Letter on Bad Law, and Order Situation

Sample letter on bad law, and order situation. Deteriorating law, and order situation in the city. Letter to editor on law, and order situation. Report on law, and order situation in Pakistan.

Letter on Bad Law, and Order Situation

The mayor, Minnesota US

Respected sir,

With due respect, I am writing this letter to inform you about the law, and order situation in your state. We have elected you because you made us sure about the betterment you will bring in your area but we are not satisfied.

There is no proper traffic system; we have to face so many issues while going to work in the morning. The traffic signals are not working properly, and there is no one to check. We are unable to buy anything from the market because there is no proper pricing, and everyone is selling goods according to their own price, and it has now become difficult for a poor man to feed his family. There should be a proper check, and balance. If we complain to the police they also do not pay that much attention to our request.

What should we do now? Stop living? I am sorry but this is the current situation of our state. I request you to ponder upon my request because being a citizen it is my right to get every facility provided by the government. I shall be grateful to you for a quick action. Thanks

Yours sincerely,

Mr. Mark William,
Minnesota US

Complaining About Bad Law, and Order Situation

Every country, village, town, and city has the law, and order system. It’s the government’s responsibility to keep the order. Time means that they have to make the public abide by it. Law is there for a reason, and the world is a mess without it. Here are just a few examples of bad law, and order…

  • Traffic light in Pakistan. Traffic lights make sure that there is order on the road going both ways, and so that there are no road traffic accidents. Absolutely not one person pays attention to this looking this way, or on their phones, or talking to someone. Most of the time there are traffic wardens at crossroads where there are traffic light. This is a waste of resources.
  • Innocent people. When it comes to murder the law is very strict. This is wrong. Especially when it comes to innocent women, children, and even new born. Donald Trump in America has made its civilians scared, and fearful of Muslims. And in the United Kingdom are afraid of them because they think that they are terrorists. As a result of this they are being murdered in their homes, in the streets, and coming out of the Masjid after Jumma prayer.

These are just two examples of many. Over time there are thousands all throughout history such as Jack the Ripper in London streets of 1888. This is clear proof that we as a world need to improve our law, and order system.

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