to the basement of our home, and all of a sudden, I slipped from the stairs. I fell on my belly. This accident caused my miscarriage. It was my first baby, and I, along with my husband, dreamed many things.

I cannot define the depth of our sorrow. The doctor had advised me to full bed rest because this miscarriage caused a few complications to my health. I am mentally disturbed as well. Due to this, I cannot join you soon. Kindly allow me a leave for three weeks. Thank you.

Miss Mehwish

Leave Request Due to Miscarriage

The Principal,

Dear Madam,

I respectfully stated that I am an English subject teacher to the junior section students at Lahore Grammar School. Nowadays, I have been going through some difficult phases of my married life. Moreover, due to the miscarriage of my baby, I have lost my health badly.

Therefore, I would not be able to come to the school for the next fifteen days as per the doctor’s advice. Therefore, kindly accept my application, and grant me a leave for fifteen days.

Thanking in anticipation.

Kind Regards,

Hafsa Khan

Leave Application for Miscarriage

Recommendation Letter for Visa Application from Employer

Letter to support a visa application by employer.  Visa recommendation letter sample by employer. Visa recommendation letter for employee.  Visa recommendation letter from chamber of commerce.

Letter of Recommendation for Visa Application from the Employer

To Whom It May Concern

It is to certify that Mr. Nouman Zaib s\o Aurang Zaib has been an esteemed employee in our company namely Alliance Group Lahore since 5 January. During his services, we have found Mr. Zaib to be punctual, respectful, and regular. The nature of his job has been assisting the administration team which he has done up to the mark.

I have worked with Mr. Zaib as an administrative head. He has been very peaceful, and beneficial for us.

Moreover, Mr. Zaib is very one of the best candidate for our company. He has proven to be our asset over the whole year. The kind of professional he is, contributing to the progress of our company\institution. The best ability of Zaib is that he is a hard-working skilled professional. Therefore, I strongly refer him to gaining the opportunity which he desires for.

If you have any queries, please feel free to ask me.

Best Regards,

Ali Hassan

Recommendation Letter for Visa Application from Employer

To the Embassy of Canada,

This is to certify that Muhammad Ali, holding Identification Number _________, has been working at HIGH-TECH Communication since past 6 years. His date of birth is _______.

I, as the manager of this office, assure you that Ali has never been involved in any sort of criminal activity, and has never shown any sort of violent behavior. He has been punctual from the very beginning, and always worked with focus, and goodwill. Getting tangled up in fights, and irrational arguments has never been his thing. He likes to keep things to himself, and focus on tasks in front of him. Further he is quite well off so he surely will not have any problem regarding fulfillment of his financial needs.

I can guarantee you that if he goes to Canada, he would not cause any trouble, and will fulfill all the conditions put in front of him. I have attached his joining letter, and salary history as per his request. For any further queries, or confusions feel free to contact me, I would gladly assist you.

Manager HIGH-TECH Communication;

Ali Haider;



Visa Recommendation Letter from Employer

To whom it may concern

It is my pleasure to write recommendation for Mr. Naveed S/O Mr. JJJ, passport number ———-. He is working with us as an Assistant Manager from (Date) till now. We are impressed by his outstanding performance, and energetic personality.

He is absolutely good in his work, and he knows how to improve a company, and how to meet its need. I am glad that he is in my team. His good personality, and smiling face is a success of company.

I wish him all the best in all the way.



Assessment Report Special Education Sample

Sample evaluation report special education. Full, and individual evaluation sample. Report comments for special needs students. Assessment report sample format. Sample assessment report for students.

Assessment Report Special Education

Assessment Report

Personal Data

Child’s Name:


Date of Birth:



Father’s Name:


Mother’s Name:

Present Address:

Examining Psychologist:

Date of Assessment:

14-09-(Date) to 26-09-(Date)

Phone No:

Reason for Referral

Arham was referred for comprehensive psycho-social, and educational evaluation to determine his exact level of functioning, and for advice on management.

Presenting Complaints

According to mother his problem areas are

  • Poor concentration
  • Short attention span
  • Lack of interest in studies
  • Poor retention
  • Aggressive
  • Stubbornness
  • Speech Problem
  • Careless

Family History

Arham is the last born child among two siblings. His father Mr. Aamir Qureshi is 45 years old working as a government employee in Lahore. His mother Mrs. Rukhsana is 35 years old, housewife. She is reported to be friendly, and cooperative by temperament. She has loving, and overprotective attitude towards the child. According to mother child has friendly attitude towards other family members. His elder brother is 12 years old, studying in British Grammar School Lahore. Spoken languages at home is Urdu. They are living in joint family setup. The home environment is reported to be friendly, and supportive.

