Letter to Judge Requesting New Attorney

Sample Letter to Judge Requesting New Attorney. Sample letter requesting public defender.

Letter to Judge Requesting New Attorney

The Judicial Office
United States of America

Respected Judge,

With all due respect it is stated that my name is Marsh, and I have an ongoing hearing of my case regarding the property endorsements. Sir I want to bring this to your kind notice my attorney is not working at a satisfactory level. His performance is very alarming, and I fear that I might lose the case.

I hereby request immediate change of attorney so that I remain in the fight for my legal, and owned property.
I hope you will pay heed to my kind request.

Thank you


Letter Requesting Change the Attorney

Andrew Simons,
District Court Judge,
South Wales.

Dear Sir,

It is to request you that I am a petitioner in ZB limited Case, and my petition number is 453-K6-235. I had hired Mr. James license number 23887- DC-726 as my attorney in this case 6 months ago, and the case was under trial since that date. But unfortunately Mr. James has moved on from the state due to some personal reasons, and he has sent me back the power of attorney that he had signed on my behalf.

I request you, please allow me to change the attorney in ZB limited Case as the matter of right for petitioner, so that the case should be decided on merits.

I shall be grateful to you for this favor.

Yours Sincerely,


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