Letter to Chief Justice

Sample open letter to the chief justice on bad law, and order situation. Sample complaint letter to chief justice of any country.

Letter to Judge about Bad Law, and Order

The Chief justice,

Respected sir,
I never thought I would ever hold my pen in my hand to write this letter. However, fate is never determined so here I am. Sir my elder brother was shot in the head last fall, he was shot in broad daylight among-st busy traffic. No one bothered to take him to the hospital. He took his final breath on the very next day, and died of murder. I pleaded, and even filed a report to the nearest police department asking them, and requesting them to please investigate my brother’s case, and bring the culprits behind bars.

After ten years, the culprits were caught, and were called to the court. I was very sure that they are surely going to serve all their lives in jail, behind the bars. When further investigation was conducted, the eye witnesses were called in the witness box but to my shock all of them denied the fact that the murderers were indeed there, and they were the ones who murdered my brother. I think that the culprits paid a heavy amount of money to the witnesses, and bought them in trade. I was very sad, and went back home, after the case came to an end announcing both the murderers “Innocent”, and sending them home.

Sir I have lost my brother in this fight, and I will stop at nothing until I am given my righteous justice. As I experienced the just system in this country is very poor, and hollow. Easily buy-able, the officers of the country are not just dishonest but evil as well. I request you to kindly reopen my brother’s death case, and bring the culprits behind bars. Moreover I request you to kindly fix the law, and order, and the justice system so that no more people like me have to go through what I went through.

Thanking you,

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