Short Paragraph on the Topic of Child Education

Format of a passage written on the subject of education, and its importance. This paragraph shine a light on the matter of what an educated youth can do for the development of the country, and how its shapes a better society.

Paragraph on Literacy, and Its Importance

Education is important for every one whether we are adults, or children.  Child education is very much important as they absorb the basics of everything in their childhood. Child education in our society is important as many of the people do not consider child education as much important that they think by education they can become equal to their elders. Or most the people of the society think that after getting education their children will leave them because they will consider them as illiterate.

According to survey the literacy rate in Pakistan is very low, and illiteracy rate is high. 35% of population in Pakistan is literate, and the rest of it are illiterate. We should arrange the education seeking camps so that the people with wrong thoughts about education may came to know about the importance of education.

Short Paragraph on the Topic of Child Education

With the era of time, there have been so many advancements that it has gotten difficult for some people to keep up with it. The reason behind this is lack of education. Nowadays, education is the basic, and most essential requirement of life. Surely, without it a person is nothing. This shines light open the fact that how necessary it is to educate our kids. If our children are not educated, that means that our future is dark due to illiteracy.

Not only would this effect on the child’s life itself but would effect on the countries stability too. The life, the power, and future of a country is in the hands of its children. Furthermore, if children are uneducated, they would not find employment in the future that would cause them to fall in debts which will ultimately lead to an increase in the crime rate. If our children are not educated, then they will have no knowledge of the advancements, they won’t be able to flourish, and will be left behind in the race of success. They will fall into depths of depression, and start to question their purpose of life. Such condition would push them towards taking drastic steps such as intake of drugs, and even suicide! The percentage of drugs addicts, and suicide would increase which will lead to fear, and chaos.

These all examples reflect light upon the fact that not education our children will lead to downfall of their life, and the society too

Short Paragraph on the topic of Child Education

Children are like seeds that grow up into beautiful orchards giving fruits to the society. They are the future of our society, and it is our utmost responsibility to teach them the ways of life, and the world. We have to teach them all the good values that make a good human. All the good manners, and provide them the right education so they do not stray from the right path, and prove to be worthy assets for the Nation’s future. A child’s education starts from his cradle. When a child is at the raw stage, it is the time to instill the confidence, manners, values, and healthy habits in them. A young child won’t learn from books as much as he would learn from his surroundings, and from the people around him. The elders are supposed to be their role models to teach them the difference between right, and wrong by their actions. We have to set a visible example for them to follow. He would take up everything he sees around him , not knowing if its good, or bad so it is very important to protect them from evil, and make sure thy learn right. If we fail to help them at the right time, they grow up to be disturbed, and problematic individuals with no life goals, and no purpose. It is also very important to keep the right balance. Do not bound them too much, or be too strict with them otherwise they’d become rebels, but don’t be too lenient that they stray away. Let them grow, and explore their abilities, and just keep a responsible eye on them, and give your best to educate them right, and to provide them the right environment.

As Robert John Meehan quotes:

“Every child has a different learning style, and pace. Each child is unique, not only capable of learning but also capable of succeeding”

Short Paragraph on the Topic of Child’s Education

 Education is a basic need, and an essential key to success. Without education, people are illiterate. This is our literacy, and intelligence that make humans different from animals. Animals have no sense of living a disciplined clean life. God called humans as the best of living organisms due to his mentality, and ability to learn. Because of this knowledge, humans have made advancements in life. This education made a human fly like a bird, and swim like a fish. People of this like those who are decent, and well educated. The learning process of life starts from the mother’s lap where a baby starts to learn his mother language. To make a country progress, its people should work hard in all the fields. A child is the future of the country. His doings results not only in betterment of the country but also in making him a responsible person who manages his family on his own. A famous quote says that;

“Education is a key to success.”

The rate of child labor is increasing day by day all over the world. Parents who cannot fulfill the basic needs of family make their young children work on streets, shops, and even in houses. The bright future of the country shatters this way. The child who should be studying in school is busy on selling roses, or balloons on the street. These kids have to face a lot all over the day which gives a negative impact on their personality psychologically. Child education is very important to create awareness about different aspects of life in the child. Education not only gives a glimpse of light in a dark life but also gives a chance to work, and earn in different respectable fields. It is proven scientifically that, children who works in their early age are more prone to crimes than those who go to school.