Birth/Medical History:

Arham was born to his non-consanguineous parents at full term C-section due to fetal distress in Sheikh Zahid Hospital, Lahore. His first cry was immediate, and color was pink. His weight was about 2.2 kg. He admitted in nursery for 1 day because of low birth weight. He has the history of high grade fever at the age of 9 months, and 14 months. He was diagnosed pneumonia at that time.

Developmental History

Regarding his early milestones, his mother reported that

Social Smile

3 months 

Head control

8-9 months


1 year


Not reported


2 years 6 months


3 years   

Speech (one word)

3 years   

Control of bladder

1 years 5 months

Educational History:

According to mother, he started his schooling at the age of 4 years 6 months in British Grammar School, Lahore. He has successfully passed Play group but he had speech delay. When he was 6 years old, he shifted to TBAAC School system in Nursery class. He did not show marked progress. He did KG 1 from TBBAC School System. He passed the classes but with low grades. Currently he is in KG 2 but his academic level is not age appropriate. He showed aggressive, stubborn, and hitting behavior towards classmates reported by school teacher.   


During assessment, it was observed that he is shy, and timid boy. He feels difficulty in answering some questions of which he had no exposure. The psychologist had to repeat instructions for him. It seemed that he avoided tasks, which involve mental processing, and concentration. It requires psychologist to be tactful, and crafty to keep him stick to one task.

Tests, and Procedures Used

  • Vineland Adaptive Behavior Rating Scale (VABS)
  • Slosson Intelligence Scale (SIT)
  • Standard Progressive Matrices (RSPM)

Vineland Adaptive Behavior Rating Scale:

The Vineland Adaptive Behavior Scale is an individually administered measure of adaptive behavior in four broad domains of communication, daily living skills, socialization, and motor skills.

Quantitative, and Qualitative Analysis



Raw Score

V-scale score

Domain Standard Score

90 % Confidence Interval

Percentile Rank

Adaptive Level







Moderately Low





















Moderately Low











Daily living





Interpersonal relationships






Moderately Low

Play, and leisure time





Coping skills









Adaptive Behavior Composite

Sum of Domain standard score=209





Arham’s Adaptive Behavior Composite standard score of 69 summarizes his overall level of adaptive functioning. The 90 percent confidence interval shows that the chances are good (90 percent) that Arham’s Adaptive Behavior Composite is within the range of 65-73. His Adaptive Behavior Composite classifies his general adaptive functioning as Low, he scores higher than 10 percent of other 9 years 2 months olds.

His scores in communication, daily living skills, and socialization domains of adaptive functioning are classified as at low level when compared with the other children of the same age.

His subdomain v-scale scores in the communication domain are at the low (expressive, and written) adaptive levels, with age equivalents of 3:6, and 5:1. While his sub domain v-scale score in communication domain is moderately (receptive) adaptive level, with age equivalent of 3:11.

His subdomain v-scale scores in the daily living skills domain is at moderately low (personal) adaptive level, with age equivalents of 4:10. His subdomain v-scale scores in the daily living skills domain is at adequate (domestic) adaptive level, with age equivalents of 9:4 while his subdomain v-scale scores in the daily living skills domain is at low (community) adaptive level, with age equivalents of 3:5.

His subdomain v-scale scores in the socialization domain are at the low (coping skills, and play & leisure time) adaptive levels with age equivalents of 0:11, and 2:11. His subdomain v-scale scores in the socialization domain is at the moderately low (interpersonal relationship) adaptive levels with age equivalents of 4:7.

Arham’s domain standard scores reveal no personal strength, and weakness in areas of adaptive functioning, because all domain scores are within 10 points of each other.

Slosson Intelligence Test:

This is an individually administered test, designed to evaluate the mental age, and intelligence. Arham obtained a score of 57 on Slosson test with an IQ range of 50-63 with mental age of 5 years 3 months. This IQ places his functioning level probably in the moderate category of intellectual functioning.

Raven Standard Progressive Matrices:

Arham’s Standard Progressive Matrices is designed to provide a reliable estimate of child’s capacity for observation, and clear thinking. It covers whole range of intellectual development, and total score provide an index of a child’s intellectual ability. Arham obtained below 5th percentile rank on Raven’s Standard Progressive Matrices. The result indicates that his intellectual functioning falls in intellectual impairment.

