Letter for Cancellation of School Bus

Sample letter to principal/ transport in charge  for cancellation/ discontinue of school bus service. Sample request to cancel school bus transportation.

Letter for Cancellation of School Bus Service

The Transport In-charge,
American School System,
Dear Sir,

Kindly refer to the subject cited above, it is humbly stated that I am a student at ASS, studying in class ix. A few weeks ago, I had submitted a request to your good office for availing the service of school bus for the purpose of pick, and drop; for attending, and leaving the school. I had been enjoying good, and vigilant services of the bus but wanted to leave it, now.

The main reason of my cancelling the school bus service is that I have purchased my personal bike, and can easily reach the school from house on it.

You are therefore requested to please cancel my agreement of availing school bus facility, and refund full security fee, and other dues at your earliest.

I have already returned back the bus-card to the office concerned.

I shall be thankful to you.

William Golding,
Class IX.

Letter of Cancelling School Bus

The admin officer, national Grammar school, NY

Respected sir,

With due respect, I am writing this letter to inform you that we have shifted to the nearby area of school, and now we don’t need the school bus service for our son. We will manage his pick, and drop. I request you to cancel his school bus service, and provide us new fee plan removing the bus charges. Thanks


Mr. J. Hudson

Letter to Cancel School Bus Service

Respected sir,

With due reverence, it is to state that I no longer require the school bus services. I have my own car now which I can use for transportation to school along with my siblings. Hence, school bus has become unnecessary.
Kindly cancel my membership for school bus from this month to onwards so that no charges are included to my fees for the bus services.

Yours obediently


A Letter of Cancelling School Bus

Dear Sir,

I am writing this letter to you so that I can inform you about my conveyance problem. As I have told you about my residence is a bit away from the school, and it is difficult for me to come school on time. So I have request for school bus on the day of admission, Sir now that problem is solved, and I do not need school bus anymore, so kindly remove my name from the list so that bus driver won’t face any problem.


Irfan Baber,
Class 10th A

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