Letter for Cancellation of School Bus

Sample letter to principal/ transport in charge  for cancellation/ discontinue of school bus service. Sample request to cancel school bus transportation. Letter for Cancellation of School Bus Service The Transport In-charge, American School System, Dear Sir, Kindly refer to the subject cited above, it is humbly stated that I am a student at ASS, studying … Continue reading “Letter for Cancellation of School Bus”

Application of lost School ID card

Application to principal for lost of school id card with request of reissuing the school id card. Complaint of School ID Card after losing it. Application for Lost School Identity Card Dear Sir, It is to inform you that I am your student of class 9th-A. The i.d card which the school has issued to every … Continue reading “Application of lost School ID card”

Application for Duplicate Marks Sheet

Want to write a request for a duplicate copy of the marks sheet? We are giving you sample applications for duplicate mark-sheet in school. Application for a duplicate certificate. Duplicate mark-sheet application format. Application for mark-sheet return. Request letter for duplicate certificate sample. Request For a Copy of Marks Sheet Dear Sir/Madam, I want to … Continue reading “Application for Duplicate Marks Sheet”

Sample Apology Letter to Teacher

Sample apology letter to teacher by student for coming late to the class. Application for allow me to attend the class when you are reaching late in school, college, or university. Sample Apology Letter to Teacher for misbehaviour, and for talking in class. Sample Apology Letter to Teacher for Misbehavior Respected teacher, ABC school, Subject: apology letter … Continue reading “Sample Apology Letter to Teacher”

Application for Coming Late to School (Apology Letter)

Did you get late for school? Sample apology application by the student for coming late to school on regular basis due to any reason. Apology Application for Coming Late in the Class Dear Principal, Yesterday I came late to school due to some issues. I request you to please accept my apology and allow me … Continue reading “Application for Coming Late to School (Apology Letter)”

Letter to Principal Requesting for Extra Classes

Write a letter to the principal for an extra class for class 8 during winter break. Request letter to principal from the teacher seeking his permission to start extra make-up classes of 8th-grade students in winter break due to shortage of time. Letter to Principal Requesting for Extra Classes Kind Attn: Dear Honorable Sir/Miss Good day … Continue reading “Letter to Principal Requesting for Extra Classes”

Rejoining Letter After Study Leave

Want to write a request letter to join the previous job after completing studies? We are giving you sample letters applications to apply for rejoining the job at the completion of study leave from office, factory, school, college, etc. Sample application letter for requesting to rejoin the college as a student. Rejoining Letter after Study … Continue reading “Rejoining Letter After Study Leave”

Sample Application for Marksheet from University

Application to request detailed mark sheet from University, College, or School available. Sample request application letter to university or College for detailed mark-sheet after your final examination to apply for further education or job. If you need an application for correction in the mark sheet, please click here. Requesting Mark Sheet from School/College/University, or Board … Continue reading “Sample Application for Marksheet from University”