Quantitative Analysis

Time taken

13 minutes

Raw Score



Below 5th




Intellectually impaired


Based on overall assessment, and behavioral observation, it is concluded that his mental age is 5 years 3 months, which is behind his chronological age. i.e. 9 years 2 months.

Assessment report on Motor skills

Arham Amir is a mobile independent boy with some learning, speech, and behavioral issues. According to mother he had grown up with delayed milestones.

Physical Examination:

Upper Limbs:

Range of Motion         Normal

Muscle Tone                Normal

Reflexes (DTR)            not elicited

Muscle Strength          4

Lower Limbs:

Range of Motion         Normal

Muscle Tone                Normal

Reflexes (DTR)            elicited

Muscle Strength          4


Head circumference     52.5 cm

Posture       Normal

Gait            Normal

Arham was showing no hesitation while taking swing, jumping on trampoline, down stairs.

Fine, and Gross motor Skills

Arham did well with fine motor, and gross motor activities, especially activities like jumping, running, and walking on large beam that involved integration of both sides of the body. But has muddled hand writing.

Sensory processing:

During interview with mother, and observations it was interpreted that Arham has no sensory issues.

Assessment Report on Speech, and Language Therapist:

Arham’s motor milestones, and his speech, and language milestones are delayed. Currently he has unclear speech, and has difficulty pronouncing most sounds. He also has difficulty producing words of 4, or more syllables, and clusters such as  ‘fork is tork’  ‘grass is drass’. ‘shoes is toes’, ‘mirror is mira’, etc. His phonological errors consist of substitution, omissions, and consonant sequence reduction. He also needed repetition of instructions, and verbal, and physical prompts to keep him focused on activities.   

Oral Motor Mechanism

Arham’s oral motor movement was intact. He was able to protrude, elevate, and lateralize his tongue. He was able to pucker his lips but had weak intra- oral pressure.

Receptive Language Skills:

Receptive language refers to the understanding of language. It involves the ability to listen, understand, and carry out the instructions, and commands as well as the ability to follow the general thread of conversation.

Assessment using the vocabulary cards where Arham was required to point to different vocabulary cards in response to a given word showed good receptive vocabulary. He was able to recognize objects names, everyday verbs, and identify objects by their function e.g ‘which one do we sweep the floor with’(broom) ‘which one do we write with’(pencil) etc. Arham was able to understand some early concepts like up, down, in, out, wet, day, night, hot, cold etc but had difficulty with more complex concepts e.g ‘rough . smooth, and concept of time’.  He was able to point to different body parts, clothes, and colors. He showed inconsistency in his ability to recognize alphabets, and shapes but showed good semantic skills in his understanding of meaning relationships within language.

Expressive Language Skills:

Expressive language refers to the ability to use language to interact with a variety of grammatically correct sentences, and using language to convey meaning clearly. It also involves selecting vocabulary appropriately.     

To assess his expressive language by using the line drawings of objects, and vocabulary cards, where Arham was required to name objects, fruits, vegetables, and animals. He showed good vocabulary of fruits ,vegetables, and animals. He was able to describe the function of the noun but with prompts, and cues, e.g  “what do we do with a shirt?, (wear it). “what do we do with a wallet? (put money in it).

Further assessment using action picture cards where Arham was required to describe, and answer questions about pictures eliciting specific grammatical forms, showed limitation in his use of verbs, and conjunctions.  Although Arham is now able to create sentences up to 8 to 12 words in length, it is more difficult for him when he is required to be precise in his use of language, and his phrases in response to key questions tended to be five to seven words in length.  Picture Stimulus “ A boy is ridding a bicycle in the middle of road, and a car is coming from behind him” Arham’s  Response, “ getting outside, he is ridding bicycle. Boy, hand(                                      )                                                                                         ”. Picture Stimulus “ A boy was getting down from the school bus, and fell down, and started crying.” , Arham’s Response “ he has mood” (                                ) . Picture Stimulus “ A boy, and girl are eating breakfast, and boy is cutting an apple “.Arham’s Response “ drinking juice, looking ” (                                                     ). Picture Stimulus “ A  boy is hanging from a branch  and poking at a bird’s nest with a stick while the birds are glaring at him.” Arham’s Response “ teeth, he climbed up,  going to hit bird, ” (                                    ).               