Government should look upon this alarming situation of increased child labor within past few years. The bright future of kids cannot be destroyed by working on streets, and shops. They need to get proper education, and guidance. Condition of Government schools should be done better so more parents send their children to these schools as these children have to take this country’s progress to a next level

Difficulties of Living in a Village

Life in a village paragraph for school, college exam. Life in a village essay. List of problems in villages. Village life vs City life.

Describe the difficulties of living in a village

This is just a few points on how living in a village can be difficult…

  • Work- Most people have to travel miles to go to work every day, and this cost extra money for petrol in cars on a weekly basis. Also there is traffic to work, and back home from work.
  • Shops- The closest shops are in the neatest town 20miles away, and unless you have your own transport you have to pay for the bus all day. Most people when they go out for the day have to go by bus, and so it is always busy.
  • Family- Some people who live in the village is the elderly. They live here to get some peace, and quiet. For them they are alone, and so their whole family live in town, or the city which is further away. They are too old to travel by public bus so have to book taxis that is more expensive.
  • Entertainment-  Some people however have their own family in the village, and kids. Living in a village means that there is limited shops, and entertainment such as Rcads amusements. So there is not much to do.

Problems of Living in a Village

Life of the village has its own advantages, and disadvantages. First of all difficulties of village life is technological backwardness. Village life is usually off the grid, cellular coverage is poor, and there are no proper landline connections as well.

Secondly, in case of medical emergencies, immediate remedy can be delayed due to lack of proper hospitals in the area. One may even have to travel to city which can cost one’s life. Then there are other difficulties such as no access to super stores, company outlets, proper roads, and mainstream services. Village life is not for majority of human population which has become accustomed to urban lifestyles.

What are Some of the Causes of Child Labor?

Sample causes of child labor in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and other third world countries Where child labor happening in the world today. Solutions of child labor.

Write a Letter Telling the Causes of Child Labour in our Community

Dear sir,

On behalf of child education foundation, I request you to pay attention to the ever-increasing child labour in our community. Whether you go to industry, or domestic workers, or local markets, there are small children working everywhere. Most of them are from poor backgrounds whose parents could not afford their educational expenses.

Sir, we need to take care of these children as if they are provided with free education or provided educational facilities on discounted schemes, they can become a useful asset for this nation as education is the greatest tool to achieve success in any field. Today in the modern world we see 98, or 99 percent literacy rate that’s why these nations are developed, and have a healthy social communities, and norms as well.


What are Some of the Causes of Child Labor?

Child labor is one of the biggest problems in our society. The roots of this issue run very deep so we cannot say that a few things are responsible for this. In fact, there are hundreds of factors which combine, and progress, and contribute to this issue. However, these all factors are somehow linked to poverty.

Poverty is what leads the parents towards this illegal step. They cannot fulfill the basis needs of life so they get their children hired in factories, mills, etc. Unfortunately, these children are not given right wages, and the working hours are this much that their focus of education is completely diverted. Furthermore, illiteracy also has a big hand in this gruesome act. People are illiterate so they have no knowledge whatsoever of family planning which ultimately leads to limited funds for a good upbringing of children. This illiteracy also keeps them unaware of the importance of child education.

Government negligence also plays an important role in all this. Even though child labor is illegal but still no severe actions are taken against those who hire them. Also, not much attention is given to this issue by government so people tend to take it lightly. However, we should not forget who these children are. They are the future of this country. If lives of these children are ruined then backbone of our country is broken.

What are some causes of Child Labor

Forcing under-aged children to work hard, and earn bread is one of the biggest taboos of this society.  It is extremely pathetic for a nation when its little children are forced to do the work at the age when kids go to schools, and play around. The biggest reason for this is Financial Pressure. In this age of extreme inflation, and competitive economy, the rich are getting richer, and the poor are getting grinded. When it becomes impossible for the elders to make both ends meet, they force their children to work hard. We see so many young kids around us working day, and night for minimum wages. Some people kidnap, and smuggle children, and make them work. They are beaten up, enslaved, harassed, and forced to do so much that their young bodies are not supposed to do.

