Short Paragraph on the Topic of Child Education


Format of a passage written on the subject of education, and its importance. This paragraph shine a light on the matter of what an educated youth can do for the development of the country, and how its shapes a better society.

Paragraph on Literacy, and Its Importance

Education is important for every one whether we are adults, or children.  Child education is very much important as they absorb the basics of everything in their childhood. Child education in our society is important as many of the people do not consider child education as much important that they think by education they can become equal to their elders. Or most the people of the society think that after getting education their children will leave them because they will consider them as illiterate.

According to survey the literacy rate in Pakistan is very low, and illiteracy rate is high. 35% of population in Pakistan is literate, and the rest of it are illiterate. We should arrange the education seeking camps so that the people with wrong thoughts about education may came to know about the importance of education.

Short Paragraph on the Topic of Child Education

With the era of time, there have been so many advancements that it has gotten difficult for some people to keep up with it. The reason behind this is lack of education. Nowadays, education is the basic, and most essential requirement of life. Surely, without it a person is nothing. This shines light open the fact that how necessary it is to educate our kids. If our children are not educated, that means that our future is dark due to illiteracy.

Not only would this effect on the child’s life itself but would effect on the countries stability too. The life, the power, and future of a country is in the hands of its children. Furthermore, if children are uneducated, they would not find employment in the future that would cause them to fall in debts which will ultimately lead to an increase in the crime rate. If our children are not educated, then they will have no knowledge of the advancements, they won’t be able to flourish, and will be left behind in the race of success. They will fall into depths of depression, and start to question their purpose of life. Such condition would push them towards taking drastic steps such as intake of drugs, and even suicide! The percentage of drugs addicts, and suicide would increase which will lead to fear, and chaos.

These all examples reflect light upon the fact that not education our children will lead to downfall of their life, and the society too

Short Paragraph on the topic of Child Education

Children are like seeds that grow up into beautiful orchards giving fruits to the society. They are the future of our society, and it is our utmost responsibility to teach them the ways of life, and the world. We have to teach them all the good values that make a good human. All the good manners, and provide them the right education so they do not stray from the right path, and prove to be worthy assets for the Nation’s future. A child’s education starts from his cradle. When a child is at the raw stage, it is the time to instill the confidence, manners, values, and healthy habits in them. A young child won’t learn from books as much as he would learn from his surroundings, and from the people around him. The elders are supposed to be their role models to teach them the difference between right, and wrong by their actions. We have to set a visible example for them to follow. He would take up everything he sees around him , not knowing if its good, or bad so it is very important to protect them from evil, and make sure thy learn right. If we fail to help them at the right time, they grow up to be disturbed, and problematic individuals with no life goals, and no purpose. It is also very important to keep the right balance. Do not bound them too much, or be too strict with them otherwise they’d become rebels, but don’t be too lenient that they stray away. Let them grow, and explore their abilities, and just keep a responsible eye on them, and give your best to educate them right, and to provide them the right environment.

As Robert John Meehan quotes:

“Every child has a different learning style, and pace. Each child is unique, not only capable of learning but also capable of succeeding”

Short Paragraph on the Topic of Child’s Education

 Education is a basic need, and an essential key to success. Without education, people are illiterate. This is our literacy, and intelligence that make humans different from animals. Animals have no sense of living a disciplined clean life. God called humans as the best of living organisms due to his mentality, and ability to learn. Because of this knowledge, humans have made advancements in life. This education made a human fly like a bird, and swim like a fish. People of this like those who are decent, and well educated. The learning process of life starts from the mother’s lap where a baby starts to learn his mother language. To make a country progress, its people should work hard in all the fields. A child is the future of the country. His doings results not only in betterment of the country but also in making him a responsible person who manages his family on his own. A famous quote says that;

“Education is a key to success.”

The rate of child labor is increasing day by day all over the world. Parents who cannot fulfill the basic needs of family make their young children work on streets, shops, and even in houses. The bright future of the country shatters this way. The child who should be studying in school is busy on selling roses, or balloons on the street. These kids have to face a lot all over the day which gives a negative impact on their personality psychologically. Child education is very important to create awareness about different aspects of life in the child. Education not only gives a glimpse of light in a dark life but also gives a chance to work, and earn in different respectable fields. It is proven scientifically that, children who works in their early age are more prone to crimes than those who go to school.

Government should look upon this alarming situation of increased child labor within past few years. The bright future of kids cannot be destroyed by working on streets, and shops. They need to get proper education, and guidance. Condition of Government schools should be done better so more parents send their children to these schools as these children have to take this country’s progress to a next level

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