Arham’s expressive language showed limitation in his use of verbs, conjunctions e.g ‘and’, ‘so’, ‘because’ as well as some articulation errors. His phonological errors consist of substitution omissions, and consonant sequence reduction, he either deleted the sounds, or replaced them e.g ( ‘spoon is soon’, ‘swimming is thimming, ‘bed is bet’ etc.  He also showed difficulty in his naming skills, and used a more generalized word e.g ‘metro for bus’, ‘pot for  flowers etc’.

Arham was asked to describe different process, and give explanations e.g ( How do you plant a tree ?)  Arham had difficulty giving explanations in a sequential order, and had to be given verbal prompts, and cues to tell it in few sentences.

To assess Arham’s ability to communicate events accurately, and in sequential order, he was told a story of thirsty crow, and was asked to retell it.  He had difficulty retelling the story, and was given verbal prompts, and cues but was only able to answer few questions about the story. Arham is able to use appropriate vocabulary, and grammar for sentence construction but has difficulty in his ability to communicate events accurately, and in sequential order.

Arham shows significant weaknesses in his expressive language skills in the length of sentence structures that he can produce on consistent basis, and this will affect his ability to convey meaning clearly, and may lead to frustration at times.


Recommendations of Psychologist:

Based on Arham’s overall assessment, he is being recommended for Individualized Educational Program in same school setup. It will help him to learn age appropriate concepts, and skills which play a very important role in his education.

  • Individual sessions should be conducted to improve his learning.
  • Instructions should be given in short steps.
  • He should be involved in group activities, and music sessions, no longer than three-five minutes, and extend the activity duration over time.
  • It is essential that his environment should be structured, and systematic, thereby promoting a sense of predictability of the task, and enabling him to handle transitions, and changes in routines more easily.
  • Strong reinforcement should be used to encourage his good performance
  • Remove distractions that may keep him from attending.
  • Parents are advised to make him independent in fulfillment of his daily needs.
  • Parental guidance is also required to educate them to understand his progress.
  • Intensive behavior modification program is required to improve his desired behavior with focusing at attention span, stubbornness.
  • He should be involved in art, sports, and computer skills.
  • Emphasis should be on functional academics, and daily living skills.

Many children with intellectual disabilities need help with adaptive skills, which are skills needed to live, work, and play in the community. Teachers, and parents can help a child work on these skills at both school, and home. Some of these skills include:

  • communicating with others;
  • taking care of personal needs (dressing, bathing, going to the bathroom);
  • health, and safety;
  • home living (helping to set the table, cleaning the house, or cooking dinner);
  • social skills (manners, knowing the rules of conversation, getting along in a group, playing a game);

Recommendations of Physiotherapist, and Occupational therapist:

Physiotherapy is not required.

Occupational therapy plan is suggested to improve his hand writing skills

  • Improves handwriting by using practice notebook, and writing patterns
  • Give him some extra time to write down his assignment.
  • Hand writing practice with homemade cards
  • Give frequent breaks if your child tires easily, or becomes distracted.

Recommendations of Speech, and Language Therapist:

Arham needs a learning structure which can provide a consistent approach for the development of his language, and communication. This should involve an integrated program devised following advice by a speech, and language therapist, occupational therapist, and a specialist teacher.

  • Build Arham’s ability to sustain his attention in tasks with a focus on his listening skills, and ability to sustain his attention with the help of different activities e.g puzzles, coloring a picture, games like luddo, etc
  • Achieve clarity in speech with the help of speech, and language therapy using ‘ The Cycles Approach’.
  • Phonemes should be addressed one by one until the target sound is achieved.
  • Auditory, visual, and tactile cues should be used to achieve the target sounds.
  • Use rhyming words like sail/bail/tail (                                         ) etc, and incorporate consonant cluster words using stress patterns to achieve clarity in speech.
  • Build receptive, and expressive vocabulary with the help of action picture cards, and story books. Binary Choices along with toys, and puzzles can be used.
  • Building his expressive vocabulary by introducing various tasks, and asking him questions like “what is this?”, verbal cues, or prompts should be given along with immediate feedback.
  • Introduce naming activities that will help him match sounds with the written letter.
  • Develop reading skills with the help of phonics.
  • Develop Arham’s use of language to narrate complex episodes with the help of story books, and storytelling.
  • Develop Arham’s use of language for different purposes in functional communication such as questioning, commenting, simple reasoning, and supported social communication.

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Head of Assessment Department                        Head of Speech & Language Therapist

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