Sample Letter To Principal For Season Appropriate Uniform

Below are the sample letters that can be used by students, or staff to send to principals of schools to update school uniform policy to minus the risk of ongoing viruses as a precautionary measure with ever-changing seasons.

Recommendation Letter For an Appropriate School Uniform


The principal, Heritage Grammar school

Respected sir,

With all due respect, I am writing this letter to make a request to you regarding the student uniform. As you know the Dengue virus is increasing rapidly, and it is mostly attacking students as they play in the ground, and do not bother to cover their selves properly. It would be a great initiative if we make changes in the uniform of the student. 

We can replace the half sleeves shirts with full sleeves, and the shorts of the junior boys with pants. In this way, they can be protected. Parents will also appreciate this step as they want their kids to be safe. We can apply this rule as soon as the summer holidays are over. I am looking forward to your response as soon as possible so we can place the order at the stitching unit. Thank you

Yours sincerely,

Mr. Raza Shah

Sample Letter to Principal for Season Appropriate Uniform


The Principal,

ABC School System,

North Carolina.

Application to Change of students’ uniform due to early arrival of the winter season

Honorable Madam,

As we can see the drastic change in the season caused by the heavy rainfall in two weeks, winter has arrived earlier than its usual course of time. Because of this, it has become necessary to make proper changes to the uniform of students so that they may not suffer from flu, or fewer. It will help students to maintain, and improve their performance in school.

Therefore, you are dearly requested to issue instructions to make necessary changes in the uniform of students.

Yours sincerely,

Bill Clyde

Father of Tania Clyde (Student of 6th Grade: Roll No. xx)

Sample Letter To Dean For Season Appropriate Attire

 Respected Principal,

As Head Girl O level, I would like to discuss an issue with you regarding school uniforms. As we live in Pakistan so we have to go through both summer and winter weather. At some point, both of these weathers go to their peak. Unfortunately, our school uniform doesn’t help with the scorching sun, and burning weather when summer is at its peak. Just like this, during winter the sweaters of school are not enough to make the weather bearable. This is an issue that is usually ignored by most students, and I myself have been ignorant of it till now because I think we should definitely do something about it instead of just ignoring it.

I would like to request to change our uniform’s cloth type to whatever is appropriate to the season along with thick, or insulating sweaters, and coats for winter.  This would eliminate the threat of sickness to children in junior classes, and everyone would feel comfortable along with better concentration during classes. I am looking forward to a very positive response from you.

Best Regards;

Bint-e- Zainab

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