This practice is more prevalent in underdeveloped countries of Asia, and Africa. Child labor should be considered as a criminal offense, and the Governments should make policies to provide decent jobs to people so their kids are not forced into this pit. There should be rules, regulations, and policies to make sure that the kids are going to schools, and play grounds instead of working at factories, mines, roads etc. These children are the future of this world. It is our duty to provide them all the basic requirements so they grow up to be decent, and educated people who make a healthy society. There should be strict laws against this menace. The causes for it should be dealt with, to get rid of this taboo forever

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Paragraph on Pollution, Its Kinds, Causes, and Remedies

Sample Paragraph on Pollution, Its Kinds, Causes, and Remedies.

Paragraph on Pollution, and Its Types

Country like Pakistan has one of the biggest problems is POLLUTION, We have all sorts of pollution as we are self-sufficient in this sort of issues namely Dust pollution, Noise pollution, and moral deficiency pollution. The Pollution is destroying the face beauty of our Country Pakistan is a beautiful country but with the time  flux of Increased population, and lack of attention on the part of our Government ever since of its birth to keep the country pollution has never been  priorities of our ruling elite.

Pollution can be minimized of any kind by Plantation of Trees, and forest, using safe way of power generation, and effective family planning measures, and better implementation of Vehicles passing rules so that the vehicles producing smoke pollution, and noise pollution could be controlled.

Causes of Pollution, and Its Remedies

Now a day, pollution has become a dilemma for all nations of the world including Pakistan. Pollution is creating serious problems for human beings. Pollution has various types, such as environmental pollution, noise pollution, and water pollution.

There are numerous reasons responsible for these types of pollution. Deforestation, throwing of garbage at public places, throwing of industrial water in rivers, and release of detrimental gases by vehicles is the same reasons which cause pollution in our environment.

We can minimize the harmful effects of pollution by taking some steps such as growing of more trees, proper recycling of waste material, and proper disposal of waste water by industrial units. In this way, we can make our environment neat, and clean.

Paragraph on Pollution its Kinds Causes, and Remedies

For healthy life we need to be in a healthy environment first. But the question is that in today’s world no health area, or place is left. Every place is full of pollution.

If we talk about land, the garbage of societies are disposed of in empty area, and set that material on fire, but this is not the proper way of disposing off the garbage. If we talk about ourselves we are responsible for this too, as we throw the packaging of any eatable on roads, and in streets. This type of pollution on land is known as Land pollution.

Secondly if we talk about fresh, and healthy Air, so it is again very difficult to have fresh Air for breathing. That is why a lot of breathing problems, and diseases are spreading among people. The cause of it is usually factory’s smoke, and the car’s smoke which is the major cause for enhancing the Air pollution.

Lastly if we talk about water, it is again difficult for us to have fresh, and pure water for drinking. The polluted water from factories, and sewerage from cities is, directly gone into the rivers, and sea.

The remedy for it is that we have to be careful for our own acts too. For example we should not throw the wrappers on roads, and plant more trees so that we can have some fresh, and healthy air. Lastly there should be a system of canal through which polluted water of factory’s, and cities can be easily removed.

Paragraph on Pollution

Nature is very precious to human beings life as trees provide us with the very thing that we need to live oxygen.  Pollution on a global scale has reached an all-time high over the last few years. This is due to fossil fuels such as coal, oils, and natural gasses for example methane, carbon dioxide, and nitrogen.

Humans are using these daily for petrol in vehicles, for heating in power plants even in agriculture when they use chemicals like ammonia one of the most deadly gasses in our atmosphere. There are four types of renewable energy sources they are hydro-power, geothermal, wind, and solar. Solar power is the most commonly one that is used aside from wind. Solar energy generates electricity from the light, and heat that panels harness from the sun.

This is one of the alternatives to fossil fuels. It is clean energy that doesn’t cause any pollution, and is very reliable. Solar panels use little to no water at all whereas power plants use steam to generate electricity, and harms the landscape around it.  The actual panels that are used make no sound, and are completely silent. This is just one of the solutions on how we can stop pollution however we need to do this as a whole world if everyone helped even a little bit then eventually things will change.