Letter to Convince a Client to Open a Bank Account

Sample convincing letter to client to open a bank account. Sample business letter to convince client or business man to open bank account at your branch. Sample persuasive letter example.

Letter to Convince a Client to Open a Bank Account

Mr. Edward Hopkins.
New York. USA

Dear Edward,

I hope this letter finds you hale, and healthy. In our last meeting, you told me that you have recently retired, and you plan to invest your pension money in some bank. I offer you an excellent opportunity to open your account in this bank. It is not just that I am an employee of this bank but on a personal level, it is my recommendation because we offer highest rate of interest on investments by retired individuals as our policy to facilitate them in spending their life burden free. We also offer complimentary online banking, debit card, and cheque books free of cost along with reduced interest rates on any loans which you might take in the future. We care for our every customer at personal level. I am looking forward to meeting you in person to discuss further detail in this regard.

Branch Manager
States Bank.

Letter to Convince a Client to Open a Bank Account

The concerned person, XYZ

Respected sir,

I would like to tell you that I am Mr. Taha from MCB bank. We have introduced a new policy in which it is stated that when a person opens a bank account on our bank he will be given the following benefits.

  1. Free check book
  2. Free ATM card
  3. And 5% profit on first deposit.

We highly respect the customers concern, and try to provide them the best interest rates, and other facilities. We have also introduced our online banking system which can be operated through an app.

We would like to welcome you to our bank. For more details please visit nearest branch. Thanks.

Team MCB Bank

Convince Client to Open Bank Account

Mr. Ammad Tahir, Khan Traders, Lahore

Respected sir,

Hope you are doing well, Sir I am writing this letter to inform you about the policies we have made for the business related people. We have many opportunities for the businessmen, and we are offering following given perks.

No cash withdrawal limits.

50% less interest on loans above 1 Million

Free check books, and ATM cards

Premium docents cards for various brands, and VIP lounges

Sir as your company has a prestigious name in the market so we would like to invite you to our banking family. We would love to serve our services to you, looking forward for your response.


Mr. Ali Khan
Allied Bank

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