Complaint Letter to Law Enforcement Agency about Electricity Theft

The following are two template letters addressing the issue of electricity theft by local goons and criminals. These letters aim to complain and seek assistance from relevant authorities to crack down on the illegal activities. Electricity theft poses significant financial losses and safety risks, and it is important to take prompt action to address this … Continue reading “Complaint Letter to Law Enforcement Agency about Electricity Theft”

Complaint Letter for Illegal Construction of House

Sample format of writing a complaint to legal authorities for the illegal construction going on in your area, and when you have proof that the land that they have acquired is not by any lawful means. Complaint letter for illegal construction To the Mayor Dear Sir, I hope you are doing well. With all due … Continue reading “Complaint Letter for Illegal Construction of House”

Letter to Chief Justice

Sample open letter to the chief justice on bad law, and order situation. Sample complaint letter to chief justice of any country. Letter to Judge about Bad Law, and Order To, The Chief justice, XYZ. Respected sir, I never thought I would ever hold my pen in my hand to write this letter. However, fate … Continue reading “Letter to Chief Justice”

Letter to Attorney Requesting Legal Services

In the below sample, we will help you write your own customized letter to the attorney requesting legal services. How to write a letter to a lawyer to hire for representation. Sample letter to attorney requesting the status of the case. Sample letter to an attorney for settlement. Sample Letter to Attorney Asking for Help … Continue reading “Letter to Attorney Requesting Legal Services”

Application for Teaching of Law Subject

Send me Application For Teaching Of Law Subject. Cover letter for teaching Law, or Law teacher. Email to send resume as Law teacher, law professor, law lecturer. Email Application for the Post of Law Teacher The Placement Officer County Law College West shire, UK . Dear Sir, Most respectfully, it is stated that I am … Continue reading “Application for Teaching of Law Subject”