Letter to Principal Requesting for Extra Classes

Write a letter to the principal for an extra class for class 8 during winter break. Request letter to principal from the teacher seeking his permission to start extra make-up classes of 8th-grade students in winter break due to shortage of time.

Letter to Principal Requesting for Extra Classes

Kind Attn: Dear Honorable Sir/Miss

Good day

Sir, I missed some essential topics in my syllabus due to a high fever last month. I have tried my best to understand these topics but can’t do this.

So, I need your help to make some extra classes to understand these topics and complete my exams preparation.

I hope you will give me a favor and help in this regard

Thanks, and Best Regards,

Your Name & Class

Application Letter to Principal for Additional Classes

Dear principal,

This letter is to request some extra classes for accounting subject. Due to the vast syllabus of accounting, we were unable to study all the material needed to pass the exams. The further class practice has also not been done according to the syllabus. Therefore, we request some extra classes for two weeks to give a good result.


Fsc 2nd Year Class

Write a Letter to Principal for Extra Classes

Dear Sir,

With due respect, I want to say that I am a teacher of 8th grade at your school. The syllabus of the 8th class is very extensive. I tried my best to cover it before the winter break, but due to some unannounced holidays and other reasons, I could not complete the syllabus in time, due to which it had to be re-adjusted any time in the upcoming days. As you know, just after the winter break, there are send-ups of the 8th class. The admission of all the students of the 8th class will be sent based on the result of the send-ups. If the syllabus of the 8th class is not complete on time, then there is a chance that we may lose the admission of most of the students of 8th grade. Hence, it is necessary to set up some classes to complete the remaining work in the upcoming days. Only winter break is our only chance to set up extra classes for the 8th-grade students. Therefore you are requested to permit me to start the additional make-up classes of the students of 8th grade in this coming winter break. Doing so will ensure the maximum admission of students of 8th grade and will prevent any collateral damage.

I hope that I have convinced you enough to set up extra make-up classes for 8th-grade students. I shall be very thankful to you for this favor. I am thanking you in advance.

Yours truly

Sidra Khalid

Senior Teacher

Write a Letter to Principal for Extra Classes
Write a Letter to Principal for Extra Classes

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